The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 2

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The villainess princess glitters

“Are you really okay, Miliaria-sama?”

“I’m okay, it’s no big deal!”

From the bed, Miliaria cheerfully replied and assured that she was okay.

The face of the maid peeking into Miliaria with a worried look is well-known.

Miliaria’s exclusive maid, Mary, is a good maid who swears loyalty to the selfish Miliaria.

Although she wanted to praise and commend this devotion, including daily gratitude, as soon as possible, Miliaria couldn’t help feeling restless when she looked at Mary’s worried face from the bed.

For some reason, her body is surprisingly energetic, and she has already checked that there are no injuries.

So, she can’t stay a patient forever.

This is the world of the game—or perhaps the world where her destination is vaguely indicated.

But what awaits her is not a happy ending, but an ending where she will suffer as a villain.

Of course, that’s not something that Miliaria can accept.

Therefore, Miliaria shouldn’t have any time to waste in order to confront her fate.

Here, instead of trying to show off her energy, she changes her strategy and tries to look a little weak, holding her head down.

“Mary… I think I’m a little confused. Really, thank you. Can I be left alone for a little while?”

“Ah, Miliaria-sama using words of gratitude… I’m moved. Please take a good rest.”

Oh? She’s acting a little modest?

She’s muttering things like “My head is still…” and seems a little hurt as she exits with a pitifully cute expression.

The moment the door slammed shut, Miliaria jumps out of bed, gathers her energy, and takes her diary in hand to organize her somewhat confused memories and knowledge.

“Well, what should I do! This is bad!”

This “Concerto of the Light Princess” game is a female-oriented series that has gained popularity with its sweet scenarios and solid RPG parts.

And since the original Miliaria’s memories affirm that fact, Miliaria had no choice but to make use of the meta-element.

“Depending on how you think about it, it’s exactly the truth of the world. It’s like being able to predict the future.”

Miliaria chuckles. It’s a bit of an extreme way of looking at things, but Miliaria feels like she knows what drives this world.

“This world is a female-oriented love simulation RPG… in other words, the point of this game is to flirt with handsome characters! That’s what it’s all about–no, wait. That’s not it.”

But just as Miliaria was about to reach that conclusion, she stopped just in time.

Love is the truth of the world… in a way, that’s correct.

However, that’s the love between the protagonist and the conquest target, not Miliaria’s love.

Miliaria is the villainous final boss.

That’s something not to forget.

“Or rather… maybe love is my landmine?”

Rechecking her memories, Miliaria herself in the story was… already a disappointing woman.

Although she still doesn’t understand the meaning of love with her current cute heart, she knows this much.

That’s no good.

“They say love is blind, but there’s a limit to it, you know…”

Miliaria, to herself, dropped her shoulders and pouted her lips.

Normal Miliaria is not a final boss from the time she was an infant.

Until then, at least in terms of personality, she was excellent enough to maintain her position as the first princess.

If there was a moment when Miliaria entered the final boss route, it was the moment she fell in love with the target of the conquest.

She fell in love with the target of the conquest who deepened his relationship with the protagonist and ignited the flames of jealousy.

Well, the reasons were various, such as her fiancé being infatuated, having a crush on someone, or having a sense of rivalry towards the protagonist, but roughly speaking, that’s what it was.

The final result was that she became the final boss.

There are several patterns of targets of conquest, but it’s painful to think that they all end up on the same path of death.

If falling in love leads to this, Miliaria had to stop and think.

Miliaria crossed her arms and hummed, and after thinking, she had a sudden insight in her mind.

The love part is certainly important. But… there should have been another selling point in this game.

“RPG… that’s right! I had that hand! Defeating enemies with a trained character is also an important element of training! Then, reaching the peak of strength is also the key to conquest! Especially for me as the final boss… my growth potential is outstanding!”

Miliaria is thrilled with her own insight and shivers.

Miliaria was confident that her visuals were outstanding, but that was a trap.

There’s no doubt that she’s terrible at love. However, her future combat ability is tremendous.

I’m sure the original Miliaria once exerted her power after being possessed by the evil spirit of the former demon king, but that was also due to her inherent potential.

“That’s me. Even Chappie, the pet dog in the work, defeated the sub-boss solo. There’s nothing I can’t do!”

The dog Chappie, who was a companion of the protagonist Lyra, was a healing frame that could become a companion in the work.

However, if you train it well, it can become a trustworthy companion who can defeat sub-bosses.

There’s no way that a dog can do it and I can’t now.

Nowadays, she’s a somewhat positive existence amidst the worst developments.

“Yeah, I’ve decided! From now on, I’ll plan to rage as a battle junkie!”

I couldn’t help but think that it might be different when I said it out loud.

But this is all about momentum. Miliaria decided not to worry about the small details, as she believed that the direction was not wrong.

“Miliaria-sama! What happened?”


She was scolded severely when she was found jumping out of bed and making noise, but it shouldn’t be a mistake.

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