Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Independence

It was the morning after we celebrated the completion of the project. I was greeted by my sleepy husband.

“Good morning, Vilhelmina.”

“Fufu, it’s Mina.”

Senni, who was preparing breakfast, laughed.

“Good morning…Mi, Mina.”

“Yes, good morning. Lex——.”

“Hm?! Oh, y-yeah.”

He blushed and went to wash his face in the bathroom. Senni continues to laugh happily.

Yes, I started calling my husband Lex.

During the celebration yesterday, we decided to call each other Lex and Mina. Or rather, we were made to.

Well, I think Lex is happy too, so it’s good.

After finishing breakfast and heading to the laboratory, Senni said.

“It feels more like a couple who just started dating, rather than a newlywed couple.”

“Lex, I got married on the day I met my husband. It’s common in marriages among nobles, but even then, you have to investigate your partner, and at least exchange letters and gifts.”

Considering that we both had no favorable impression of each other at first sight and have completely different backgrounds in terms of birth and upbringing, it’s a good thing that our relationship has progressed positively so far.

“So, what’s next, a night meeting?”

Senni seems to be enjoying herself, but in this house, no matter how you think about it, the sound is penetrating, which is a concern.

“It should start with a kiss first.”

“I hope the master shows a man!”

“Let’s wait patiently.”

I face the desk. I have used magic for the first time in a long time and I plan to use it in the future, so I will keep an eye on my physical condition and report it. No abnormalities.

If you have an appraisal tool for magic, you can accurately measure the reduction and recovery of magic power. But it is not something that can be easily obtained by the general public.

The same goes for magic stone’s appraisals. I would like to have it appraised by an appraiser. If a low-quality magic stone that can only be used as fuel has been made, it would be best to use it immediately, but if a high-quality magic stone that can be used as a piece of jewelry has been made, it would be better to have it appraised first.

Magic stones are both jewelry and fuel. Since their production is high, their price is lower than gems such as diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds, but with this purity, they are still valuable.

Thus, it has been about a month since I started producing magic stones.

Lex will continue to experiment with Mina #2 and #3 prototypes. There are some that can’t produce any magic stones at all, some that can only make scrap magic stones, and some that break immediately, but they consider the reasons for the failure and improve to produce more efficiently, with better magic power and more robust structures.

“…this is a great creation, isn’t it?”


Lex nods, and Senni takes a deep breath. The one I am holding is Mina #12. The magic stone made from it is clearly larger than before, which must be because the conversion efficiency of magic is excellent.

Lex takes it out and measures it, then hands it over to me. A ball the size of a thumbnail.

“Was it finished with slime coating based on the best #9 so far? A pale blue reflecting my slight water attribute. It is the best piece that fits all magic tools. How about the body?”

“No damage, and I think it’s reusable.”

I received a jewel box from Senni. When I open the lid, there is a dazzling light. The box contains a variety of magic stones of various sizes.

When I smile, Lex nods.

“The crystallization device for magic elements, the Mina series, I think it’s good to complete this once.”

I hold up the box with the magic stone.

“We also got the initial capital. Shall we proceed to the next stage of the project?”

Alex-sama thrust both fists towards the sky.

“I’m! I’m quitting the institute! I’m quitting!


The next morning, I head to the laboratory and walk to the front of Chairman Tobias’s desk.


“What is it, Peltra?”

I place my resignation letter on the desk and offer it to him.

“… What the hell are you doing?”

“As of today, I am resigning from this institute.

“Ha?! You think you can get away with that?”

Ignoring the commotion in the office, I continue my words.

“You once told me this. If I produce results in my research, you will allocate the budget and personnel to the research I want to do. But what about the current situation? I’m just being assigned as an assistant to other labs.”

“Don’t get cocky just because you got a medal!”

“Yes, but there is nothing to be gained by working under a superior who does not keep their promises.”

There was no response. As I was about to leave, the superior reached out to calm me down.

“W-Wait. I am now examining Peltra’s proposal and putting it up for discussion. I’m not trying to belittle what you want to do!”

“Please tell me what you want to research.”

With a muffled “gulp,” Chairman Tobias fell silent.

With a sudden movement, the man stood up and shouted.

“Hey, Peltra, how about supporting my research?”

“Chairman, I’m hearing that you said that even a chicken could do my job like a menial task, and that you wouldn’t care if I quit anytime. Today just happens to be that day.”


“I would like to donate a chicken to the Chairman’s laboratory…So, thank you very much for your time. Excuse me.”

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