The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 154

𝐓𝐞𝐚 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐲 𝟐

As soon as Albero returned to the dormitory, he went straight to his room.

He pulled out the formal attire he had bought before. The tea party for Esterize was in four days, and all he did to prepare was take out his attire. . . . . .Honestly, he wasn’t motivated.

Then, heading to the conversation room, he realized no one was there.

“. . . . . .No one’s here. It’s unusual for Nisrok and Leivinia to be absent.”

The demon siblings are allowed to go out within the school grounds.

Perhaps they went to buy snacks at the store since Garnet gives them pocket money. Randomly thinking this, he got thirsty and headed to the kitchen to drink water.

Then, the dormitory door opened, and everyone came back.

“Hey, where had you all gone?”

“Albero. . . . . .You have bad timing.”

“I don’t plan on repeating myself.”

Ashe looked exasperated, and Kid returned to his room.

Albero tilted his head, and both Ridelle and Lapis chuckled.

Then, Leivinia spoke.

“It seems Kid was bullied a lot by sister Florentia. His past was pretty dark and heavy.”

“Huh. . . . . .What did you hear?”

“About his past.”

“Well, I didn’t hear about it.”

“Hahaha. Bad timing, huh?”

Leivinia laughed heartily.

Ridelle patted Leivinia’s head and said to Albero.

“I was curious about Kid and asked around. Albero, I’ll tell you later.”

“O, Okay. . . . . .”

“So, Albero, where had you been?”

Ashe asked.

Lapis answered the question.

“I believe it was the staff room in the main school building, right?”

“Yeah. A lot happened. . . . . .I’ll tell you about it.”

Albero shared that he was invited to Esterize’s tea party.


The next four days were incredibly peaceful.

He attended regular classes, shopped at the school store, ate normal meals, and slept normally.

A regular student life. Albero recalled his days when he was in F-class.

Albero went to a café in the town below the castle, not a bar, invited by Kid.

They ordered two coffees, and Albero looked at Kid with curiosity.


“I just didn’t expect you to come to places like this.”

“Idiot. I just adjusted for you, kid. You’re too young for alcohol.”


Kid drank his coffee.

And then he said seriously.

“Did you hear about my past?”

“Yeah. . . . . .Ridelle told me.”

“I see. . . . . .”

“. . . . . .Is that all?”

“Hmph. That’s all. . . . . .Drink up before it gets cold.”

“OO, Okay.”

Albero finished his coffee.

Sometimes, Kid is confusing. But. . . . . .he didn’t feel bad about it.

Then, Kid spoke.

“Tomorrow’s the tea party, right? . . . . . .After that, it’s a serious mock battle. I want to finally achieve 『Total Assimilation』. I’ll need you and Ridelle to join me.”

“Alright. Heh, it’ll be cool for the three of us to transform together.”

“You’re still such a kid.”

Kid laughed.

It felt like the usual Kid was back.

Albero finished the remaining coffee.

“By the way, you have that tea party tomorrow.”

“Pfft. . . . . .Stop it. I was planning to think about that tomorrow morning.”

“. . . . . .Hmph.”

Indeed. Tomorrow is Esterize’s tea party.

It’s troublesome and tiring. . . . . .Albero feels drained.

Kid says with a bored expression.

“Just ignore them. Because you engage in half-hearted conversations, they get ahead of themselves. Show your intention not to be involved anymore. You’re too indecisive.”

“. . . . . .But I feel bad for Fugil-niisan.”

“Sigh. . . . . .If that’s the case, be decisive. Just engage with Fugil and avoid the others.”

“It’s not that easy. . . . . .even though it’s a hassle.”

“. . . . . .Sigh.”

Kid sighed as if he found it all trivial.


The next day.

Today is a holiday. And. . . . . .it’s Esterize’s tea party.

Albero changes into formal attire and has Ashe set his hair.

Then, when Fugil came to pick him up, he boarded a horse carriage and headed to the Rushout residence in the royal capital.

Inside the horse carriage, Fugil speaks.

“Albero. Today, neither the Fragment Duke’s daughter nor Princess Yorha will be present. There might be nobles who are interested in you. . . . . .”

“It’s alright. I have no intention of marrying.”

“I, Is that so?”

Fugil is surprised.

By the way, both Fugil’s fiancée and Rashild’s fiancée will attend the tea party. Albero decided to greet Fugil’s fiancée properly and give a nonchalant response to Rashild’s fiancée.

Esterize still doesn’t have a fiancé.

“Elder Sister, how many marriage proposals do you think you’ll get today?”

“Huh? Isn’t that lecherous prince coming?”

“Elder Sister has no intention of joining the royal family. She’s set to inherit the Rushout family.”

“Hmm. . . . . .Well, I don’t really care.”

The horse carriage proceeds, and they arrive at Esterize’s home. . . . . .the Rushout residence.

For the next few hours, a boring tea party will begin.

“For now, I’ll just enjoy the tea and sweets.”

“. . . . . .Really.”

Fugil gives a wry smile but doesn’t say anything else.


“It’s mealtime~♪.”


“Hey, can I eat now?”

“Yes, eat a lot. . . . . .Fufu, until you’re full to bursting, alright?”


Above the Kingdom of Asgard.

『Gluttony』 and 『Lust』 began to move.

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