The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 138

𝐁𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐲・𝐭𝐡𝐞・𝐊𝐢𝐝 ①

Kid had been walking the path to the Kingdom of Asgard for several days.

Traveling alone had never been a bother for him. On the contrary, traveling solo after a long time was the perfect opportunity to reflect on his battle with Florentia.

His own abilities, Florentia’s abilities. They’re a terrible match.

“. . . . . .Damn it.”

Muttering to himself, he took a light sip from the flask filled with Scotch.

Ever since his defeat to Florentia, alcohol hadn’t tasted the same.

Kid stared at his left hand.

“Penetration. . . . . .My bullets couldn’t penetrate her ability. Just because I’m a man, my attacks are ineffective?. . . . . .She’s mocking me.”

Kid’s parasitic type summoned beast, “Headsman”, had always penetrated through anything.

Only Albero’s “Hardening” was an exception. Now, Florentia has been added to that list.

Kid clenched his left hand tightly.

“Doesn’t matter. . . . . .I will kill her.”

The lost family, home, comrades, and village. . . . . .Kid would never forget the day he lost everything.

“Sara, Billy. . . . . .Just a bit more.”

His precious sister and his partner. . . . . .Kid gritted his teeth, reflecting on the past.


The village where Kid lived was established by hunters.

The primary occupations were hunting and animal husbandry. Some also worked as bodyguards on the side.

Kid’s family consisted of his grandparents who ran a ranch, his father who was a hunter and a bodyguard, his mother and sister who helped on the ranch, and Kid himself, who assisted his father in hunting and bodyguard tasks.

One day, Kid woke up as usual and headed to the living room for breakfast.

“Good morning. . . . . .yawn.”

“Onii-chan, breakfast is ready!”

“Ah, sorry Sara. . . . . . Mom, do we have any milk? I’m thirsty.”

His sister Sara glanced at him, seemingly annoyed, as she passed by.

Kid took a glass of milk from his mother and drank it in one gulp.

Then, his father, who was reading the newspaper, spoke.

“Kid. Be careful today.”

“Hunting, right? I got it.”

“Good. Yona, Sara, take care of the house.”

“Alright! Grandpa and grandma are getting old, so I need to take care of the cows on the ranch!”

Sara seemed to enjoy working at the ranch.

For reference, Kid’s immediate family lived in the main house, while the grandparents lived in a separate dwelling.

After finishing their meal, each family member started their respective chores.

The mother cleaned up after breakfast, Sara headed to the grandparents’ house to tend to the ranch, and Kid changed into his hunting outfit in his room, placing the pair of pistols his father gave him into their holsters.

“Alright. Hehehe, looking cool as always.”

The pistols he received from his father.

Guns were the weapon of choice for the residents of this area.

Swords and spears were not used. At most, they used knives or axes for butchering. In a village full of gunmen, pistols were the standard weapon. Kid had been trained by his father since he was young.

When he went outside, his father was already waiting.

“You’re late. Really. . . . . .You’re not a woman, don’t take so long to change.”

“My bad. Let’s go, Dad.”

“Today’s hunting ground is the back mountain. There are demon beasts there.”

“I know. We protect the animals of the mountain while taking the necessary lives, right?”

“Exactly. The flora and fauna are the treasures and life of the mountain. We defeat the demon beasts that threaten them and partake of the bounty of life. . . . . .Never forget that sentiment.”

“Yeah, Dad’s mantra. I’ve heard it so many times.”

Kid made a light jest.

The father chuckled wryly and snapped his fingers lightly.

“Come on───『Pale Rider』.”

Suddenly, a jet-black horse appeared beside Kid’s father.

The horse resembled one only in its body; its face was skeletal and burned with a blue flame.

The father’s summoned beast is of the Partner-type. A horse he can ride.

He swiftly mounted it, and Kid got on as well. Being a large horse, it could carry four people.

“Kid, I’m counting on you.”

“Yeah. Let’s go, Billy.”

A gentle breeze danced, and a hawk appeared beside Kid.

The large hawk perched on Kid’s shoulder, nuzzling against his face affectionately.

“Alright, alright. Let’s do it as usual, Billy.”

『Cooing. . . . . .』

“Let’s go!”

Billy, who took off from Kid’s shoulder, soared high into the sky.

Then, the Pale Rider began to run.

Billy’s ability is the 『Hawk’s Eye』, which allows him to share his vision with Kid.

Kid was watching the view from above through Billy.

“The sky looks good today, doesn’t it Billy?”

“Kid. Once we reach the back mountain, find the prey.”

“Got it, got it, alright. . . . . .”

Kid loved looking at the sky through Billy.

He would ride on his father’s Pale Rider across the ground and see the sky through Billy’s eyes.

Until they reached the hunting ground, he cherished this time the most.

Upon arriving at the back mountain, Kid braced himself.

“Billy, find the prey. Start with the demon beast. . . . . .those monsters that wreck the mountains.”

They soon found the demon beast.

It was a large bipedal dog. . . . . .a pack of kobolds.

“Dad, I found them. They’re kobolds.”

“Ah, kobolds, huh. . . . . .How many?”

“Five. What should we do?”

“Alright. Handle them yourself. Can you do it?”

“Easy as breakfast.”

Kid jumped off the Pale Rider and drew his pistol.

He twirled the gun and advanced to the position of the kobolds he saw through Billy’s eyes.

The kobolds hadn’t noticed him. Kid hid behind a tree and aimed his pistol.

“Alright, first up. . . . . .two of them!”

BOOM!! Bullets from his double-barreled pistol penetrated the heads of two kobolds.

The three remaining kobolds noticed Kid, bared their fangs and charged, claws at the ready.

“Idiots, use your heads more!!”

He continued firing his gun. Two more kobolds fell, riddled with bullet holes.

The last kobold leapt, attempting to bite Kid’s head.

“Billy, finish the last one.”


The talons of Billy, diving from the sky, sank into the kobold’s brain.

The kobold fell and vanished like smoke.

“Piece of cake! Billy, you did great.”


Billy perched on Kid’s shoulder, rubbing his body against him.

This was Kid’s everyday life.

Kid was fourteen. It was his daily life, a year before he lost everything.

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