Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 36

Chapter 36: magic element crystallizer

Over a few days, Alex-sama draws the blueprint repeatedly and writes down the names and amounts of materials that he thinks are necessary.

In particular, many materials were listed that should be tested, especially for the part that is expected to form the core of the structure.

“I see…”

I mutter as I look at it.

“What’s the matter?”

“No, I understand why Alex-sama was trying to develop it at the research institute, not personally, even if he was treated coldly.”

Alex-sama smiles while moving his pen.

“It must be expensive.”

“Yes. But when you think about it, it’s only natural, isn’t it?”

What was listed was soil from deep in the dungeon and monsters, even high-level monsters, and their body tissue.

In other words, it’s something related to the environment in which magic stones can be made.

It’s a rare and very expensive item that is hard to obtain. For example, if it’s the head of a dragon, it would be like one that is displayed in the entrance hall of the Duke Periknen family, and if it’s the wind-slicing feathers of a winged lion griffin, it would be like one used in a fan by a noble lady.

“In reality, we have to research the process of refining the magic stone from these things and find a more economical means. But if we are in a hurry to quickly create a crystallization device, it would be easy to build it directly using these materials… theoretically.”

Alex-sama seems confident and talkative when it comes to research.

“That’s more than anything.”

Alex-sama is eager to conduct his own research after work.

I hired someone to go shopping while Alex-sama is at the research institute.

It’s Senni’s younger brother. I ask him to do the shopping for daily foodstuffs and inexpensive materials that Alex-sama needs.

And when it comes to expensive things and those that need to be handed down, I will go get them myself.

However, it is only when former servants like Hilka and Jacob, who used to work for me when I was the Duke’s daughter, come to help. It would be nice if I could repay their kindness someday with something prepared.

And after about a month…


One night, Alex-sama said that.

A flat-bottomed and narrow-mouthed glass bottle called a triangular flask, and inside it seems to be a spherical object with a round tip like a cherry, hanging from a metal string.

The mouth is plugged with material similar to rubber, and the end of the string was out.

“It’s simple, but this structure is a high-concentration magic crystallization device.”

I clapped my hands and Senni also clapped her hands in the corner of the room.

Alex-sama laughed embarrassingly.

After the applause, he went outside and grabbed the string to explain.

“Actually, by connecting the atmospheric magic element accumulation device to this terminal, high-concentration magic is sent here. That’s the idea, but it’s not yet.”

“I understand.”

Alex-sama had a confused expression.

“Is it okay? If the crystallization device cannot collect magic elements, it won’t work. In other words, we don’t know if this is properly completed.”

I stand in front of the magic crystallization device and take Alex-sama’s hand. And with a smile, I pulled the end of the string from his hand.

“This is how it’s done.”


Senni cried out.


Alex-sama cried out in surprise.

The sphere floating in the flask of the crystallization device is shining dimly.

“How! How are you activating it?”

Alex-sama, so surprised, almost grabbed me, but stopped himself and froze. He raised his hand halfway and asked me.

“It’s simple. I am channeling magic.”

The light of the dimly shining sphere became speckled. Crystals are forming on the surface of the sphere as if frost is falling.

“Uh, no. Vilhelmina, are you a magician…?”


I shake my head.

“I am not a magician and I have never studied magic.”

“But, it is impossible for adventurers or lower-level magicians of magic towers to have the amount of magic elements necessary to crystallize this!”

“I have told Alex-sama before, ‘Nobles have the aspect of mating beautiful people together to produce a more beautiful next generation.’ That’s not just about beauty alone.”

“Magic power too…”

“As for me, if it’s just magic power, I have enough to rank among the top ten in the kingdom.”

There was a dry clang.

A small, smaller than the tip of my pinky, magic stone fell out of the flask. It was similar to a shard of crystal that emitted a pale bluish light.

I let go of the string while laughing and grabbed Alex-sama’s half-raised hand as if he was about to grab me.

“Fufu. Alex-sama, congratulations on the successful research.”

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