The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 75

Chapter 75

“Is that why you’ve come this far? Vanderlei-sama always does things beyond our imagination, doesn’t he?”

A woman with sparkling golden hair like a wheat field, is elegantly laughing in an elegant room.

As expected of that young lady, Cectiara Zoff-sama. Even though she’s involved in something like this, she doesn’t seem flustered at all. Her composure is extraordinary, and she’s very lovely.

The place my older brother Nii-sama took me to while riding a horse was a magnificent mansion. As expected of the Zoff household, one of the most powerful households in the Royal Capital, they even have such a big mansion here.

Reuniting with the beloved Cectiara-sama makes me very happy. But the timing is just timing.

“Nii-sama, could you at least bring Emilia and Melinda along with you?”

“I’ve already taken care of that! They should be here soon!”


Why is he so capable? As Nii-sama said, Emilia and Melinda arrived soon.

“Rebecca, your older brother is quite wild, isn’t he?”

“Please, don’t say anything… Did you manage to buy a present for Fried-sama?”

“Yeah, um… sorry for making you wait.”

Melinda looked half-dead. Emilia’s eyes were shining as she looked at the grand mansion.

I was feeling a bit tired, and Melinda and I both let out a big sigh. That’s when it happened…

…whoosh, boom boom boom!

A loud noise shook the ground. It was like the mansion, or rather the ground, was shaking.

No way.

“I set up the interference, but it was faster than I thought! As expected of His Highness!”

“Vanderlei-sama, are you leaving? Good luck. Please try not to destroy the mansion as much as possible.”


My brother stood up with a big smile on his face, and Cectiara-sama saw him off. Cectiara-sama stopped me when I tried to follow him in a hurry.

“It’s dangerous to go directly. I think they can be seen from the window on the west side.”

Following her instructions, Emilia, Melinda, and I peeked out from under the window.

“Eh, the Demon King…?”

I don’t know who muttered that. Probably everyone was thinking the same thing.

His Highness entered the premises of the mansion with a storm, had an atmosphere that was too dark and was already a Demon King.

My brother, with his big sword, stood and faced him and smiled confidently. My brother’s voice could not be heard, but he looked like a hero.

At any rate, it didn’t seem like the situation would be resolved peacefully. We held our breath and watched the two of them face off.


Vanderlei Slutarch carried a two-meter long sword on his shoulder and stood blocking the entrance to the mansion. He walked towards him, facing the man who seemed to be the center of the storm.

Vanderlei is talented. He knows that there is no better match for his sister than the man in front of him. And that man loves Rebecca as much as anyone possibly could.

But there is such a thing as emotion.

Rebecca was eight and Vanderlei was ten when they parted. Until then, Rebecca had always felt a distance from Vanderlei. But what they don’t realize is that it is Vanderlei whose mind really hasn’t caught up.

In his mind, Rebecca was still an eight-year-old girl. The sister he had to protect, who always followed him around, and who he couldn’t easily give away as a wife.

“I hear you’re considering marriage with my sister.”


“Do you remember, the outcome of our match in [Winter] was left undecided.”


“If you win this time, I, Duke of Slutarch, will acknowledge you.”

“Yes, I will ————.”

But Vanderlei could no longer hold back his feelings.

This is how he repeatedly set up the match. He had never lost in any of those matches that were even before last year’s winter.

The person who was following Rebecca today was Vanderlei’s hired hand. Llewayne was purposely following Vanderlei’s scenario, that’s why the two of them are now facing each other.

Despite knowing all of that, Vanderlei still swung his sword. He charged at Llewayne with a whirlwind wrapped in flames and wind.

Llewayne faced Vanderlei’s full-strength attack head-on. He countered with his own power, pushing it back.

Vanderlei followed up with an attack after dodging Llewayne’s attack. Llewayne didn’t avoid it and deflected it all with his own power.

In the moment when their overwhelmingly large powers collided, a momentary silence covered the area.

The storm broke through the clouds above. The trees bent greatly and a shockwave that couldn’t be seen with open eyes struck the area, the mansion, and the two of them.

When it settled, Vanderlei saw a blue sky. He was lying on the hard ground.

It took him a few seconds to realize that he had fallen.

Footsteps are approaching. Llewayne stood firmly as if looking down at him. The possibility of a duel is eliminated.

“————It’s my loss.”


“You’re strong.”


“If you’re that strong, can you protect my sister?”

“Of course.”

Vanderlei Slutarch is talented. The outstanding him was the best rival in Llewayne’s Academy life.

And now, he lost for the first time.

Vanderlei closed his eyes tightly for a moment. The fact that he lost, that his sister will become someone else’s, and that it is the reality of the prince of a country, circulated in his head.

When he opened his eyes again, he finally smiled as usual.

“Your Highness, as promised, “I” will approve the marriage and engagement between you and Rebecca!”

“Yeah————wait a moment. The Duke of Slutarch hasn’t approved the engagement yet? You’re supposed to recognize the marriage.”

“If that’s the case, you’ll have to defeat my father first! He’s strong, my father is!”

“You just said [first]? How many more are waiting? You’re too well guarded.”

Llewayne Vanderlei, who hardly ever looked tired, couldn’t help but raise his voice and laugh. He finally seemed able to entrust his precious little sister to this man.

If that’s the case, it’s also a good time for him to propose to his beloved fiancée.

After graduating, he had stayed in the Royal Capital for a few months to help his father with work and various preparations, but he was going to return to the Duke estate. If possible, he wanted to take her with him.

And for his sister’s sake, and for the sake of this brother-in-law, he would properly govern the Duke estate so that he could always be of assistance.

He smiled and waved to his sister, who was watching them from the window of the house, and to his fiancée, who was looking anxiously at him from the window one floor above.

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