The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 6

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The villainess princess investigates

Miliaria, who has studied this world with even more enthusiasm than usual, and has plunged her head into sword practice in addition to dance and piano lessons, has finally become convinced.

“…What? Am I too much of a genius?”

Miliaria muttered absentmindedly in her room.

Perhaps because of the strange memories in her head, she can understand the smoothness of learning incredibly well.

She felt as if she could hear the resentment from somewhere in her memories.

Once she hears it, most things easily enter her head, and her body moves just by listening to dance and music practice.

Come to think of it, she feels that this ease was also the cause of her previous carelessness, but she feels sorry for it.

It’s wonderful that interests that were not even a fragment can easily come up thanks to the memories from somewhere else.

Miliaria regrets why she disregarded such interesting things before.

“But… when you think about it, being this good at 9 years old feels a little too packed. Maybe I was expected to absorb like a sponge if given, right?”

As a result, even if a little tomboyish Queen is born, there is no other way, is there?

While devoting himself to self-analysis, he continues to run a pen on a blank page without stopping.

And after writing it down and looking at it, Miliaria’s eyes shone.

“Well, it’s said that life is long… but it’s different from here on!”

Dreary time doesn’t suit this sparkling world.

As a result of reflection, I think that continuing education as a princess in a straightforward manner seems to be possible.

But there was also a conviction that a straightforward approach would not be able to overcome the worst future.

What was written down is Miliaria’s strongest Development Plan.

“Complete coverage of monster information! From small tips to compatible equipment, it’s a friendly design that reaches the itching spot!”

No matter how much data there is, it won’t be useful when the time comes if it’s not organized.

“If you organize it like this, you can make progress with various things!”

The goal is the demon realm! The realm of heroes.

However, there were several problems for that.

“Positionally, I can’t wander outside. But I do have a hunch about a great hunting ground that only I can use.”

Yes, there is. A very convenient place.

Miliaria knows a place that is both delicious and frightening, where the conditions are met.

That is the dungeon that sleeps deep in the underground of the castle.

And that dungeon is the final content in Concerto of the Light Princess.

A hidden dungeon, the tomb of darkness.

When she was struggling, the door of the room was knocked, and Miliaria raised her face like a rabbit.

“Miliaria-sama… um, the person with the baggage has arrived.”

“Bring it in immediately! I’ll have it brought into the room!”

After the order mixed with applause, the long-awaited baggage was brought into the room one after the other.

It was in a big wooden box, carried by several knights.

Miliaria opened the wooden box like she would open a toy box and relaxed her cheeks when she confirmed the iron ball and bullets inside.

And she picked up her weapon, which she had set aside, with shaking hands.

“It’s wonderful… it’s the first step, as they say.”

Opening the heavy iron fan with a thud, Miliaria swayed a little.

Incidentally, on that day, rumors of even stranger daughter theories spread due to the mysterious iron ball and lead ball that arrived for Miliaria, but Miliaria didn’t care at all.

With a feeling of tension due to the echoing footsteps, Miliaria goes down the stone stairs.

Taking advantage of the time when the castle was asleep in the middle of the night, it was easy for Miliaria, who had the power of teleportation, to leave the room.

So far, so good.

In a quiet and pitiful manner, Miliaria has to take this risk to achieve the ultimate strongest development plan.

“… finally, it has come.”

The dungeon that is never opened, which is only released to the fierce people who have exhausted all the contents and is the largest taboo in the Humming Castle.

The door of the dark tomb is sealed underground.

It is officially set that this is the dark dungeon, which was sealed underground by the king who founded the Humming Kingdom when the dark spirit gods ran wild, created a labyrinth on top of it, and told his descendants to guard it.

Since Last Dungeon is the only one with monsters of a vicious level, once you enter, you can’t escape without living.

However, at the same time, it was also undoubtedly the best training ground in the work.

After the end of the main story, the protagonist and company are given the key to liberation by Okaa-sama, the queen of the country, and it is an element for playing through after the first ending.

Normally, in the present before the main story even starts, you shouldn’t even be able to enter… but in fact, there was a secret technique for this dungeon.

“Let’s see… it’s seven steps to the right of the wall from the center of the entrance door.”

There was supposed to be a bug there.

In the game, you slip through the wall and enter the dungeon before the ending, and if you’re lucky, you get your hands on a number of items that you can only get after clearing it, and it could break the game balance.

However, we must not forget that this is reality.

Of course, you can’t slip through walls, but as Miliaria thinks about how to use her abilities, she remembers this secret technique.

“… Honestly, I’ve always thought I had a useless ability, but now I’m breathing fire, I wonder what will happen…”

I don’t expect it, but if I try it, it’s free.

If I fail, I’ll sacrifice the dignity of a maiden, roll around like a child, and forcibly go to an efficient hunting ground.

Miliaria took a deep breath, placed her hand on the target wall, and muttered with determination.


And then, Miliaria, who had transferred with a snap, was faced with a dark dungeon scene that stimulated her survival instinct to an alarming degree.

“… it’s creaking!”

She cried out involuntarily, and upon hearing the sound of a large number of frightening footsteps running towards her, Miliaria fled like a rabbit.

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