The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 153

𝐓𝐞𝐚 𝐩𝐚𝐫𝐭𝐲 𝟏

“Albero, are you there?”

“Fugil-niisan. . . . . .”

“. . . . . .A letter for you. Here.”

“An invitation, right?”

“. . . . . .Do you know about it?”

“Yes. I really wish I didn’t, though.”

It was an hour after Albero parted from Esterize that he interacted with Fugil.

While leisurely spending time in the courtyard, Fugil appeared before Albero with an invitation in hand, accompanied by Grits who was holding “Tamapiyo” the Dimension sparrow.

Receiving the invitation, Albero sighed.

“The venue is 『Rushout Royal Mansion』. We’ll send a carriage on the day.”

“. . . . . .Where did you say?”

“The royal mansion. My sister used the reward from the demon subjugation to buy a house in the capital.”

“A house. . . . . .?”

“. . . . . .A luxurious mansion with a garden, purchased using the rewards of both my and my brother’s efforts. It seems to be one of the properties owned by Prince Sanbalt. Sigh. . . . . .”

“She even used her brothers’ reward. . . . . .”

“It’s for the sake of the Rushout family. It can’t be helped.”

“. . . . . .”

Fugil said it was for the sake of the Rushout family.

As expected, Fugil would do anything for the Rushout family. That’s how he was raised.

Unable to abandon his brother, Albero sighed once again. Then, he looked at Grits.

“By the way. . . . . .Why did you bring that thing with you?”

“Ah, isn’t it cute? Actually, it’s quite popular among the B-Class Summoner girls.”

“. . . . . .Don’t carry it around too much.”

“I, I understand.”

Albero stands up.

Although he doesn’t want to read the invitation, he probably doesn’t have a choice.

“A tea party, huh. . . . . .”

“My sister sent invitations to quite a number of nobles. And only to those of high rank.”

“. . . . . .Is that so.”

“The Dukes, Counts, and Barons of the capital, as well as some of the prominent merchants there. It seems my sister wants to make connections with various nobles.”

“Hahaha. Just let her do as she pleases. . . . . .Wait!! Fugil-niisan!!”

“Whoa?! Wh-what?”

“You’re engaged, right?! Congratulations!!”

“Oh, yes. . . . . .you startled me. Is that all?”

“Is that all? It’s an engagement!”

Surprised Albero. But it’s not Fugil, it’s Grits who speaks.

“Having a fiancée is common for nobles. Many of the noble students in this school have one. Of course, I do too.”

“. . . . . .Didn’t you like Ashe?”

“W, What?! Ashe is, well. . . . . .none of your business!!”


“Ah, sorry, sorry!”

It seems he angered Tamapiyo by shaking it. Grits hastily soothes it.

Then, Fugil speaks.

“Albero. It’s not someone else’s business for you. The whole school knows you’ve gained a title. . . . . .The number of students proposing to you might increase.”


“Well, as long as the duke’s daughters and the princesses are keeping an eye on things, you should be fine. But don’t let your guard down.”

“Sigh. . . . . .”

“For now, the tea party is the priority. It’s in four days. I’ve arranged a horse carriage, so let’s go together.”

“Okay. . . . . .Sigh.”

Albero sighs with a displeased look.


Kid sits on a bench in the dormitory’s backyard, putting a cigarette he bought in town into his mouth.

He has never smoked before. So, this is his first attempt.

“Inhale. . . . . .Cough! Cough! What the. . . . . .Cough!”

But, the moment he took a breath, he choked violently.

He imitated what Garnet and Nakshatra were doing, but it didn’t taste good at all.

He threw the cigarette to the ground and crushed it with his foot.

“Hey! Don’t litter!”

That’s when Ridelle appeared out of nowhere.

Kid clicked his tongue and picked up the cigarette, putting it in his pocket.

Then, Ridelle sat down next to Kid.

“Quit smoking. It’s bad for your health, and it does no good.”

“Mind your own business. . . . . .Do you want something?”

“Yeah, I wanted to talk.”

Ridelle, with her red ponytail swaying, looked at Kid.

Ridelle was in casual clothes. A light red shirt with shorts, showing her slender and supple legs clearly. She was wearing sandals, so her toes were also visible.

When she leaned against the bench, her ample chest moved.

“Hey. . . . . .aren’t we going to talk soon?”


“You’ve been troubled. Ever since you came back here, you’ve been closing off your heart.”

“. . . . . .”

“You’re drinking more, aren’t you? And now you’re trying to smoke. . . . . .It’s hard to watch.”

“It’s none of your business, is it?. . . . . .Yeah, it’s none of your business. That’s why you want to get involved.”

“. . . . . .”

Kid let out a sigh.

Looking at Ridelle, she was dead serious.

“I’ve said it many times. It’s none of your business. . . . . .This is my battle. My fight.”

“But you lost, right?”


“You lost to 『Lust』, didn’t you? It’s not just Kid’s problem anymore. Kid alone can’t beat Lust. . . . . .so I will.”

Kid pointed 『Headsman』 at Ridelle.

“If you get in the way of my revenge, I won’t show any mercy.”

“. . . . . .”

“I’ve told you before. This is my fight. Those who are not involved should stay out of it.”

“Right, it’s none of my business. . . . . .so tell me. Tell me about the past you’re carrying. I need to understand what Kid is dealing with to get involved. So. . . . . .tell me why you’re obsessed with Lust, tell me about your past!!”

Ridelle grabbed Kid’s left hand and pressed the gun barrel to her chest.

All Albero and the others knew about Kid’s past was that he 『lost his family』.

Ridelle was very serious.

“I don’t want Kid to die. So if you’re going to fight against Lust, I’ll fight too. Kid, give me a 『reason』 to fight with you.”

“. . . . . .”

Kid remembered Nakshatra’s fortune-telling result.

The prophecy given to Kid by Nakshatra’s summoned beast, the 『Wheel of Fate and Future』 in the crystal.

“『A comrade to fight with』. . . . . .huh.”


“. . . . . .Damn it, hey!! Those who are hiding over there, come out!!”

As Kid shouted, Ashe, Lapis, Leivinia, Nisrok, and the Dimension sparrow 『Kuropiyo』 that Ashe was holding, who were hiding behind a nearby tree, appeared.

It seemed they had been listening.

“Damn. . . . . .maybe it’s better to just spill everything and get it off my chest.”

“Kid. . . . . .then.”

“I’ll tell you. Why I despise 『Lust』. . . . . .”

Then, Ashe spoke up.

“Kid. . . . . .I’m sorry we eavesdropped, but how long are you going to keep pointing your finger at Ridelle’s chest?”

“”. . . . . .””

Finally, Kid removed his finger from Ridelle’s chest.

Ridelle blushed and covered her chest, looking embarrassed.

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