The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 8

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The villainess princess goes shopping

“Umm, not this, not that…”

Miliaria searched through her storage room.

However, things that she doesn’t need keep popping out. When she looks at them herself, she realizes that most of them are things she doesn’t remember, which is helpless.

Miliaria, who is amazed at how much she has collected, separates what she needs from what she doesn’t.

Of course, Miliaria’s desire for material goods is overflowing and still unchanged.

However, when considering the treasure she will obtain from now on (planned), she doesn’t have the luxury of collecting even garbage.

From now on, she will carefully choose the best clothing and equipment.

Being strong, beautiful, and stylish is the motto of the new Miliaria.

However, among all of this, Miliaria found a leather shoulder bag that is somewhat different from her interests and tilted her head.

“Mary? What was this?”

When she asked, Mary explained.

“It’s a magical bag that can be found in dungeons, etc. You can put up to 100 items in it, it’s a very convenient item.”

But Miliaria was surprised by Mary’s explanation, which had come back lightly.

“Wh… why is such an item placed here?”

“Didn’t Miliaria-sama buy it because it was interesting?”

“… now that you mention it, I have a vague memory of that.”

That’s right.

However, Miliaria was secretly cheering for this best job.

Meeting unexpected treasures is the essence of cleaning.

Miliaria continued to sort out with tremendous momentum in that state.

And a few days later, a few round old men came to Miliaria’s room, smiling happily.

“It’s been a long time, Princess Miliaria.”

“You’ve come well. Then, do you have something you’d like to ask for?”

Maximilian seemed surprised by Miliaria, who welcomed him with a smile, but he was, after all, a merchant.

He quickly moved on to a calm negotiation.

“Yes. Of course. I will definitely meet Miliaria-sama’s request. A new dress? What about a perfume that is popular among noble Ojo-sama?”

“…I don’t need it now. But if you have a request, I do. First, get me one Emerald.”

“Oh, it’s a gem! But an Emerald? Excuse me, but did Ojo-sama not like green gems much?”

“That’s why I don’t have it. Can you please get it for me?”

Maximilian was intimidated by the sharp gaze of Miliaria, who glared at him.

But it’s an important thing that gives him energy, so there’s no choice.

In this world, gems are not just decorations.

Well, currently in this world they are recognized as decorations only, but in the game they were equipment with effects.

However, Miliaria had never heard of gems having special effects.

It was probably because the effects of gems were mostly illusions like more money, a 15% increase in spell effects, etc. Miliaria had expected.

But because it’s special, it has valuable worth that can’t be ignored.

And the effect of the Emerald is an increase in experience points.

Miliaria, who had a habit of wasting, would naturally have one, but to her disappointment, she was a Miliaria who didn’t buy emeralds because she didn’t like green before.

To be honest, now, because it’s the first time, I want it so much that my hand comes out from my throat.

Well, Maximilian, who heard the request, had eyes that were already droopy, but his response was quick.

“Of course, I’ll have it ready for you. Let’s see… then… that’s right! How about the white powder that was released this month? It’s been highly rated because it has a good stretch and good reputation!”

“I don’t want it… rather, white powder, you don’t think it has lead or something, do you?”

“Oh! As expected of Princess! It’s said to be very white and look good on the skin with the latest materials!”

“What? Is it really in it? Stop selling it at the castle. If you bring it into the castle from now on, I’ll kick you out.”


When Miliaria scowled and said that, Maximilian lost his momentum, and for some reason, Mary on the side was shocked.

Even if you’re hit with such a standard material, it’s a problem. And you bought it, Mary.

Miliaria doesn’t have time for a big makeover of the castle’s cosmetics – wait, can’t she use this?

At that moment, the villainous brain cells within Miliaria suddenly activated, but she managed to hold back.

Making a fuss without any basis is meaningless. Miliaria understood that just making a fuss would end up as a child’s tantrum.

What should be prioritized now is to get what she wants.

“…more importantly, I need medicine! I want an EX Potion and also Holy Water!”

“E, an EX Potion?”

“Three dozen of each for now, please, as a set.”

“That much!? What are you planning to fight with?”

Maximilian’s reaction with wide-eyed surprise at what a funny thing this is.

An EX Potion is a high-end recovery medicine used in the final stages, and in the real world, it’s a powerful potion that can restore everything, even if your arms and legs are chopped off.

But it should have been something that could be bought if it was sold at the town’s pharmacy.

But if they were asked to explain how to use it, they would be in trouble.

In this situation, make a quick decision! Miliaria’s dictatorial power is activated.

“I’m saying I want it because I need it. Don’t talk back, just prepare it.”

“Well… the EX Potion is sold primarily to adventurers, who have a higher effect…”

“Bring it. I’ll use it effectively too. In other words, bring as many as you can, even if they’re expired. It’s a princess’s order.”

Under Miliaria’s pressure, Maximilian stumbled with his words, but quickly gave in and nodded.

“…Y-yes. Of course, I’ll bring it!”

“Good job!”

Maximilian, who was in a hurry and stretched his back straight, had to make arrangements despite being a little unreasonable.

Well, that’s about it for the important shopping.

So there were also things to do for the future.

“Well then Mary, take that with you.”

“Yes… Miliaria-sama.”

When ordered by Mary, a variety of dresses and accessories are carried into the room.

It was Miliaria’s personal belongings, prepared in advance.

“I’m thinking of organizing my belongings a little. Can you buy these for me?”

It was a mass disposal of dresses and accessories that she had accumulated without wearing them much.

The items gathered without much thought will be a bit of a hindrance from now on.

Of course, limited to those without special effects, and those that have become too small will be goodbye.

It can’t be helped because it doesn’t match the sensibilities of Miliaria, who has evolved a little more graceful.

From now on, I plan to pursue beauty in my own way more smartly.

“Would you like to use these sales to cover the purchase funds?”

“Uh… Is that okay?”

“Of course. Oh, and will you come back here in about seven days?”

Smiling, Miliaria tells Maximilian, who nods without any resistance.

With the business with Maximilian over, Miliaria, who took a deep breath, extends her hand to Mary, who was waiting next to her.

“Hand it over, Mary.”


“Mary… if you easily seek beauty, you’ll dig your own grave.”

“Is that so? I’m sure it’s not the result of a small effort.”

“I’ll buy you a different powder, so stop that.”

“…Please forgive me. That’s one month’s worth of my salary.”

“I’ll buy you three times the amount.”

“…If it’s not a cheap one.”

Mary, who is quite stubborn, reluctantly hands over the powder, and Miliaria immediately throws it into the trash can.

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