The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 5

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The villainess princess pushes through

What Miliaria came up with was essentially a substitute for a gun.

Even if you’ve trained a little with a sword or a spear, having a combat ability below level one is completely meaningless.

But with a gun, you can defeat a monster as long as you shoot and hit it.

If you can quickly prepare a substitute for a bullet, there’s no reason not to use it.

For some reason, it seems that if you try, you can do everything from generating gunpowder to designing the gun itself… but Miliaria wanted you to spare her from twisting around the poop, which is a bit princess-like.

I don’t know whose memory it is from, but it’s a very versatile memory.

The blacksmith Arnold, who was stunned, finally squeezed out his voice.

“Ah, um… I don’t really understand, but it’s amazing power. Uh, was it a iron pipe?”

“Yes, as long as it can withstand the current shock and shoot in the direction you aim, it should be fine.”

“Hmm. It should be made robustly. The bones might break… Should we drill a hole in the iron ball? Something like that…”

“That’s right!”


Arnold’s joke, which he made in a tightened voice, was a bolt from the blue for Miliaria.

I thought that simply lining up tubes like a gun array was not cool, but isn’t the iron ball quite cool?

It can also be a training to float objects in a way that looks like weightlifting, killing two birds with one stone.

“That’s it! Ten of the iron balls with holes opened about one meter in diameter! And as many lead balls as possible! Yes, please prepare about 1000 of them!”

“Hey… so I’m…?”

I really hope you can do it! Or is it not possible? That’s what you said, right?

If it can be done easily, I’d like to have it accepted without a problem.

Arnold, growling, heard it in a way that says “for now”.

“Yeah, I can do it… Ojo-chan, do you have money? It seems like a order that will cost quite a bit?”

He feels a resistance that is somewhat mean, or rather, pushing back in the end.

However, Miliaria was waiting for the question that would make a child swim in their eyes.

“Mary! Payment!”

“Yes. Miliaria-sama.”


The weight of the gold coins placed down made Arnold silent.

Ah, the power of money from a princess is amazing.

Well, little Miliaria is sure to be troubled.

Regardless of whether she is a young girl, some discomfort is nothing before this radiance. It’s wonderful.

So, Miliaria took the opportunity to place another order with the quiet shopkeeper.

“As a thank you for your good idea, I’ll make your shop my favorite from now on!”

“… No, that one.”

“I’ll make it my favorite!”


“And it’s not good to come to the weapon shop and not buy a decent weapon. Could you make me one iron fan?”


Fufun. Her majesty’s power is terrible. And from now on, I’ll use whatever I can use.

The iron fan is a proof of Miliaria’s determination.

In the near future, I will obtain a power surpassing the golden radiance and a happy life.

My hand is already on the power to do so, and Miliaria’s knowledge whispered.

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