Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Magic Stone Production Increase Plan

“You make light talk of doubling the production of magic stones. What should you do?”

“Yeah, that’s right…”

The easiest thing to do would be to produce magic stones every day instead of every other day as I am currently doing, but that is not what is required.

Another goal is to have Lex develop the magic element accumulation device to ensure stable supply, but that is the final goal and what should be done in the meantime.

“I see.”

I will explain it to Lex, and he nods.

If you only think about increasing production, it is extremely easy.

All you have to do is hire someone who has the same amount of magic power as me.

However, that would be someone like a royal magician or a high-ranking adventurer, and if you tried to hire them, you would need a large reward.

Instead of hiring many people with less magic power, but if the number of people increases, what we are doing will be easier to see.

That’s the difficult part to think about.

“Lex, first of all, I would like to rely on you for the increase in production of Mina #12. This is something that only you can do now.”

“Ah, yeah. Leave it to me.”

“Let’s secure personnel and land for the plan.”


One month later.

In the south of the capital. It’s a little more affluent than our home, but not as much as a center with mansions and luxury shops. It’s a corner that could be called a lower town.

One shop in the corner of the commercial district is bustling.

People of all ages are lined up, even young children. Both men and women.

It’s so crowded that there are even street stalls outside the commercial district.

The shop might not be appropriate to call a shop. Because nothing is sold there.

The characters written on the sign of the building that people are lining up for are “A & V Simple Magic Quantity Appraisal Office”. And at the entrance, there are signs such as “Free” and “We will estimate your magic quantity!”

When I entered the back of the store, through the entrance for employees, there are women in uniform based on maid costumes lined up at the counter.

I hired maidservants and maids who were once with me at the Periknen house as receptionists here.

One of the maids spoke to the boy standing at the head of the line.

“Please go to the head. Hello, is this your first time?”

“Yes, it is my first time!”

The boy doesn’t seem to be dressed nicely. He probably came from a neighborhood close to the slums. He seems to be ashamed in front of the receptionist who is dressed nicely. He slowly stepped forward.

“May I have your name, age, gender, and address please?”

“Uh, do you need the address too?”

“Yes. If you have great magic power, you may receive letters from the magic tower or academy. If you don’t have a specific residence, it’s okay if you tell us where we can contact you.”

“I have a house. Tomas Willer, 13 years old, male, at No. 12, Leather St., South 8th district.”

I see, the leather factory contaminates the water, so the location is not exactly an environment-friendly place in the downstream of the capital. That’s why he hesitated to say it.

“Okay, thank you. Please wash your hands at the left faucet while I prepare the paperwork.”

Today, Jacob the guard is standing at the water source. While the boy is washing his hands, the receptionist writes his name, gender, age, and address on the paperwork and a small card made of thick paper.

And handed it over to the receptionist next door, and approached the line and called out.

“Next person, please!”

The washed Tomas went to the next counter. Another receptionist calls out cheerfully.

“Tomas Willer, correct?”


“Please hold the handle of this magic meter. You don’t need to put force into it.”

In front of her is a large box, with a handle attached to it.

“Slowly inhale and exhale. There is always magic in a person’s body. Take the handle from your belly and push it into the box…yes, that’s enough.”

A faint sound rang from the flask attached under the box.

She removes the flask and takes it to the room behind the counter.

The personnel waiting in the back measure it.

“0.2 carats. Strong green color, wind attribute.”

Yes, the magic meter is just a name, what is here is a magic element crystallization device, that is Mina #12.

It can reverse calculate the size and color of a magic stone and examine the amount and attribute of the magic it holds.

“Tomas has confirmed magic. Rank is C+, attribute is wind.”

“I have magic?!”

Tomas looked surprised.

“Congratulations. Although not many people are able to use magic, many people have some amount of magical power. Tomas-san has a bit more than usual. If you study properly, you may be able to use life magic spells, such as the “Wind Blast” spell, if your attribute is wind.”


The staff member sitting next to the receptionist stamped a C+ and wind attribute on the card and passed it from the receptionist to Tomas.

“This is the card that shows Tomas-san’s measurement results. I will give it to you. As you can see, your name, address, etc. are written on the front side. The back side shows the date of measurement and results. It is marked as C+, wind attribute. Please make sure to bring this with you when you come for the next measurement.”

“Can I come as many times as I like?”

“Yes, at the A & V Simple Magic Quantity Appraisal Office, we recommend multiple measurements. This is because the strength of magic can change depending on physical condition and there is a possibility of growth of magical power. However, please make sure to leave a gap of at least one week between measurements.”

“I understand. I will come again.”

“As a souvenir, we are giving you a candy bar. Please take this as well.”


With the card and candy bar in hand, Tomas the boy left the assessment office with a smile on his face.

And then, the magic stone remains with us.

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