Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Cleaning Up

So, Alex-sama has left for work. I actually wanted to go shopping during that time, but it was said that it was dangerous for a woman to go alone, so I’ll stay at home.

However, there are limited things I can do at home. I’ll tidy up Alex-sama’s luggage.

“He may not like it to be touched without permission, and I can’t carry heavy things in the first place, but…”

Even so, it should be much better than having everything packed messily into several boxes.

Alex-sama has already taken out the bookshelf, so I’ll pack the books there.

By looking at the titles, there are many books about dungeons, magic stones, demon beasts, and magic engineering, some of which I have seen in the country house of the territory.

Yes, the Periknen territory is vast, but also has many dungeons and demon beasts within its borders.

“Should we categorize the books on the bookshelf first, either by title or author name?”

“Yes, it is. It would be a shame to find ‘Doki-Doki★Marin-chan no Muchipuri ❤️ Paradise’ next to a research book.”

Interesting, so that’s his preference.

I also wouldn’t be comfortable if I were being judged at this level.

Now that the books are on the bookshelf, let’s organize the documents next.

There are many research-related documents and notes, did he bring work home?

There are also many rough notes, let’s gather them separately. If we have time, we can rewrite them on blank paper.

Separately, I will sort out personal letters, official letters, and bills.

The reason why I am able to do this kind of work is because of His Highness Elias. When I was the prince’s fiancé, what I had to learn was mainly education for becoming a prince consort in the future.

Most of it was specialized in etiquette and socializing. For example, learning about international relations and the industries of neighboring countries is knowledge needed for socializing on a national level in terms of diplomacy.

“But that idiot prince…”

Yes, because of His Highness Elias leaving his assigned duties as the Crown Prince, such as learning and training for future duties as the King…

A sound of crumpling notes was heard at hand.

No, I can’t help getting angry.

It has become a norm for His Highness to leave his studies and work unfinished and pass it on to me. Leaving behind books and documents too!

More and more, the adults have given up scolding His Highness, who is prone to tantrums, and pass it on to me…

So unfortunately, I have become good at this kind of work.

During that time, His Highness was probably getting along well with that Miss Madetoya or something!

Once again, the sound of crumpled notes was heard at hand.

Shall we arrange the broken equipment that Alex-sama probably valued yesterday? Let’s collect it carefully so as not to cut our hands with the fragments.

These are fragments of glass, bent metal, and this is a fragment of a magic stone.

From the trend of the book, it seems that he was conducting research on magic stones produced from dungeons and monsters rather than dungeons and monsters themselves.

I will take a break at lunch and have the rest of the bread, borrow a pen that I found, and write down and organize my notes.

Honestly, there is not much I can do for him. I can’t do housework or cooking.

As the host of the tea party, I have learned how to make delicious tea. There are countries where it is considered honorable for the host to make tea themselves.

But I have never even boiled water to make tea on this stove.

It is still early in the evening after lunch. The key to the door was turned and Alex-sama has returned.

“Welcome back, Alex-sama. You’re early.”

“I’m back. Ah, I was allowed to leave early as expected.”

Well, he properly greet me with “I’m back”.

“…Who are you?”

He was surprised by his face. The focus of his gaze was the arranged bookshelves and the documents neatly divided on top of the box, and the organized laboratory equipment.

“Yes, I thought there was a way of arranging the books that would be convenient for Alex-sama, so I took the liberty of arranging them.”

“No, that’s fine… the documents too?”

“I separated them into personal and official ones, and divided the research contents. The research materials are divided by field and the notes are neatly written. It’s still in progress.”

“Are you a god?”

Alex-sama respectfully receives the neatly written notes in his hand while kneeling in front of me.

“I’m not a god.”

“Thank you, you are a great help!”

He smiled happily.

I feel my inside being filled with a warm feeling.

Yes, I suddenly realized that His Highness had never once thanked me.

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