The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 7

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The villainess princess becomes beautiful

“Mary, how should I say this… my apologies until now?”

As Miliaria gracefully sips tea while laughing brightly and saying greetings at the window, the maid Mary dropped a silver tray.

“Wh-what happened, Miliaria-sama…!”

Well, you don’t have to be that surprised, do you?

The fairly high teapot she was riding on also shattered into pieces, and it’s a quite impolite reaction, but I’ll forgive it now.

Miliaria now is… yes, a beautiful Miliaria.

But I’ll deduct the fee from my salary, I’ll tell you that.

Thinking about such things, Miliaria smiled gently.

“It’s nothing, Mary. I’m in such a good mood today, it’s rare in life. What should I say? Life is tumultuous? Now I feel like I could even reach the truth of the world.”

Nothing has started yet, so I can’t explain it, but I want you to sense this feeling.

However, as expected of Mary.

To Miliaria’s sudden words, she seems to have sensed something without hesitation.

Mary quietly approached Miliaria and patted her shoulder with a kindness that she had never experienced in her life.

“Is that so… Miliaria-sama has also come to such a time… Yes, it’s a truly wonderful idea. However… you must keep your dreams quietly in your heart. Of course, as a lady, but if you speak it out loud, Ojo-sama herself will suffer greatly in the future.”

“Is that so? Why, I wonder? I can’t laugh at these idle words. Why is Mary biting her lip? Is there blood?”

“It’s nothing… just an old wound that hurts. Ojo-sama is already beyond help. But I would like you to remember today’s advice.”

“Is that so?”

Mary simply held her stomach as if she were about to be sliced open, her expression gentle.

Surely she must have touched a wound that shouldn’t be touched. But why don’t I feel sorry for her at all?

Anyway, just looking at the words, it was certainly true that Miliaria’s words were a type of fantasy.

Miliaria-chan’s strongest Development Plan has just begun.

That’s why I have to move.

With arms that are still in the beginning stages and feeling sore, Miliaria opens the iron fan with a snap and orders Mary.

“Well… I want something, so can you call the merchant Maximilian for me, Mary?”

“Y-yes. Maximilian it is. Right away.”

“Good job. I also want to request a buyback this time, so tell him that.”

“A buyback?”

Miliaria nods in response to Mary’s surprise.

Considering her past life, this was within expectations.

“Yes. I’m in the midst of decluttering a bit. I’m in the midst of a decluttering trend.”

“Declut… I don’t really understand, but got it?”

“Well then, see you later. Mary.”

She sends her out carefully, as it is an important matter.

When she left, she whispered, “Maybe I’ll drop a spear soon…” but pretended not to hear it.

Well, I won’t give her a snack tomorrow.

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