Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Return 1

The Peltra couple bowed their heads slightly and left the room, pretending to be foolish.

The atmosphere in the room was heavy, but there was a sense of relief.

“Well, the old fool must find out about his illicit wealth. I’m sure he’s been saving it up.”

Prince Elias pointed to Cardinal Johannes’ chair and said,

“Later, I will submit a list of donations and gifts from myself and my faction.”

I nodded. That’s cooperative.

Prince Elias’ fiancé seemed to have made up her mind from the beginning. From their expressions and attitudes, both Prince Elias and her fiancé  seemed to have a strong color of reflection, while King Vainamo III was still strongly dissatisfied despite his reflection.

“As I said earlier, this old fool would like to remain in this country for a while.”

The King nodded.

“You have avoided the sword of excommunication by apologizing and abdicating. And because of Mrs. Peltra’s kindness, you are still alive. But don’t forget that the sword has been unsheathed.”

The four of them showed a surprised expression for a moment, but then nodded with a serious expression.

Periknen’s lips move, but his voice cannot be heard. But…

“What do you mean by ‘kindness’?”

If you can read someone’s mind, you can also read their lips. He’s a simple man. He lifted his face.

“This is my downfall. There’s no warmth or anything.”

“Hmm, it’s a good thing to speak highly of something you did.”

“She was a smart and wise woman like my ex-wife. Vilhelmina, she was a devil.”

To speak well or badly of one’s own daughter is a thing.

Come to think of it, Mrs. Peltra never mentioned anything to his ex-father in the end. Is it her revenge to continue to burn this man’s body with her murky, smoky malice by ignoring him in that situation?

This old fool stood up and looked down with pity in his gaze.

A servant approached and took the wrinkled hand of this old fool.

“Well, then let the old fool take his leave as well. Farewell is enough.”


The wheels of the wheelchair creak.

I assist Lex in getting off the wheelchair at the front of the royal palace and hand it over to a palace soldier. Then we slowly descend the large staircase while holding hands.

Lex whispers softly.

“Was that what you wanted?”

It’s about their treatment.

“As I said earlier, death is easy. It would be a punishment for them to see you and I change the world, the country, and be happy. If I want to make the punishment more severe, I can disable them, or separate them from their spouses or fiancés, but…”

Lex laughed.

“Actually, I found a book in your library called ‘The Torture of the World’ so I thought you were going to propose something like that.”

Oh, so you saw it.

“Fufu, I didn’t actually have the intention to go that far.”

Lex stopped. He took a break in the middle of the staircase.


“It’s simple. Because I am happy now.”

“Well, I’m happy too.”

Even though I am happy, it is outrageous to forgive everything. But because I am happy, I don’t feel like destroying this country or killing them cruelly.

If there is a point where I become soft, that’s where it is. The fact that they introduced me to Lex.

I hold Lex’s bony hand.

“Of course, if you had died in prison if you had been tortured and suffered from disabilities, I would have acted cruelly no matter what.”

“I see.”

And we started walking again.

As soon as we exited the castle gate, our family carriage was waiting for us at the carriage stop.



“Glad to see you both safe!”

The servants who were waiting for us recognized us and ran over with joy, shouting.

Thus, after about half a month, the head of the family returned to the house.

The next morning the estate was filled with joy.

I put a spoon into a dish filled with porridge and stir it up, then I bring it to my mouth, blow on it and offer it.

“Here, ah~.”

I offer it to Lex, who is sitting on the bed with many cushions on his back.

His thin lips opened and I inserted the spoon into them and pulled it out. His jaw begins to move.

I scoop up the porridge with the spoon again.

“Hey Mina, it’s not like I can’t move, I don’t need you to feed me.”

Blowing on it.

“Yes, Lex, ah~.”

His lips open and his thin jaw moves.

“So Mina.”

I offered the meat that was minced and made into a paste-like shape.

The mouth is opened as if in resignation, and the meat is chewed with a gnawing motion.

“Do you dislike being taken care of?”

“I don’t mind but…”

“That’s great. Ah~.”


“It’s embarrassing.”

The gaze is averted and the people around are watching from the edge of the wall.

“I am not embarrassed.”

Fufu, I was originally a noble, so I’m used to being surrounded by servants.

Hilka approaches with a smile.

“Madam is like a clingy bug.”

I put the spoon on the desk and hugged Lex’s body, turning my hand around it.

“Yes, I cling to Lex.”

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