The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 9

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 9

Chapter 9: The villainess princess exhibits her villainous power

At first, there was a rumor among the maids that she was a sadist, but when Miliaria orders Maximilian to investigate the sales route of the white powder that’s circulating, and it is proven that the lead is dangerous, she is viewed differently.

And seven days later.

Maximilian, kneeling, was sweating an incredible amount in front of Miliaria.

Miliaria faced Maximilian, snapped her fan, and he trembled with a start.

“That document – did you go over it?”


“The strong toxicity of lead contained in the white powder that you were selling has been confirmed… it seems that there have been users for a long time in the town? The skin appears white, so I understand that it’s a good product in that regard… but wouldn’t it be a problem to bring poison into the castle?”

“T-that is!”

Miliaria silenced Maximilian, who raised his face and raised his voice in a panic, by thrusting her fan towards him.

“Of course – you didn’t know, right? I think it’s an unavoidable thing.”


“I know that you are an excellent merchant. Fortunately, by taking seriously the advice of a little girl like me, the problematic goods have been handled to the minimum. I think it’s a pity to let go of a relationship with an excellent person like you just because of one mistake.”

“…thank you.”

Maximilian, trembling, stands up and approaches Miliaria.

Her slow movements and perfectly charming smile, which was not like that of a young girl, were mysterious.

“What are you afraid of, Maximilian? You can relax, can’t you? If there’s a problem, I’m the first princess. And I’m involved in this matter, aren’t I? If something unfavorable happens to you, I will protect you.”

“… “

“In exchange – will you not refuse to listen to my request?”

As Miliaria said this with an iron fan on her shoulder, a fierce conflict could be seen on Maximilian’s face.

And for a few seconds, Maximilian was silent, and said in a squeezed voice.

“…Nice to meet you. So… what kind of wish would you like me to grant?”

Hmph. This guy gave in?

Miliaria was convinced of a villainous victory.

A devilishly frightening villain move, if I do say so myself.

Planning as she pleased, Miliaria put on her best devilish smile, sat back in her original place, and pulled out several sheets of paper and handed them to Maximilian.

“T-this is?”

“Oh, it’s nothing big! I just want you to answer me a little bit about my recklessness! First, will you make this for me?”

The paper was filled with drawings and explanations, and Maximilian had a huge question mark floating above his head.

“Uh, what is this supposed to be?”

“A carry bag! By the way, I drew the picture!”

“I-it’s very skillful.”

“Isn’t it!?”

Miliaria also puffed up her nostrils, feeling that she was writing well.

There was a square bag and a cart with wheels to carry it securely drawn on the paper.

Being in a growth period, she thought of a product that could be stretched and adapted for adults.

The magical bag that was discovered is convenient, but I can’t stand the type that hangs down from my shoulder.

So I have a plan to transplant the entire function while making it something that can be used for a long time.

I’m planning to get a nice bag that can be used immediately when I get it, even if it’s rough, and it’s a sturdy one that won’t break no matter how rough it is.

“I have a magical bag, but please modify it and make a product based on the plan. To be honest, I was having trouble relying on a craftsman because I didn’t really understand magic items. Can things like that be done?”

“Y-yes. If there is something… I think it can be done.”

“That’s wonderful! Then, please?”

“Y-yes… Umm, is this all?”

Maximilian, who was frightened, now tilted his head at Miliaria.

“Yes, that’s all this time… Oh, but! I will still be reckless from now on, so be prepared!”

Requesting to create something that doesn’t exist is not something that can be done easily.

I want many cooperating partners with connections.

In the future, I want to build a slightly stronger cooperative relationship here.

“I understand… this Maximilian. I would like to sincerely respond to Ojo-sama’s request.”

“Good! I’m looking forward to good transactions from now on! Ohhhohohoho!”

While thinking what a wicked queen Miliaria is, her hearty laughter echoed throughout the castle.

The merchant who leaves with a blue face after the transaction is over.

It was rumored that Miliaria-sama, at that age, already had connections with merchants and dark dealings, and her hard-won reputation fell a little.


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The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: , Released: 2021 Native Language: Japanese
The first princess of the Humming Kingdom, Princess Miliaria Humming, was struck by lightning and momentarily lost consciousness. Upon regaining consciousness, she realizes that she has been living in a world similar to a female-oriented love simulation RPG game called “Concerto of the Light Princess.” Moreover, she has a confusing recollection of being the final boss villainess who torments the heroine. Faced with the prospect of inevitable destruction if she continues down this path, Princess Miliaria decides to concentrate on the love simulation aspect and improve herself as a woman. However, upon further reflection, as there seems to be a death flag present, she decides to fully immerse herself in the RPG aspect. This tale tells the misguided story of a princess who strives for ultimate power in order to eradicate the death flag in a love simulation game.


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