Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Visitor

Well, he has to go out in a hurry.

As for me, I would like to cash in the check and jewelry that my father gave me as a hand-cut, but it’s a shame that I don’t have daily necessities.

I am not comfortable keeping jewelry at this house, which is not very safe.

When I was thinking about such things, the door was knocked.

“Yes, who is it?”

Alex-sama who-knows-what without opening it to ask who is there.

“It’s me, Hilka Henni Hakala. I was a maid for My lady Vilhelmina until recently.”

Well, It’s Hilka!

As Alex-sama turned to me, I nodded affirmatively.

When he opened the door, she entered in a hurry as if she had jumped in, wearing a servant’s outfit of black and white.

“My lady!”

“Hilka, how nice of you to come here!”

I hugged her. Hilka also hugged me tightly.

“Yes, I followed Mr. Peltra because I didn’t know where My Lady was taken.

Alex-sama looked surprised. He had not noticed it at all.

Oh, I see. That’s why you came right after Alex-sama returned.

“What about your work at Periknen’s mansion?”

“I have asked the butler, Talvo-san, to take care of the work so that the master doesn’t notice. Everyone in the household is worried about My Lady’s safety.”

“Is he taking care of it? Are my servants being treated unfairly?”

Talvo was my butler. Due to my being disowned, it caused trouble for the servants as well.

“Yes, it’s yesterday and today, so there has been no immediate dismissal. However, Talvo-san has started preparing to provide a referral letter for junior servants at any time.”

You can trust him to handle it well.

At least it makes me feel a little lighter in my heart.

“I wonder if Hilka is going to report on us?”

“I will report to Talvo-san. I will just tell the others that you are safe… well, your living conditions might not be comfortable.”

Hilka looked at the terrible state of the house. I organized the books and documents, but the rest is still untouched.

“That’s right, we were just thrown in here last night. We were just about to go and buy some things we were running low on.

Hilka looks at me again. Her gaze moves from my bursting neckline, to my exposed belly peeking from the bottom of my tied shirt, and her face turns red.

“M-My Lady! What a disgraceful appearance!”

She averts her gaze from me and glares at Alex-sama.

“I-It can’t be helped! She was kicked out with nothing but the dress she was wearing.”

“I don’t have women’s clothes either!”

Hilka sighs.

“It’s true that if you walk around here in a dress, you’re a good target for criminals, but it’s the same if you walk around in such shameless clothes.”

I see, Hilka also wore the outfit of a servant, not her usual dress, because of such consideration.

“Peltra-san, may I exchange outfits with Vilhelmina-sama? My lady and I have similar body types. If she wears the outfit of a servant, she won’t stand out as much even if my lady’s beauty cannot be hidden.

And would you mind if I stay here to do housekeeping while you and Vilhelmina-sama are out?”

“Well… this is a gracious offer, wouldn’t we?”

Alex-sama cast his gaze over here.

“I would rather give up and die than be betrayed by her.”


“That means I trust her that much.”

“Understood. Thank you, Hakala-san. I will count on you.”

Alex-sama bowed his head.

No, Vilhelmina-sama’s husband is like a master to me, too. Please don’t worry about it.

Please wait while I go change my clothes.”

Saying that, she stood up and invited me to the 2nd floor without saying a word.

We talk while changing our clothes.

“Vilhelmina-sama, what kind of person is Mr. Peltra? He has an unimpressive appearance, but…”

“If he pays attention to his appearance, I think the evaluation of being unimpressive will disappear. He’s excellent and enthusiastic as a researcher, but…That’s probably why the nobles pushed me towards him.”

“In other words, he is the luckiest man in the world, right? So, have you been embraced?”

“W-What are you talking about!”

Hilka makes a smiling face and says.

“Well, My lady is charming, right? You’re a couple, right? There’s only one bed, right?”

“Last night, he kindly let me sleep on the bed and slept downstairs.”

“Well, let’s put aside the question of whether he’s a gentleman or a rough man.”

After finishing changing, I returned downstairs.

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