Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 35

Chapter 35: Research Policy

“The guys at work… the ones at the institute. They just can’t stand me.”

I see, so that’s the case. I apologize.

“Alex-sama, I am truly sorry.”

“Vilhelmina…, it’s not your fault.”

“No, it is also my responsibility. Did they perhaps see or hear that Alex-sama and I were close at the garden party? and did something cruel to Alex-sama?

Alex-sama responds after hesitating for a moment.

“…that may be so, but it’s still not your responsibility.”

Fufu, he’s so sweet.

Senni, who disposed of the blood-stained cloth, speaks up.

“Master, Madam. Would it be alright if I serve dinner?”

“Ah, please do.”

“By the way, today’s soup is a spicy Eastern-style one and the accompanying fruit is orange. Is that okay?”

Alex-sama’s face fell.

While blowing on the spicy, hot soup to cool it, he leaned his head to one side while eating to avoid hitting the cut on his left lip.

“From tomorrow on, let’s have something less stimulating, something easier to eat.”

“… Please.”

After the meal, I leave the cleaning to Senni and I make tea and face Alex-sama to ask.

“I would like to inquire about Alex-sama’s research.”


Maybe Alex-sama was in pain when trying to drink tea, the cup was returned to the desk once.

“Is Alex-sama’s research still not being done at the workplace research institute?”

After I lay down to sleep, I know that Alex-sama is getting up, shuffling and proceeding with the work bit by bit.

I check and organize the contents in the afternoon.

“Yeah, the approval for development has not been issued yet.”

“Are the supervisors aware of Alex-sama’s private research?”

“I don’t know… There have been announcements to develop at the research institute, but I haven’t heard about it, and they may have forgotten about it.”

Alex-sama has a sullen face.

Perhaps he is reminded of the disastrous results of past announcements.

“The fact that it was announced means that they have the contents of Alex-sama’s research in hand, right?”

“I don’t know if they’re keeping it, but I don’t trust them. I deliberately made holes in the presentation.”

Alex-sama is laughed at as if he is self-deprecating.

“If they had understood the flaws in my presentation and asked me about them, I would have given them the information to fill in the gaps, but no one asked me about them. Either they are too stupid to notice, or they don’t listen to the commoners.”

“That’s fortunate.”

“Fortunate…? Oh, you’re trying to make me leave the institute?”

Alex-sama realizes and I nod.

“Yes, I hope you will one day, because if Alex-sama completes his research, your superiors and nobles will try to take it away from you.”

“… That’s understandable. What do you mean, one day?”

“Perhaps when Alex-sama’s research takes shape, even in part. If you resign, the information will go to His Highness Elias immediately.”

“There may be some sabotage huh…”

“What is the progress of your research now?”


According to Alex-sama, in order to create an artificial magic stone, two research projects need to be completed. One is the technology to accumulate magic elements from the surrounding environment, and the other is the technology to crystallize high-concentration magic elements.

“Which one is more difficult?”

“It’s hard to say in general. It’s because they’re related to each other. Uh, it’s hard to explain… I don’t know if you can understand.”

“If we take the magic element in the atmosphere of the capital city as 1, it is easy to concentrate it to 2 in the machine, but difficult to concentrate it to 10. It is difficult to crystallize thousands of magic elements, but easy to crystallize millions of magic elements. Is that what it means?”

Alex-sama shows a surprised face.

“Why do you know?”

Fufufu, I smile.

“I have seen Alex-sama’s research, and I have summarized it.”

“If you can understand that, you’re much better than the guys at the institute…”

Alex-sama expresses complaints, and I take a sip of tea while thinking a little.

How can he complete his research faster? The only way to do that is to get him to quit the institute. In other words, if he is being forced to work on other research at the institute and not being able to do his own research and being subjected to violence, it will not benefit him at all.

Is that a bit too much to say? Although there may be some benefits, research is being hindered.

Then, how can he resign quickly?

Perhaps like this.

“Alex-sama. Can you prioritize the research on crystallization and submit a proposal? Regarding the amount of money involved, if you can let me know about the necessary equipment, etc., I will negotiate with the backers on our side.”

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