Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 102

Chapter 102: After the Decisive Conviction

However, against my will, the words “I accept your apology” have not escaped my lips.

A silence that falls in the room.

The sound of me unconsciously fanning, snapped crisply and echoed oddly loudly in the room.

His Majesty continued, as if taken aback.

“I apologize deeply for the fact that when you were Vilhelmina Periknen, as the crown prince’s fiance, you were given the duty of assisting in the tasks to be performed with your youth, learning, and loyalty to the royal family without receiving any reward.”

… Ah, I see. That was it.

As if for the first time, this matter was mentioned to me, I feel like I was acknowledged for my wasted years. It seems like water has reached the sediment that had become hard and dried up at the bottom of my heart.

“I accept the apology.”

The words came out smoothly from my mouth.

Afterwards, His Majesty also apologized to His Holiness.

“This old fool acknowledge. His Majesty Vainamo III, and Prince Elias, are stepping down. I won’t mention the qualities of the royal family, and I withdraw my excommunication.”

His Holiness looks at me.

“That’s not a problem for this old fool. Mrs. Peltra, please state your wish.”

“Is that alright?”

“If it’s not impossible, I’ll make it come true.”

I hold a fan to my cheek and think. Hmm.

“I hope for the exile of the Duke Periknen and the Duchess, but their child, Jurremi, is not guilty.  If you would only grant him the title of baronet, not a deputy.”

His Majesty nods.

Frankly speaking, it would be more convenient for the current Periknen Territory to turn into barony, since it would be difficult to pay taxes as a Duke if the price of magic stone falls.

“And, Your Majesty, I demand that the crown prince and princess’ sentences be commuted.”

There’s a commotion. His Highness stands up.

“Vilhelmina! I-I am ready to die!”

“Your Highness Elias. It may be the appropriate appearance as a believer to entrust judgment to God who is in heaven. But let me say it anyway. It is easy to atone for death.”

It is an disrespectful way of speaking to God. But His Holiness nodded calmly.

“But, don’t you hate me, don’t you want revenge?!”

I snicker.

“When did I tell you to die? According to an ancient law, ‘an eye for an eye’. I do not seek excessive revenge. As I have said before, revenge is too sweet, and forgiveness is too bitter. Basically, if I really want to take revenge but I won’t kill.”


His Holiness raised a voice of doubt.

“If you really want to take revenge, then why not make a oath of self-harm magic on Elias, and then torture Miss Ina in front of him and take your time to kill her by skinning her flesh?”

…ugh. I feel like I’m being pulled over by something! It happens often, doesn’t it?

I cleared my throat and continued.

“His Majesty and the Queen, after the abdication, are to take up residence in the castle estate. Support King Parvallis and advise him to lead the country well. It would be appreciated if the church could keep a watch on any strange circumstances so that no conspiracies arise.”

“Understood, I will prepare a surveillance role.”

“Your Highness Elias should withdraw from the royal family, and establish himself as a Baron in the remote area and live with Miss Ina. It would be good if you could bite your finger and watch me live happily with my husband there.”

The sound of a chair collapsing and Miss Ina fell to her knees on the floor.

“Is such mercy…alright?”

I doubt it would be a mercy. If he dies, he will die as a prince, but if he is deprived of his royal title, that is not the case, and his honor will be lost.

“There is no use in bringing such a prince to the farmland. Miss Ina is saying that she will spend a long time with this man, even though she is disillusioned with him.”

“Uh, thank you!”

She kept her hands on the floor and bowed her head.

“As usual, it’s a disgraceful bow.”

His Highness Elias also kneels beside her.

“Why, why such mercy upon us.”

There are various reasons. Future political matters, the promise with Miss Ina, the fact that I was not trying to be killed, the compensation for trying to kill Miss Ina, the misunderstanding of my love in the past.

However, these cannot be spun into words, and only a word was spoken from my mouth.

“It’s a whim.”

I look at Lex. He smiles kindly at me… What is it?

“Alex? Is something the matter? You’re the one who’s so worn out that you deserve some payback.”

“No, I don’t have anything to say. It’s up to your judgment.”

“Well, we’ll leave before my mind changes. I have to feed my husband dinner.”

It’s important! He’s become so worn out.

I lift Lex up by pulling his hand, and seat him in a wheelchair.

“Well. Good day, everyone.”

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