The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 3

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 3

Chapter 3:The villainess princess checks

I got a little carried away.

Miliaria, with teary eyes, thinks of a sudden idea and tries it out, and to her surprise, something that looks like it comes out easily, and her eyes light up.

“Oh! I was able to do it too! It’s a little dark, and I don’t have any status like likability or something… but I can roughly check my own specs!”

In Concerto of the Light Princess, there was also something called parameters.

And what I’m looking at now is definitely a parameter screen, though the details are different.

It shouldn’t have been possible before, but it’s clear that this is the influence of newly acquired memories.

In these small details, this memory makes me feel that it’s not just an imagination, but Miliaria’s own changes were clearly reflected in the parameters.

“My usable attribute is darkness… and lightning!? Something is growing! Anyway, when you think about it, it’s pretty villainous!”

The increase in attribute was undoubtedly due to being struck by lightning. Miliaria thinks this is quite a spec.

Miliaria is currently 9 years old.

Considering her age, being able to use magic already is a questionable rate of improvement.

However, Miliaria, who knows the game, brings her left and right index fingers close together and flows a small electrical current.

“…It’s weak.”

Let’s use darkness again.

A hazy darkness appeared on the palm of her hand.

“… It’s also weak.”

Honestly, I don’t understand why I was so disheartened and joyful every day.

However, in the game, I was lively and slaughtering big dragons.

It seems that the current Miliaria can’t be satisfied with just this.

“Defeating a lizard would be nice…”

People around praised her as a genius, but unfortunately, she only felt a little bit because she could only produce the black grill of a small lizard.

Miliaria took a dive into her own bed, feeling defeated.

What should I do?

By the way, even with a hinoki stick, her arm strength is appropriate for her age.

But when Miliaria found a certain item in the parameters, she raised her body with a start.

“The rest is the inherent technique of teleportation… I wonder what to do about that.”

Innate technique is something like a special ability that can’t be classified by attribute, and is quite rare.

However, from a meta perspective, it gives the impression of being a fluffy power that is only used in scenarios, such as the heroine or main members.


Anyway, Miliaria tries to use it.

The effect of this teleport is an exciting thing that can instantly move herself and non-living matter, but there are currently drawbacks.

Of course, Miliaria was at full power. However, the cup that was placed in an appropriate place only moved about one meter.

“… I’m so weak.”

Whether it’s at full power or losing focus, the movement distance is roughly about one meter.

In fact, it has already been verified.

It was known that this can’t defeat monsters.

But if you don’t defeat monsters, there’s no way to level up.

Miliaria crossed her arms and groaned.

“Hmm. Even so, I have to do something with this trump card. Leveling up is the top priority…”

In the first place, if a 9-year-old child casually says “Umm, I want to defeat monsters…”, they will definitely be stopped.

Even more so for a princess.

Miliaria expected it, but as she thought, the first step seems to be the hardest and she let out a huge sigh.

“The first step is the hardest hurdle… do I need to do something with my weapons on hand… can’t I do something with this spell depending on how I use it?”

But what should she do?

While Miliaria was fidgeting with some appropriate gems she had on hand, she was thinking and suddenly had a question.

“Teleport… what happens if you teleport things to another place?”

The memories without a sense of reality suggest many comic-like possibilities.

Fuse, be expelled, explode.

There are also dangerous things, but considering the current situation, it’s welcome.

There’s nothing to do but try it when you think of it.

Miliaria teleported the gem she was holding from a slightly distant position, imagining it overlapping with another appropriate gem.

Suddenly, a fierce flash of light burst out.


A sharp sound echoed.

Turning around, she saw that a hole the same size as the gem was neatly open in the thick wall of the castle.

“Wa wa wa wa…”

Realizing that she almost had her head blown off, Miliaria trembles.

But at the same time, what filled Miliaria’s heart was a strong delight.

Turning her eyes around, Miliaria jumped into bed and shouted.

“It’s thunderous!”


Oh no, I shouted again.

That day, another tail was added to Miliaria’s rumors, but for Miliaria, such things were relatively unimportant.

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