The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 10

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The villainess princess levels up

“Finally, this time has come.”

For several weeks of preparation, in addition to the usual lessons, she tried various things, but it is not possible for a person’s abilities to change dramatically in a short period of training.

As a result of the verification, Miliaria was convinced that to acquire higher abilities, a task called level-up was necessary.

The preparation was quite difficult, but the results can be seen today.

Miliaria prepares everything and sneaks into the dungeon at midnight again today.

“Even if it’s a heavy burden for a child, as long as there’s this magic bag, it’s all right! Oh, I’m seriously crazy for buying this out of curiosity! The timing of decluttering was also perfect!”

The special carry bag can pack all sorts of items without regard to weight.

It can be said that the convenience of carrying everything is the reason for the victory this time, and Miliaria was chewing on that.

As soon as she put on the holy water taken out from the bag and banged her head, the preparation for entry was complete.

“Well, I’m going! Teleport!”

Miliaria passes through the walls along the route she investigated.

However, once inside, more careful action was necessary than ever before.

Failure means instant death.

The last dungeon is literally filled with the strongest monsters, and if a child goes in there, they will surely die.

However, there was a way to survive.

There was a trick in this game that was suitable for the current Miliaria.

Whether it’s a bug or whether the management intentionally left it as a service is a point of disagreement.

However, there is no doubt that this has become a lifesaving measure for players who are about to dive into further play.

Miliaria’s destination was a hidden room located on the first floor.

Normally, that room is a trap that you can’t get out of unless you defeat the monster inside.

However, the boss in the room, Wight-Emperor, has a hidden secret.

This undead is an incredibly high-level monster that you encounter on the first floor, and even if you’re at a level that allows you to just barely clear the story, you’ll definitely be killed instantly.

From here on, the difficulty is like saying “start over again!”, and it’s a trap that makes players who have finished the main story and discovered the hidden room scream out loud.

However, in reality, only recovery potions pass as damage, and if you use an EX potion, you can defeat it with fixed damage in one shot.

Therefore, even a character in the level one state that wasn’t used in the story can be defeated by oneself and gain a vast amount of experience points.

Furthermore, with the kind design that waits for your attack until the first strike, it was said that this was no different from the kindness of the creator.

It is a well-known fact that is often introduced as an easy level up in conquest videos and the like.

“But, when you actually try it, you don’t feel like you’re alive…”

As a memory, it’s a skill that has been taken care of. Miliaria knows the route to the secret room by heart.

If you put on holy water from your head, encounters temporarily become zero.

Even if you know that much, things that are scary are still scary.

The monsters encountered with the effect of the holy water seem to be unable to recognize Miliaria like transparent people, but from this side, they can be seen perfectly.

It’s very tiring for a vulnerable child to quietly pass by the side of a ferocious monster.

While Miliaria was about to relapse from a conquered bedwetting, she advanced into the dungeon.

“If I were to face it, no monster would be unworthy of fear!”

That was only said in the first second before the start.

Oh, the eyeballs of the zombie tokage passing by are out of place.

Miliaria wished that just a little bit of saliva would fly out of her tongue and smoke would come out.

Stick to the wall and move somehow.

If you get carried away, this little body will die instantly from the poison of the floor trap or something.

However, that’s covered by knowledge and physical reflexes. In the end, it’s just one body that you can rely on.

By fully utilizing her latent specs, Miliaria finally reached the goal of the hidden room.

It was a wall with a suspicious color that was slightly different, and when you stand in front of it, it automatically opens.

Inside was a treasure that looked like this, and a skeleton sitting in a chair.

“…I’m going.”

As soon as Miliaria stepped into the room, the door closed with a bang, and she made up her mind.

There’s no turning back anymore.

Heading for the skeleton sitting in the chair at the back of the room, Miliaria slowly moved forward.

“It’s annoying that it’s slightly deformed. But… this guy is stronger than me, the boss.”

The treasure around her makes her want to investigate, but when she finally takes hold of this treasure, she immediately jumps into battle.

And before that thing rises, one EX potion would have completed the mission.

“…I’m going.”

Miliaria swallowed hard.

She considers memories to be a gift, but if there is even a slight error in her knowledge, her life will end immediately.

Miliaria prepares with the most excitement in her life.

She takes the potion with grace and beauty and aims.

It’s important to be graceful.

It’s important to be beautiful.

Life is important and must shine.

Even now, when she has grasped the truth of the world, this belief is more important than ever in Miliaria.

She will elegantly break through everything, even the things she doesn’t like, even the things that stand in her way.

The first step is this one throw.

“Take that!”

The EX potion that was released with momentum hit Wight-Emperor directly and its physical body decays with the effect of recovery.



Miliaria pressed her ears against the dungeon-shaking scream and sat on the spot with her butt.


And at the same time, a power like a tsunami runs through her whole body, and her chest emerald faintly heats up.

A huge amount of experience points was poured into Miliaria, who was almost empty.

“Oh, oh, oh!”

Miliaria trembled.

Her mouth rises up with overflowing joy. Ah, this is the kindness of the creator, I can believe.

Yes! This is what I wanted!

The explosive growth strongly impressed Miliaria with what a level up is by pouring experience points into her body.

The heat that feels like boiling blood vessels is followed by a terrifying sense of omnipotence.

Miliaria slowly stood up and took a deep breath of air.


Steam rises from her body and her whole body sweats.

She felt a little pain, but at this time she had to take a suitable form.

“It’s… It’s rattling!”

Right now, even if it’s a bluff, I will eventually make it real.

Miliaria quickly wipes her hair wet with sweat.

And at this moment, Miliaria, who rushes into death fate only by herself, was reborn as she walked, showing it.

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