Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 39

Chapter 39: A & V

I am inside the carriage that stopped near the research institute where Lex works, or rather, used to work.

Without taking much time, I met up with him who had returned and headed to the Central Bank of the capital.

While listening to the sound of wheels hitting the stone pavement, I asked about the situation at the institute.

“Did you leave the company safely?”

“Ah, I’m fine. Yeah, I was promised to give a chicken as a gift.”

A chicken?

I asked about the exchange at the time of resignation, but there shouldn’t be any particular problems.

After all, he won’t go back there anymore.

I have a meeting with Mr. Cremetti from the central bank.

“Hello, Cremetti-san.”

“Hello, Peltra couple. Judging from your appearance, did the research go well?”

I see.

I don’t show it much on my face, but if you look sidelong, Lex looks confident. This can also be said to be Lex’s growth, and it certainly doesn’t look like he is asking for additional financing because his research is not going well.

Lex opens his mouth.

“The research is still in its infancy. But even so, certain results have been obtained, which we would like to report to our patron, Mr. Cremetti.”

Lex winks at me and I place the small jewel case from the hand-held bag onto the mahogany desk and slide it forward.

“Please check.”

Mr. Cremetti extends his hand and takes it.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me… Oh!”

His face is dyed with surprise as he opens the lid and his movements freeze.

Yes, you wouldn’t expect the magic stone to be tightly packed in the jewel case. And there are many of them that are over one carat and high quality.

Lex and I exchange smiles.

“I-I’m surprised. I didn’t think that so much could be created in such a short period of time after financing…Especially these three in the center, the size of these are not often seen by me.”

It’s picked up gently with the hand in a white glove.

It was made by Mina #12.

“Mr. Cremetti, I…we don’t own a mine. So the magic stones that are there aren’t produced in a consistent size.”


“What we have now, and two of the same size, were made in the last week.”

Mr. Cremetti’s face was filled with surprise again.

“…No way.”

“Yes, it seems that we have the outlook of being able to stablely supply magic stones of this size and quality.”

Mr. Cremetti looked up to the sky.

“What a thing. No…wonderful. Congratulations.”

Mr. Cremetti extended his hand and shook hands with Lex.

After that, we demonstrated how the magic stone was actually made. The fourth large magic stone rolled into Lex’s hand.

I say.

“I will entrust these magic stones to you. Regarding the price, please leave it to you, but as much as possible, we will not allow the price to fall. Also, please arrange to sell to many merchants and export abroad, so as not to be understood about the flow of the magic stones.”

“It will be revealed someday, though.”

“Yes, of course. I would like to delay that as much as possible. Oh, please raise the price when selling to the royal family.”

“Does Mrs. Peltra hate the royal family?”

“It is the Crown Prince Elias who ignites my dim passion. I do not hold a grudge against the royal family or his majesty, but of course I cannot help but feel estranged.”

“Do you have plans to overthrow the royal family?”

“No, not at all. We are still just mice that have gained a little power. We are not thinking of defeating lions.”

“…I’m a little relieved.”

However, I will make this weapon a deadly blade someday.

“Well, Mr. Cremetti.”

“What is it?”

“I appreciate your cooperation as a patron.”

“So, does that mean the amount of financing will be repaid?”

“I don’t mind settling it once with the magic stone earlier. Let’s ask after that.”

I shift my gaze to Lex. He nods, rises from his seat and continues talking.

“We are Alex & Vilhelmina Company. We are launching A&V Inc. Our business is the manufacturing and sale of artificial magic stones. Now, Mr. Cremetti, the head of the Central Bank of the capital, would you like to invest in this company?”

Mr. Cremetti had a shark-like smile.

“I see, you’re trying to take an equal share from something protected in such a short period of time. Not bad, yes, very interesting.”

The conditions presented by Mr. Cremetti for investment is the establishment of a production system that relies on him.

Of course, it’s natural for him to be involved in the production of magic stones, but if something were to happen to him, production would stop. That’s not acceptable for the company.

We told him if we could double production, in other words, if the same amount of magic stones could be produced even if he was not there, he would invest.

This is obviously a fair judgment. In fact, he promised that he would invest if the conditions were met, so it could even be considered a favorable treatment.

Thus, we returned home.

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