The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 74

Chapter 74

How often is it typical to visit one’s lover’s room, I wonder.

I don’t know the average among the world’s lovers, but for me, today is the third time this week that I am in His Highness’ room.

I am reviewing the material I was taught in class today at His Highness’ desk.

Winter exams are still far away, but this time, I have an impulse to tell Gadd, who always says “I’m doing well because I have a lover,” that I will definitely surpass him.

His Highness is sitting next to me, playing with my hair.

“Hey, Rebecca.”


“Let’s get married.”


Since His Highness is saying it like “Let’s go on a date tomorrow,” I replied normally.

I stop looking back at my notebook and face His Highness, who is looking at me with his arms resting on the desk.


“How about during the spring break?”

I flip through the calendar in my head. Since it’s now November,

“It’s about five months, I think.”

“That’s doable, right?”


In the spring, His Highness will be nineteen and I will be eighteen. It’s early, but if one of us has graduated from the Academy, it may still be safe.

I look at His Highness again.

It’s something I’ve known for a long time, that [there’s no one else for me except for His Highness].

However, it was only recently that the phrase [apparently, there’s no one but me for His Highness] was added.

“Shall we, get married.”

For example, even if a beauty who aims for His Highness appears, I will not back down. I even have the intention of making him fall in love with me again if he is attracted to someone else.

His Highness placed his hand on my cheek. His thumb felt as if it was confirming the sensation as it stroked my skin.

He looked at me with such a happy face, that I started to feel embarrassed again. He seemed to know that I wouldn’t say no, judging from my lack of surprise.

I open my mouth to try to hide my gradually reddening cheeks.

“I will contact the Duke household.”

“Please. Let’s arrange the date according to your schedule.”

It’s a secret that my embarrassment grew even more during the exchange like a couple about to get married.

It was that night. A beautiful eagle appeared outside the window. Of course, it was Grue. While thinking it was strange for him to come at this time, I received a message card.

[Mother wants you(me) to go and look at rings in the Royal Capital as a reference for a wedding ring. Give me the next holiday.]

“It’s a date!”

I couldn’t help but raise my voice. I wonder if it’s been since summer vacation since we decided to go on a proper date.

I Invited my two best friends to my room. From the first date until now, I still need their advice on what to wear on a date.


“It’s unfair, I haven’t gone out with Rebecca-sama recently…”

Emilia, who came to my room with Melinda, suddenly began to cry.

“Hey, don’t cry Emilia. Let’s all go out together.”

“Is it this week’s holiday…?”

“No, that day is with his Highness, so the next one——.”


“Together! Let’s go together! This weekend, all four of us! Melinda, is that okay with you too!”

I was very flustered at this time. What was Emilia worrying about so much? Did I do something wrong?

Melinda opened her mouth as if she were surprised.

“I don’t mind that. But I’m a little skeptical of my friend’s vulnerability and another friend’s acting skills.”


Emilia shook her silver hair and looked up, still smiling despite the tears streaming down her face.

“I just learned this recently! Isn’t it amazing! My secret technique, Weather Rain!”

I stared at Emilia, who was laughing without hesitation, in a daze.

When I was asked if it was okay to do it next weekend, I greeted the surprise pillow attack with all my might, and it turned into just a pillow throwing game with Emilia and Melinda, who were having fun, and it continued for about an hour.

On Sunday morning, I woke up early. I put my sleeves through the clothes that were chosen after the sudden pillow throwing game the other day.

A soft white knit with a tight neck, and a mint green knee-length skirt that spreads out comfortably. I tuck the hem of the knit into the skirt and do a half-up hairstyle.

A pair of jeweled earrings, a coat, and some light make-up and you’re all set.

Looking at myself in the mirror, I am convinced that I was right to entrust Emilia (and Melinda) with this project.

Emilia says “You look good in anything!” while pushing some mysterious thoughts, but she seriously chooses clothes for me, and Melinda says “His Highness was interesting at the ball last year. Let’s attack again this time.” and starts a rampage intentionally, so [Emilia (and Melinda)].

The meeting place is the gate of the Academy. On the holiday morning, I walk along the quiet road where there are no students or staff.

His Highness surprisingly accepts going out with four people. On the message card, it says [If I can marry Rebecca, I don’t mind about most things].

Suddenly, I stopped my steps. If I took one more step and turned this corner, I could see the gate. It’s still 30 minutes before the appointed time, but I felt like he’s already there.

I wonder if my face looks funny. My hair. My clothes. What should I say when we meet?

——I’m kind of nervous.

Is it because we decided to get married? I feel embarrassed to see his face again. But it’s not an unpleasant nervousness. I want to see him soon.

When I decided to fix my hair one more time, I heard a sound “clack” from nearby. I looked up.

His Highness, who had just appeared from around the corner, was smiling at me kindly.

“Hey, Rebecca, you’re already beautiful enough as you are.”

My face turned red. His Highness, who was wrapped in a thin black coat, turtle-neck and slim pants, opened his arms to me.

I thought of a small prank and pretended to jump into his arms. At the last moment, I looked up. I grabbed the hem of his coat and pulled it closer to me.

I took my face away and opened my eyes to see; His Highness holding his mouth with the back of his hand.

“Your Highness, I love you today too.”

“I love you too…”

He hugged me tightly. Kisses fell on my hair.

“Rebecca is the type of person who gives bait to the fish she caught…”

“Of course. We’ll treat you to a full course.”

When I tried to pull away, I was held more tightly. I noticed that the prince’s ears were red at that moment, and I shouted in surprise.

“Your Highness! Your Highness! Are you embarrassed?! I want to see your face!”

“You’re red yourself, you know…”

“That’s different!”

Our back-and-forth continued until Stone-sensei from the law department walked by.

Emilia and Melinda came and we headed to the Royal Capital. The city, which I hadn’t been to in a while, seemed as lively as ever, filled with the smiles of many people.

Incidentally, when His Highness walks around town, he doesn’t bring guards or wear any disguises.

I can understand why he wouldn’t need guards. He’s almost invincible.

But when it comes to not wearing disguises, I was quite surprised when he said, “Surprisingly, it’s all right” on our first date.

But it was truly all right, that’s the thing.

Everyone who walked by would catch a glimpse of His Highness and be taken aback, but then they would think, “There’s no way a prince would be here, in such an ordinary place” or “Maybe it’s just my eyes playing tricks on me because he’s too handsome.”

It’s a 45-degree “all right.” But once you get used to it, it becomes something to be expected.

“I’m sorry, can I buy that for a minute?”

It was Melinda who said that halfway through. She must have found something that would suit Fried.

Melinda often says “That would suit Fried-sama” and buys small things, but is it because it suits that robe or because it suits his natural face? I’m wondering a little.

I stop her when she tries to go alone and asks Emilia to follow her.

His Highness and I sat on a bench.


“Yes, Your Highness.”

“We’re being followed.”


To be honest, I wasn’t sure because there were so many people, but if His Highness says so, it must be true.

His Highness sighs and stands up as if nothing is wrong.

“Rebecca, it seems [that guy] is coming to the Royal Capital today. He’ll probably come over here as soon as he notices. I’ll go talk to the suspicious person, so please wait for him until then.”

“? Yes.”

I don’t know who “that guy” is, but I nod, and His Highness pats my head and walks away. I sit alone on a bench in the Royal Capital and wait.

At times like this, if I were the main character of an otome game, I would soon be approached by multiple men.

Some bad guys from somewhere are strangely persistent in asking you out.

For example, like this.

“My God, you’re so beautiful!”

A voice from behind. However, that pick-up line was somewhat different from what I had imagined.

Most importantly, that voice belonged to someone I knew well.

“Also, you’re a beauty that’s very similar to my sister!”

I turned around quickly. I hugged him as hard as I could with a big smile on my face.


My brother, Vanderlei Slutarch, strongly received me like that, and he spins me around like a child.

“Hey Rebecca, it’s been a while! I’m very happy to meet you here!”

“Me too!”

I last saw him in the summer vacation. Nothing has changed, and it’s a relief. Until His Highness and my friends come back, this time I’ll sit next to Nii-sama.

“I see, His Highness went to find a weirdo! Since he left Rebecca alone and went somewhere, I was honestly worried!”

“That’s proof that Nii-sama is trusted by His Highness.”

I said with a smile. My heart becomes calm with this trivial talk.

“By the way, Rebecca, are you going to get married?”

“Co, Cough.”

“Are you okay?!”

Even though my heart was calm, I choked on my spit. I’m still in the middle of writing a letter to the Duke’s house, though.

The Nii-sama who patted my back, for some reason, picked me up and held me.

“Rebecca, let’s go on a trip before you get married! Where do you want to go? I’ll make anything happen! This Vanderlei Slutarch, three-time champion for three consecutive years is not just for show!”

“Nii-sama?! I don’t really want to go anywhere——.”

“Rebecca, that’s just an excuse in itself! I always want to give His Highness some trouble! I have a grudge for being robbed of my sister, [should I leave it at that]?!”

“That’s Mother’s catchphrase——!”

I frantically wriggled but I couldn’t escape Nii-sama’s gentle grip. A horse with a fiery mane appeared, gallantly. It was Nii-sama’s Phantom Beast.

The Phantom Beast that carried me away, its master is the three-time champion. Recently, an unprecedented strongest kidnapper has been born. During that time, I silently apologized to His Highness, Emilia and Melinda in my heart, without biting my tongue.

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