Until the Exiled Duke’s Daughter, Wilhelmina, Becomes Happy – Chapter 104

Chapter 104: Return 2

Since the day His Holiness arrived in the capital, the city has undergone a great change.

It has been about a month since then. His Holiness’s stay in the capital of Patrickainen, Cardinal Johannes’ downfall, the announcement of the King’s abdication and Prince Elias’s renunciation of the succession rights, and Prince Parvallis becoming the first in line for the succession to the throne and the Crown Prince.

It was widely rumored that the two thunderstorms the day before were indeed divine punishment.

The world is thriving. This is partly due to the large public works project of rebuilding the cathedral and castle, but ultimately the bottleneck in industry was the circulation and price of magic stones. Of course, our business is also going well.

Lex has also regained a lot of weight and health.



It’s time to work side by side.

“Would you like to have a wedding?”

He dropped his feather pen.

“You see, our wedding blessing was like that.”

The Cardinal Johannes who blessed us is a criminal being held captive for crimes such as embezzlement, and His Holiness has said that he will bless us again. When I explained these things to him, Lex said.

“I see, but even if you say wedding ceremony, I’m an orphan, and Mina probably won’t call her parents? If it’s not something too flashy, wouldn’t that be okay?”

Such was the conversation, but the next day Lex disappeared without a trace, leaving behind a polite note as if he had run away from home.

“Why did Lex run away?”

Hilka answers my murmur with a nodding face.

“Oh, it’s called the wedding blues.”

“I see.”

Indeed, pre-wedding anxiety. Fufu.

“And that, you know. He got asked about the idea of having a wedding ceremony from Madam and he’s uncomfortable(insecure) about it. It’s like, the Master couldn’t show his manliness, you could say.”

I see. Men’s pride is a complicated thing. Hilka asks.

“What will you do?”

“If he really wanted to run, he wouldn’t or couldn’t.”

Because he’s a true genius.

“If not…”

It’s about the evening a few days later. The location is the hotel, Onaus Barra, one of the most famous in the capital. I have figured out that Lex is staying in the single room here.

I thought he might stay at a cheaper inn given his values, but the price here is something that even ordinary people could afford if they splurge a little, which is not a big deal for him now.

And I am staying in the suite room of the Onaus Barra Hotel. I am in a room that costs as much as a commoner’s annual income for just one night.

A voice was heard from the entrance far away.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Peltra. There was a failure in the plumbing to the bath, I apologize for the inconvenience.”

“No problem. It’s amazing that you’re providing such a great room instead.”

The voice of the hotel porter and Lex’s voice in response.

“No, no. It’s our pleasure. We hope to see you again at Onaus Barra. Excuse me.”

Well, I was the one who caused the failure in the bath!

“T-Thank you.”

Lex came into the spacious bedroom, and our eyes met. He dropped the bag he was holding.

“Why are you here!”

I smile.

“Do you think I can’t find Lex’s whereabouts?”

“Even though I took off the magic stone so as not to be caught by the detection technique!”

“Fufu, thinking that Lex had only one magic stone is the cause of defeat.”

If you’re going to run, at least change all your clothes, shoes, and wallet. After all, you’re still in the capital. It’s like asking me to come after you, isn’t it?

I spin around on the spot to show him.

“So, What do you think?”

What I’m wearing today is a pure white dress. Yes, I secretly prepared it for the wedding.

“…very, beautiful. Mina.”

“Fufu, thank you.”

I hug Lex tightly.

“…why did you run away?”

A brief silence. Slowly, a voice comes down from above.

“I love Mina. I also know that Mina loves me.”

“Of course.”

“But when I thought of standing beside you, I lost confidence.”

I put my arms around Lex’s neck and steal a kiss.

“So I guess we just have to give Lex some confidence then.”


“Isn’t that obvious?”

I hooked Lex’s legs and pulled him down, and we rolled onto the bed so that we were overlapping.

I straddle him.

“No, wait, the order is random! We haven’t even started the ceremony yet!”

“No, we’ve been married for a long, long time now.”

I stole his lips again and put my hands on my pure white dress.


The next morning, Lex offers a prayer before breakfast at the hotel.

“Lord, we are grateful for your mercy. Bless the food provided for today, and we ask that it sustains our lives as sustenance. May the one who has prepared today’s food be blessed. Amen.”


I also recite and eat breakfast.

When drinking coffee after the meal, I ask him.

“How is it? Did you gain confidence as a man?”

He swallows his words to my words. He wipes his mouth with a napkin, nods after turning his face towards me with a slightly bitter expression, and calls for a boy.

A bouquet of deep red roses was prepared.

“I was actually going to take this home with me today, but…”

He stands up, kneels beside me, and offers the bouquet.

Well… His brown eyes are looking straight at me with strength.

“I swear to love you, Vilhelmina, for the rest of my life, and to be together with you.”

“I also do. I swear to love Alex, and to be together with him.”

The two of us echoed each other’s voices.

“Until death separates us.”

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