The Weakest Summoner’s School Conquest – I Became Strong Only After Losing – Chapter 140

𝐁𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐲・𝐭𝐡𝐞・𝐊𝐢𝐝 ③

Kid, while enjoying his unchanging daily life, was steadily improving his gun skills.

The gunmanship he learned from his father is now considered to be on par with his father’s, and the village expects him to be the successor to his father Clint. Kid, expected to be the new generation 『gunman』, continued to hone his skills without becoming arrogant.

Today, he practices shooting at a corner of the ranch with his younger sister, Sara.

“Swooosh. . . . . .”

Kid takes a deep breath.

The target is a small wooden figure placed on the ranch fence.

Sara, along with the summoned beast Mehmeh, watches from a little distance away from Kid.

With hands gently touching the holsters on both his hips, Kid swiftly draws his guns!


The moment a shallow breath escapes Kid’s mouth, six almost simultaneous gunshot sounds ring out.

At the sound of the gunshots, all the wooden figures shatter. At the same time, as Sara tosses a log about the size of a small cup above her, Kid shoots without looking up.

And then, after the six gunshots. . . . . .the log falls.

“Darn, missed one.”


In Sara’s eyes, all the bullets had hit the log.

The reason Kid was able to shoot the log without seeing it was because Billy, above him, played the role of the 『eyes』.

Picking up the log, Sara realized.

“Wait, this log. . . . . .it got hit by bullets, right?”

Only two bullet marks were left on the log.

Kid takes the log, juggling it.

“I intended to send all the bullets through the hole made by the first shot. But I missed one. . . . . .darn. I’m still far from my dad’s level.”

“No, that’s more than enough. . . . . .”

It was a miraculous feat.

Then, Billy lands on Kid’s shoulder and cuddles up.

“Buddy, it was a good sky today.”

『Coo Coo』

Kid pets Billy.

By saying “good sky”, Kid enjoys the view from the sky through Billy. It was a gesture of gratitude.

“You two really get along.”

“Yeah. He’s the best partner.”

“I’m also the best partner, right, Mehmeh?”


The sheep, Mehmeh, bleated leisurely.


The demon Florentia was a disaster that had destroyed numerous villages and towns.

Various countries were also planning their responses.

They dispatched armies and elite summoners, and provided protection for the surviving residents. However, the demon Florentia did not disappear.

The elite forces from various countries were easily scattered by Florentia.

They even sought aid from the Kingdom of Asgard, which had sealed the Demon Emperor, but received only a reply stating, “The 21 strongest cannot move,” and received no further assistance.

Dissatisfaction among the countries is growing, but there’s nothing that can be done if they are unreliable.

Currently, all that can be done is to react after the fact. It’s already better that the movements of the demons have slowed down since the Demon Emperor was sealed. It was much worse before the sealing of the Demon Emperor.

So, there’s nothing that can be done if villages and towns are attacked.

Yes. . . . . .there’s nothing that can be done.


It was just another regular day.

Wake up, wash the face, eat breakfast, go hunting with father, come back and take care of the sheep with Sara, eat dinner, and then go to sleep.

That usual daily life was easily shattered by the calamity called 『demon』.

Kid, after breakfast, was getting ready for hunting.

He loaded bullets into his guns and put the spare ammunition into his pouch.

“Alright. The weather’s good today. . . . . .perfect for hunting.”

He holstered his gun and left the room.

He had promised to accompany Sara after the hunt. Kid stretched slightly and opened the door of the house——…


The moment he opened the door, a person crashed into the wall nearby.

“U, Uncle?!”

“Go. . . . . .Kid. . . . . .Run.”

It was his uncle, who lived in the nearby house.

His body was covered in scars, and blood was gushing out.

Kid was bewildered by the incomprehensible sight.

Then——.someone was standing close by.

“Oh, a boy~ . . . . . .perhaps?”

There was a chilling voice, as sticky and sweet as molasses.

An excessively sweet voice of a woman on the verge of madness. Kid looked ahead, trembling.

“Wow♪. . . . . .you might be my type♪.”

Tan skin, long white wavy hair, horns, revealing clothing.

She was holding a large scythe. It was an entirely out-of-the-ordinary scene.

“Wha. . . . . .what. . . . . .”

“You’re scared♪ So cute. . . . . .I want to eat you up♪. But wait, there might be others besides you, so wait a little, okay♪.”

The woman disappeared in an instant.

Recovering from his shock, Kid immediately went to his fallen uncle.


“Uh. . . . . .Ki. . . . . .Kid. . . . . .get away.”

“What was that?! What was she?!”

“A demon. . . . . .damn it. They’ve come here too. . . . . .a. . . . . .demon. . . . . .”

“. . . . . .Uncle? Uncle!!”

His uncle’s breathing stopped.

Clenching his teeth, Kid looked in the direction the demon went——…

“───Sara, Mom, Dad… Grandpa, Grandma.”

A chill ran down his spine.

There was no one in the house.

Flames rose from the village, and the sound of gunshots could be heard.


Kid started running.

And so, Kid’s daily life was shattered.

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