The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 11

The Villainess Princess Will Dive into the Labyrinth Again Today – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: The villainess princess doesn’t show self-restraint

Well, I just went home!

After achieving her goal, Miliaria quickly returned home from the labyrinth.

She had to go back once because the boss wouldn’t respawn.

Miliaria knew that her current state of weakness would make it difficult for her to survive in the challenging labyrinth.

She would have to continue to be cautious for a while.

However, she couldn’t ignore the strange changes happening within her.

“Ho ho ho ho ho! Alright! Let’s begin the lesson in spiritual arts!”

“…Yes, Miliaria-sama. We’ll start with the basics.”


The bread and Miliana opened the iron fan with a flourish, and it gleamed radiantly.

Miliaria, who could easily open and close the fan despite her small and weak hands, felt a sense of satisfaction wash over her.

This was a lesson, after all.

The lesson, taught by a novice spiritual arts teacher still finding their footing, mainly consisted of repeating the basics.

Once you learned the basic spiritual arts that suited your attribute, it was necessary to practice every day to be able to use them properly.

By “basics,” it refers to techniques other than attributes.

These include floating objects and enhancing physical abilities, all of which can be accomplished by manipulating the spiritual art that flows within the body, similar to muscle training.

Miliaria was still a young girl, and before, her arm strength was only sufficient to maintain levitation for a few seconds.

She had never tried physical enhancement before, as she disliked the idea of getting muscle if something went wrong.

But those days were behind her.

Miliaria, trying to show off while feeling slightly embarrassed, disappeared into the dungeon.

“Please lift and maintain this brick,” instructed Hoipin-sensei, the spiritual arts teacher.

“Understood,” Miliaria replied, nodding to the teacher’s instructions. She then swung her iron fan towards the brick and focused on levitation.

The brick effortlessly rose into the air and remained suspended two meters above the ground.

Miliaria smiled with pride and covered her mouth with the iron fan.

Hoipin-sensei was ecstatic.

“Oh! Amazing! To be able to master stable levitation like this!”

“Well done. This level is barely worth a mention!”

Miliaria boasted confidently that it was nothing special for her.

At her current spiritual power level, she could maintain levitation for hours, not just minutes.

Her level, which had defeated the Wight-Emperor, was likely over 30, an impressive value for a seasoned fighter, not just a castle knight.

Considering that the recommended level for the endgame was around 50, she was capable of participating in battles in the middle of the game.

However, there was no reason for Miliaria to neglect her basic magic lessons.

In fact, she saw these foundations as her lifeline in the future.

“Sensei, I have a particular interest in improving my levitation skills. How can I increase the weight I can lift?”

“Oh, that’s wonderful. It’s important to master the basics. Keep practicing and you’ll become a skilled spiritual arts master…”

“No, I’m not interested in becoming a good spiritual arts master. Specifically, I want to increase my power. I want to be able to lift heavier objects, as well as improve stability and accuracy.”

“Oh? …I see. It’s crucial to never miss your daily spiritual arts training. You need to find your own way to manipulate it freely. Also… it’s not scientifically proven, but it’s said that physical exercise can also help. The limits of levitation are often tied to physical strength.”

“Oh… I understand. I’ll do my best to strike a balance between the two.”

Miliaria knew that there was no alternative but to be consistent, but actually hearing it made her sigh.

Of course, she would prioritize spiritual arts training, but she resolved to also incorporate arm exercises, albeit with a sigh.

“Let’s maintain this levitation for a while. Alright? The source of spiritual arts power is said to be ‘thought.’ It’s the fundamental part of the soul that harnesses immense power. A spiritual arts master harnesses ‘thought’ and uses it as spiritual power to perform the arts. Through training, you will be able to harness a stronger thought and master powerful spiritual arts.”

Hoipin-sensei’s lessons always followed this pattern.

While conducting basic training, he would impart the teachings of spiritual arts like a Buddhist scripture.

The original Miliaria despised these lessons like a snake and a scorpion.

However, the current Miliaria was different.

She was eagerly listening, hoping to discover new possibilities she may have overlooked.

After maintaining levitation for about 10 minutes, Hoipin-sensei clapped his hands in approval, and Miliaria slowly lowered the brick to the ground.

“Wonderful! As expected of Miliaria-sama! You’ve improved greatly!”

“Of course!”

Why did tears form in Hoipin-sensei’s eyes as she clapped with excitement?

Miliaria realized that she needed to reflect on her behavior, as the accumulation of her daily actions had taken a toll on her.

And finally, the much-anticipated event was about to take place.

“Well then, please try the attribute art.”

“I’ve been waiting!”


Oops, Hoipin-sensei was taken aback by Miliaria’s enthusiasm.

Miliaria realized that, even as a lady, her manners were not up to par.

Miliaria cleared her throat with a cough and regained her composure, covering her mouth with the iron fan.

“Excuse me. I understand. Would you like to see a new technique I just learned today?”

“A new technique you just learned? I’d love to see it,” the teacher replied.


Miliaria positioned herself in front of the target for her spiritual arts practice and spread her legs slightly apart.

She extended her hands forward and focused her spirit.

She was going to demonstrate the new lightning attribute, which was dull.

With her increased level, Miliaria had learned a new lightning attribute spiritual art.


Spiritual arts are roughly divided into three stages, each with a different name based on its power.

Miliaria was going to use the maximum power, Goroadon, as she felt confident in her ability to control it.


Think of it as a chant in a game-like setting.

This is the fuel for spiritual power and determines the power of the spell, based on factors such as INT, intelligence, magic attack power, etc.

Miliaria channeled the explosively heightened energy towards the target.

The air crackled and small stones with phosphorescence floated around.

At that moment, Hoipin-sensei began to panic.

“Uh, … Miliaria-sama? Miliaria-sama??”


But Miliaria was unable to hear these words as she was fully focused on casting the spell.

Gradually, even the sound around her became inaudible, and at the peak of her concentration, the incantation of the spell spilled from her lips.

“Thunder and roar, oh heavens, Goroadon!”

Thunderclouds swirled in the blue sky, and lightning bolts shot down from the sky.

The target, of course, was the training ground at Miliaria’s residence.

Just as she heard a crunching sound, there was an explosion.

The residence shook, and windows shattered from the shockwave.

At first, Miliaria thought she had gone blind from the white, hazy view.

In the midst of the rising sand dust, her vision and hearing returned with a high-pitched sound.

What Miliaria saw was the desolate land where the target had disappeared and Hoipin-sensei collapsing to the ground, screaming.


Oh no, this is terrible. It’s better to be at the edge of the palace grounds even within the castle grounds.

Despite being frightened, Miliaria forced herself to wipe away the cold sweat, as it looked bad.

She then crossed her arms and said,

“Gehogeho… Hyoo ho ho ho! Oh my. I tried to hold back, but I think I may have overdone it a bit?”

Even she was thoroughly shocked. And she also missed her laughter a little.

Although her memories were telling her to be “a little more self-restrained!” she disregarded them and thought that this spectacle was something to boast about.

Miliaria covered her mouth with the iron fan and just let her proud laughter echo.

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