The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 155


Asgard Kingdom, Rushout Residence.

It’s a mansion located in the prime area of the kingdom’s noble district. It boasts a garden and even has a pond. The only noble family in the Asgard Kingdom’s capital that has a mansion with a garden is the Duke family, and there are only five such families.

Even for a noble, it’s not appropriate for a mere student of the Summoning Academy to own such property. You felt like you could see the backing of Sanbalt, as well as the influence of the parents who are frontier Counts.

Stepping down from the horse carriage, Albero looks up at the mansion.

“This place is at least five times bigger than the mansion I bought. . . . . .”

“Speaking of which, did you buy a mansion too?”

“Yes. I’ll invite you over sometime.”

“Ah, thanks.”

Fugil has become much kinder to Albero than he was in their childhood.

Harsh words and abuse are gone, and he treats him gently, like an older brother should.

As they alight from the horse carriage, the gates open, and a servant appears.

Fugil shows an invitation.

“Fugil Rushout and Albero Rushout here. We were invited by our elder sister. We’d like to greet her.”

“Welcome. Fugil-sama, Albero-sama. I’ll guide you immediately.”

There were already servants present.

They were led inside the house.

“Wow. . . . . .this place screams wealth.”

“We invested the rewards from both me, our brother, and our sister. The problem is the maintenance cost. . . . . .It seems our sister asked our parents for financial support.”

“. . . . . .”

Likely, the financial support was from Albero’s reward for demon subjugation.

Realizing that the cost for maintaining this house came from the money he earned, Albero suddenly felt a strong desire to leave.

But it’s too late now.

They were guided to the garden. A tea party was being prepared, and a considerable number of nobles had gathered.

In the center was Esterize. And for some reason, Sanbalt was also present.

“Elder Sister.”

“Hey, Fugil-niisan.”

Without hesitation, Fugil approached Esterize.

The gazes of the nobles were piercing. Their focus was more on Albero than Fugil.

It’s natural to greet one’s younger brother, but Albero didn’t want to stand out.

But it’s too late now.

Esterize, dressed in a brilliant red dress, approached them with a smile.

“Welcome to my residence.”

“Elder Sister, thank you for the invitation.”

(. . . . . .Wait, Fugil-niisan contributed money too. Why is she calling it her residence and acting like the host?)

Albero murmured under his breath. However, Esterize seemingly heard him and gently grabbed his head, pulling him into her soft bosom.

“Hey! Let go of me.”

“Just for today, don’t say unnecessary things.”


“You don’t care about the Rushout family, do you? If so, just stand by and act like the inconspicuous weed you are. There’s a lady here who’s interested in you, but ignore her, got it?”

“. . . . . .Fine, just let me go.”

Albero was freed from Esterize’s embrace.

The surrounding nobles looked at them with warm eyes. Then, young noble men surrounded Esterize and Albero.

“Ah, such a loving sibling relationship. . . . . .I’m envious.”

“Yes. He’s my precious little brother. He’s a bit shy, you see.”

“Hahaha! Any man would blush being held by a beautiful sister like you, even if it’s her younger brother. Right, Albero-kun?”

“. . . . . .Hahaha.”

Albero tried hard to smile despite his struggles.

There’s no need to listen to what Esterize says. Yet, he found himself smiling involuntarily.

As Kid said, this situation arose due to a half-hearted response.

Albero, having finally been freed, approached Rashild who was talking to a girl around seventeen years old. He didn’t particularly have any business with him. It just happened that Rashild was the first person he found after escaping from the nobles surrounding Esterize.

Then, the girl looked at Albero and smiled.

“Oh, are you Rashild-sama’s younger brother, Albero Rushout?”

“Therese. This one is no good. I’ll take you to my sister.”

“That won’t do. Since he is my future brother-in-law, we should greet properly. Nice to meet you. I’m Therese Mays.”

“Ah, um. . . . . .thank you. . . . . .”

Apparently, she seems to be Rashild’s fiancée.

A girl with long, wavy golden hair suited her. She seemed to get along well with Rashild.

Looking at Rashild, he made a light “tsk” sound before introducing her.

“She’s my fiancée. . . . . .is that enough?”

“Yes, sorry for interrupting. Then, please enjoy the tea party, Sister-in-law Therese.”


“Hmm. . . . . .”

Therese was delighted, while Albero playfully stuck his tongue out at Rashild. A little teasing like this should be fine.

And then, the tea party finally began.

Wine glasses were distributed, and Esterize (for some reason Sanbalt was next to her) raised her glass.

“Thank you all for gathering today.”

Albero yawned as he listened to Esterize’s greeting.

Looking around, it seemed like the men were intoxicated by Esterize’s beauty. Indeed, Esterize is often referred to as the most beautiful woman at Asgard Summoning Academy.

Albero wasn’t interested at all. Honestly, he wanted to leave as soon as possible.

“Now, please enjoy the tea party to your heart’s content.”

After the greetings, the tea party began.

Then, a nobleman from Esterize’s class swarmed around Esterize and her group.

High-ranking nobles presented gifts, the eldest son of a famous merchant family handed over bouquets. . . . . .and some even gave rings, proposing right in front of Prince Sanbalt.

However, it wasn’t just Esterize who received attention.

“Um. . . . . .are you Albero-sama?”

“Eh, oh, yes.”

“Would you like to join me for some tea over there?”

A cute girl, resembling a squirrel, invited him for tea.

The place the girl mentioned had a round table where noble girls were elegantly sipping tea. And there were no men. . . . . .Albero did his best to not look displeased.

“Um, well. . . . . .”

“I’d love to hear from the new hero of the Asgard Kingdom, the S-Class Summoner with the title of 『Joker』.”

“Ah, haha. . . . . .”

All Albero could do was laugh vaguely.

Sitting at the round table with girls of his age whom he had never talked to before was challenging. If only Ashe or Lapis were here, but in this place, it felt like being in enemy territory with no allies. Fugil was surrounded by women.

He thought of eating sweets to pass the time, but Albero was too naive.

Then, the squirrel-like girl took Albero’s arm.

“Come, this way.”

“Ah, no. . . . . .”

“Fufu, don’t be shy. Come, this way.”

Albero was being pulled by a girl who resembled a squirrel━━

“Hmm. . . . . .Who are you? Are you lost?”

Then, a male servant’s voice was heard talking to a little girl.

He casually looked in that direction━━

“I’m hungry.”

There stood a girl, around fourteen years old, with tan skin and horns.

Albero was frozen in place.

“Wha. . . . . .Why?”

Then, the servant tried to touch the girl’s shoulder.

“Well, I don’t know how you got in here, but this area is off-limits━━”

“No!! Stay back!!”

Albero shouted.

But, it was too late.




The girl’s right hand transformed into a 『huge mouth』, swallowing the servant whole.

Because of Albero’s shout, everyone’s attention was on them.

So, everyone present witnessed it.

“Hmm. . . . . .Delicious. Humans are tasty.”

The realization that the girl in front of them wasn’t human.

“There are so many tasty ones. . . . . .That lady wasn’t lying.”

The aura around the girl changed, and both her arms transformed into massive 『mouths』.

In the chilling atmosphere, only Albero moved.

“『Summoned beast punch』!!”

Albero’s right hand enlarged and struck the girl.

The girl was blown away, destroying the mansion’s wall. Albero shouted.

“Everyone, run!! She’s a demon!!”

Finally, the paralysis was broken, and all the nobles fled at once.

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