The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 139

𝐁𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐲・𝐭𝐡𝐞・𝐊𝐢𝐝 ②

Just before the Kid lost everything…

One day, Kid was shearing sheep on the ranch with his sister, Sara.

They were large, chunky sheep. They would often resist when someone tried to shear them, but the sheep at Kid’s house were very calm.

The reason for this was Sara.

“Thank you, Mehmeh-chan, for today as well.”


It was the ability of Sara’s summoned beast, a partner-type called 『Mehmeh』.

It looked like a regular sheep, but it had pink fur. It was about the size of a regular sheep, and its ability was 『to converse with sheep』, a dream-come-true ability for a shepherd.

Kid then asked Sara.

“Hey, how long does shearing take?”

“About three days.”

“That long?!”

“Can’t be helped. Grandpa and grandma are old now, Okaa-san has house chores, and Otou-san has hunting and 『escort』 work. You’re the only one who can help, Onii-chan.”

“Seriously. . . . . .I want to go hunting with dad too.”

“Don’t be selfish! Now, hand me the shears!”

“Alright, alright.”

Sara gave instructions to Mehmeh, calming the sheep.

Kid skillfully sheared the sheep’s wool.

After a quiet moment, Sara spoke.



“Onii-chan, are you going to take over Otou-san’s work?”

“Of course. As a hunter and 『bodyguard』. . . . . .you know our village was originally founded by hunters and bodyguards, right? Some families have stopped the business, but many still continue the bodyguard trade.”

“The villagers. . . . . .they all say that Onii-chan is a once-in-a-century 『genius』.”


“Yeah. A shooting genius.”

Sara began collecting the sheared wool and put it into a cart.

They would wash this wool and dry it. It’s quite labor-intensive, but the grandparents insisted on doing it. They wanted to show their grandchildren that they’re still capable.

Kid said while patting Mehmeh’s head.

“Shooting genius, huh. . . . . .I’ve competed with dad in shooting, but I always lose.”

“Otou-san is said to be 『the strongest』. 『Riding the summoned beast Pale Rider, Clint is like the god of death』.”


Clint was the name of Kid and Sara’s father.

Kid was proud of his father, but Sara felt differently.

“I wish everyone would just be normal. . . . . .Otou-san and Onii-chan should just work on the ranch without facing any dangers.”

“Ha, that’d be boring. I don’t hate the sheep, but I like guns more.”

“Mmm. . . . . .Onii-chan, you’re silly.”

“Say whatever you want.”

Then, a hawk descended from the sky.

Precisely, it wasn’t a hawk but Kid’s summoned beast 『Billy』. Kid lets Billy out every morning for a walk.

Billy flew through the sheep barn window and landed on Kid’s shoulder.

“Welcome back, Billy. How was the sky today?”

『Coo-coo. . . . . .』

“I see. The sky was vast and free, huh. . . . . .Ah, I wish I could fly too.”

“It’d be nice if Billy was a flying type, right?”


Kid petted Billy, and then Billy landed on Mehmeh’s head.

『Baa~ Baa~』

“Hahaha. They’re such good friends!”

“Well, they’ve been together since they were little.”

『Coo-coo. . . . . .』

Kid and Sara shared a laugh and went to deliver the sheared wool to their grandparents.

The village where Kid and Sara lived was peaceful that day.


The Kingdom of Vanaheim.

A small, lush nation far from the Kingdom of Asgard.

No one yet knows that a small village away from the Kingdom of Vanaheim is on the verge of destruction.

The only survivor in the small village was a young boy.

“. . . . . .Ah, ah.”

The boy was covered in blood.

He was holding his mother.

Nearby lay his younger sister and their father, torn apart with a blade.

All the houses in the village had collapsed, and no one was left alive except for the boy.

Why was no one else there?

The reason is simple. The boy was 『spared』.

Before the boy stood a bewitching beauty.

“You, you’re lovely~♪. . . . . .Just my type♪.”

The woman stood, cradling a large scythe. She swayed her body seductively.

Tan skin. Large horns. Her long white hair waved, showing her excitement.

“Hey, boy. Do you hate me? . . . . . .Hm?”

“. . . . . .!”

“Yes! Those eyes, those eyes! Oh, they’re irresistible! I can’t get enough. . . . . .ah, ah~!”

The woman—demon of 『Lust』, Florentia—was oddly trembling.

The boy realized the woman in front of him was mad.

The boiling rage, flowing tears; everything stimulated Florentia.

“Hey, boy. . . . . .I’ll let you live. Grow stronger, and come to me♪.”

“Ugh. . . . . .”

“Become strong and mighty? When you become a man. . . . . .I’ll devour you♪.”

“I. . . . . .will. . . . . .kill you!”

“Yes!!!!!! Come and kill meeee♪.”

Florentia was thrilled.

The boy’s resentment, hatred, and anger were the ultimate delicacy for her.

Florentia lightly floated up and left the village.

“I’ll kill youuuuuuuuuu!!!!!”

The boy’s scream echoed, and she continued on with a trance-like expression.


For some reason, Florentia was touching her crotch.

“Ah~ I can’t get enough. . . . . .I’m still a bit unsatisfied.”

She panted heavily, licking her lips.

“Maybe just one more village. . . . . .but if I destroy too many, Beelzebub will get annoyed.”

But she couldn’t stop.

Florentia decided to destroy a nearby village.

As a sacrifice to quell the heat of her body.

“Fufu, I wonder what kind of boys are in the next village♪.”

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