Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Subsequent Impact

Well, the garden party has ended.

I was able to meet His Highness Elias and his people, but it wasn’t as bad as I had thought and I even had the chance to make some sarcastic comments.

Perhaps he was being chastised by His Majesty the King at this point.

I was also able to show that I have a good relationship with Alex-sama.

His Highness’s reputation has suffered as a result of his behavior as the Crown Prince and his fiancée, which may ironically help to erase some of my bad reputation.

I talked to my younger brother, Jurremi, which was not intentional but maybe for the better. I was able to talk to him because it was not a gathering where the Duke of Periknen or my stepmother would attend.

People around me may have thought that the Duke family has accepted me, but that is not the intention of my father or myself.

And that leads to…

“Master, madam, a letter has arrived!” Senni says.

There is a pile of letters that seem to be sealed with a crest on the desk.

“Fufu, Alex-sama, I’m happy for you.”

“Can you tell without looking inside?”

“Yes, they will likely be invitations for social gatherings such as tea parties or dinner parties and perhaps offers to listen about loans. Alex-sama can choose what interests him from these. For example, this one.”

I open one envelope with a simple, unadorned paper knife and hand it to Alex-sama without looking inside.

“This is… from a merchant. They want to hear about financing again. Let’s see… this name…”

“It’s from a place where we previously inquired and were kept waiting without being granted a meeting.”

Alex-sama shows a grim expression.

I took the letter from his hand.

“In that case, we can ignore such places. Senni, can you prepare three boxes the size of the letter?”


She left the room. Alex-sama asks,

“Why do we need three boxes?”

“Well, first to consider, then to reject, and lastly to reply to.”

“Alex-sama, just let me know if the letter interests you. I will reply on your behalf.”

“…that helps.”

I smile.

Also, the young ladies who were once my school friends. It seems that Milcah-sama has been spreading the word among friends and parents. Although there are also talks from the noble families, commoners can’t attend tea parties or dinners. There are not so many dresses available(can’t afford).

Let’s guide them towards more personal invitations and business negotiations. I write a note with a pen.

And thus, while there have been positive effects, there have also been negative effects…

One night, when Alex-sama returned from work.

“Welcome back… what happened to you!”

I was surprised and interrupted my greeting, and ran to Alex-sama.

The edges of his mouth were cut, blood was dripping and swelling.

“I, I’m back.”

With a voice muffled as if his mouth hurts, the reply came back.

“Senni! Clean cloth and disinfectant!”

“Yes, madam!”

I make Alex-sama sit in a chair, and receive cloth from her, and suppress Alex-sama’s lips.

The dried and solid blood fell off bit by bit.

“Madam, we don’t have any disinfectant…”

The alcohol given was distilled. The water from the well in the capital is never clean and it can’t be helped.

Soak the cloth in amber liquor.

“It will sting.”

When I put the cloth on Alex-sama, Alex-sama screamed.

“Ahh…! Aagh…!”

Alex-sama’s body twitched.

I held his head with my hand on his lips.

His head moves restlessly in my chest, wiping away the wounds and flowing blood.

“Have you been hit on the head?”

“I-I’m okay!”

As he tries to move restlessly, I tighten my grip with all my strength.

“You need to be calm. Please bear with it. Your face is also red.”

Senni laughs.

“That’s because madam’s breasts are hitting the master.”


When I released my hand and body from Alex-sama, his movement stopped.

“Yeah, uhm. Thanks for the treatment. But, um, uh? Modesty, yeah, modesty.

“Well, we’re a couple, you shouldn’t worry about it.”

When I held Alex-sama’s hand, he turned his face away. His eyes are still red.

Senni brought a bandage, but Alex-sama was told that it was not necessary. Indeed, it seems that the bleeding has almost stopped and I think it’s okay, but.

I ask.

“Well, Alex-sama. Can you tell me what happened?”

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