The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 4

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The villainess princess wants a weapon

“Mary, I want to go to the blacksmith. Can you take me?”

From the next day, Miliaria set out.

Miliaria, who suddenly came out of the room and said that, made the maid Mary show a look of confusion and tilt her head.

“What? The blacksmith? Why such a place…”

“Because I need something! Take me there right now, no matter what!”

This attitude that doesn’t ask for permission is necessary here.

Since it’s a confusing shopping, momentum is important. It’s just a little more rugged than my usual selfishness.

A little discomfort can always be done with my usual rhythm!

As Miliaria is looking at the situation, sweating inwardly, Mary nodded.

“Okay, I understand… I’ll prepare now.”

“Thank you!”

Yes, I won! Good job, selfish me!

Let’s go to the forge! The purpose is to acquire a weapon.

With the accidental finishing move I made yesterday, I saw the direction.

Miliaria, who used a carriage and came to the craftsman district of the capital, met a huge man there like a rock.

“I’ll place an order!”

Charging in with momentum into the dimly lit store, the dwarf with a fierce face turned his gaze to Miliaria.

“What… Jo-chan?”

“Order! I said I want something made!”

Miliaria had the store in sight from the start.

And she knows the owner of this store very well, even though she’s never been here before.

In the story, it’s a store where you can entrust the production of weapons.

The dwarf owner, Arnold, is known as a famous craftsman among dwarves, but has a history of being expelled from the country due to a minor misunderstanding.

Such a dwarf, Arnold, ran the store that was said to be the most used by the protagonist in the story, and it was not an exaggeration to say that.

Arnold’s face may look childish, but Miliaria is not afraid of that.

This Miliaria, her mentality is also that of a princess. If she tried to advance on her own, she wouldn’t become a demon king.

“Oh, oh… so what then… play elsewhere if you’re just playing.”

Oh? I said it was an order. How could you say such a thing to a princess? If there were a knight here now, that head would be flying, wouldn’t it?

But I’ll forgive it just this once.

That’s because there is something that Miliaria desperately wants right now.

“It’s not a game! It’s a job request! I want you to make something for me! A steel tube!”


When the requirements are conveyed, Arnold’s movements stop due to the surprisingly unexpected lines.

“Yes! A tube! About 1 meter in size, please make it as strong as possible! Make it very strong!”

“Wh-what’s that for? What are you going to use it for?”

“Well, since I’m going to ask a weapons dealer, it’s a weapon! I’m sure you’re the only one who can do it in this country!”

With a proud chest, Miliaria asserts this, and Arnold seems not to care much but looks uncomfortable with a very skillful expression.

And now, he talks to Miliaria as if he were trying to convince a child.

“Uh, Jo-chan… weapons are no good. Children shouldn’t have them.”

“I need them because I’m a child! Such a weak creature needs weapons to fight to some extent! My only breakthrough is the strength of my arms and spirit power, which are the same as the fleas!”

“Oh, okay…”

With bloodshot eyes, Miliaria approaches.

Mary by her side and Arnold at the counter were also confused, but they had to accept it, no matter what.

“I don’t think you should degrade yourself like that… As for me, I won’t do it. It’s a hassle if I make something I don’t understand and then there are problems later.”

“Yes… that makes sense.”

Indeed, it’s understandable that if you’re making something new, you need to prepare experiments or drawings, or else you can’t help feeling uneasy.

Miliaria, who had been breathing heavily, finally regained her composure, but by then Arnold’s face was already the epitome of a look of disbelief.

It’s not surprising. This person is still just a child.

Miliaria nodded, understanding, and took out the bamboo tube she had procured beforehand.

“Okay… let me show you. Is there a target for a test shot in this shop?”

“Yeah… there is.”

The shopkeeper pointed in the direction of a shabby target doll, and Miliaria floated the bamboo tube with magic and pointed its tip at it.


As soon as she whispered, the tip of the bamboo tube sparkled, and a stone shot out with tremendous force.

The stone roared and hit the target, making a loud noise as it shattered it.

Miliaria was also stunned as the upper body flew off and the target crumbled.

Whoa, this is more powerful than expected.

By the way, the bamboo pipe burst from the inside and split like a trumpet, causing Miliaria to smack her tongue.

“Shit! It broke after all! …Excuse me. I mean… I’m looking for a pipe that won’t break and a bullet that won’t break. Durability is a must no matter what. If I make it with a makeshift thing, I might even die… What happened?”

I think I explained it very clearly and easily, but Mary and Arnold were slouching.

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