Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Crown Prince’s Miscalculation

“Hahaha, finally I did it! I brought down that vixen to commoner status!”

I, the prince, celebrated in the castle away from the royal palace, designated for the prince’s use.

It is only natural for there to be voices of joy.

Vilhelmina Ulla Periknen, my fiancée. I admit she was somewhat good-looking. But she was just a woman who only caused harm to my mood as the next king.

The Duke Periknen household was the wealthiest among the kingdom’s nobles and their soldiers were strong due to battles with demon beasts. It was also the household that the royal family had to pay the most attention to. My engagement with her was decided since we were children.

But I didn’t like it. The partner of my life should be decided by me.

And that woman, who is the same age as me, has been constantly nagging me about studying, working, and making disrespectful remarks.

“But is it okay? Vilhelmina-san is pitiful.”

“Oh, my dear Ina. How kind and merciful you are, like an angel without wings. But a fitting punishment is necessary for the wicked. And a beautiful and kind person deserves a corresponding position.”

When I embrace Ina, she smiled with a giggle.

How adorable compared to the superficial smile of high-class noble ladies!

“Well Ina, I’ve prepared a room for you in this palace. It’s best if you live here from today.”

“Thank you, Elias!”

I lock lips with her.

Ina and I have exchanged many kisses, and each time it’s as sweet as ambrosia from heaven.

She’s different from that woman who had always refused any contact besides holding hands and dancing at social events.

The Duke family did not get along with Vilhelmina and was reduced to a commoner.

Ina, the daughter of a Baron, and I, the crown prince, have different statuses, but we can marry if the Duke Periknen family adopts her as a foster daughter.

By raising her as their foster child and having the heir as my close ally, the Duke of Periknen has made a commitment to continue to be my backer.

Even The Cardinal of the Church was used in this plan, and even the King and the House of Lords will have no objection to it.

“Starting tomorrow, Ina will receive education as a Crown Princess.

What she can do, Ina should have no problem with it.

“Yes, I’ll do my best!”

She showed her fists clenched with both hands.

“You can ask the maid for more details.

I will also have official duties in the morning. Shall we take a stroll together in the castle’s rose garden in the afternoon?”

“Yes, I’ll be waiting!”

Thus ended the best day of my life.

But the next day, as I happily went to the office to perform my duties, I saw that there was a mountain of documents piled high on my desk.

“What’s this mountain of documents? Can’t you organize them?”

The Chief of the Internal Affairs, who was in the room directing the clerks to carry the documents, answered.

“These are the documents waiting for His Highness’s approval.”

“Why are there so many of them? How can there be so many?

“No, it is normal procedure.”

“Hmm? Let me hear the explanation.”

I’ll beat you to death if it’s for the same boring reason.

“There are two reasons. One is that His and Her Majesties are on a trip, so their official duties as a proxy have increased.”

“Yes, of course. But it wasn’t this much until recently.”

I am the regent now, but it’s been half a month since both my parents left the capital for a parade. I have been filling in their duties, but I don’t think the paperwork has particularly increased until now.

“So the second reason is that Your Highness used to delegate all these tasks to Duke Periknen… oh, do you remember Vilhelmina-san?”


The Chief of the Internal Affairs sighed.

“You don’t remember, do you?”

“I don’t remember either.”

“Is that so? For the past several years, she has been in charge of 80% of the decisions that Your Highness should make. I brought the increase from a month ago related to His and Her Majesties’ trip once, but Your Highness said, ‘Just leave it to that woman,’ but you don’t remember that either?”

“Did I say something like that?”

To be honest, I was busy with the operation to take down Vilhelmina. I don’t remember such a minor thing.

“If it’s something that woman can do, you guys should be able to do it too.”

“His Highness has given the seal of the crown prince to his fiancé, who is the sealer. Normally, it wouldn’t be appropriate, but that’s why she was able to make decisions on documents.”

“You, you’re unpleasant.”

“I apologize.”

The man lowered his head only slightly with a flat voice, as if he did not apologize at all.

“The seal has been collected from the temporary office for her, together with the safe, and is placed on that desk over there. How may I assist you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are you sure you want to leave the royal seal with us officials?”

“Don’t be foolish. Then how will we know who the king is?”

“That’s a good point. Then, I will leave the decision-making to you.”

The chief of internal affairs then pointed to the desk piled with documents like a mountain.

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