The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 76

Chapter 76

The sound of footsteps is approaching as [winter] and [battle] get closer. The announcement of the four [Generals] has just been made a bit early.

Until the winter break, when we will officially prepare for [winter], the only remaining schedule for the Academy is one test according to the strategy guide.

The reward event for the route of His Highness, the [Doki-Doki  Secret Room Event], is still remaining.

By the way, the reward event for the Oswald Ceden routes, the [Lucky Lewd Event], did not happen. I’m glad, very glad.

It should have been around fall, so it probably required a certain level of affection within the realm of romantic feelings to occur.

Suddenly, have any of you ever wanted to go into the school at night?

I have. I’m sure the school, with only moonlight as a source of light, would be filled with an unreal sense of excitement. I really want to explore it.

However, that’s just [want to go in and see], not [want to be locked in].

By the way, it doesn’t have to be alone, and I don’t particularly think it would be better if my lover was with me.

“I don’t think…”

“What’s up?”


Hello, it’s Rebecca Slutarch. Currently, I am locked in the first school building at night with my lover.”

After confirming that all the entrances and exits were locked, His Highness let out a sigh.

I think often, his blonde hair is even more beautiful in the moonlight.

“Why am I not breaking the key or window or wall in the scenario?”

“You can choose to break the route, but it seems like you will have to pay a considerable amount.”

“Even though I am the one trapped?”


Answering while tracing the letters of the strategy guide with my finger in the dark. In reality, His Highness is avoiding using magic since his battle with Nii-sama.

I don’t understand the feeling since I originally have little magic power, but it seems there is a pain like muscle pain.

“What shall we do?”

“If Rebecca doesn’t catch a cold, anything is fine.”

“It’s already December…”

While warming my slightly cold fingertips with breath, I murmured.

Why was I understanding that I was trapped, but in reality, why did I end up being trapped?

In the scenario, the main character Emilia realized she left something behind at school and went back to the school. His Highness saw this from the dormitory window and chased after her, and while the two were inside, the school was closed.

I thought if I didn’t forget something it would be fine, but it seems I was too optimistic.

In the last class, chemistry, I knew that the student next to me had failed in the synthesis and made a strange medicine, and I had some awareness of having inhaled it.

“But I never thought it would be a sleeping pill with a delayed effect.”

Overwhelmed by an irresistible drowsiness after school, I collapsed onto the bed in the nearby infirmary.

Christina, worried that I hadn’t woken up even two hours later, went to call His Highness, and that’s when everything became the same story.

My arms and legs still don’t have any strength. It seems I can’t use magic that would destroy the school building.

“Your Highness, I’m sorry…”

“No, it’s fine. It’s rare and interesting to be in the school building at night.”

His majesty took my hand and started walking; he was holding my fingertips in the palm of his hand. When I looked out the window, I saw the bulletin board in the courtyard.

The results of the [fall] exam that had been posted a little while ago were still hanging there.

10th place: Fried Neher

9th place: Hanna Horton

8th place: Diego Niesch

7th place: Emilia

6th place: Melinda Cuey

5th place: Brian Marc

4th place: Oswald Ceden

3rd place: Kyaran Goudes

2nd place: Llewayne Huaverdon

1st place: Rebecca Slutarch

I watched His Highness’ back as he walked ahead. The reason I don’t want [winter] to come is that once the winter ball is over, the year will be over.

Because His Highness is in his third year of school.

“Three years goes by so quickly.”

His Highness said, as if he could read my mind. When he turned around, he looked at me, who probably couldn’t hide the feeling of [loneliness].

“It all happened so fast, especially since Rebecca came.”

He says this as he points to the classroom and the window outside.

“We often had lunch there and that spot was good for talking and that spot was good for meeting up.”

“…Life at the Academy without you, Your Highness, seems tasteless.”

The scenery where he was will soon become the scenery where he’s not, and it will become something normal.

When I imagined it, the view seemed to lose its color more than I thought.

“The Academy is a dormitory and I can’t come see you every day because of official duties.”


“So let’s get married.”

His highness turned around. He brought his face close to mine and pressed his forehead against mine.

“Even if I’m not at the Academy, Rebecca will be home. She’ll come back every weekend, right?”

His finger stroked my left ring finger. I realized for the first time that he had thought about marriage that far ahead.

His highness will be gone, but in exchange, the sight of a ring on my finger will become something normal. Indeed, with that, life at the Academy without him might not be so scary.

“Of course.”

Whenever I laugh, His Highness also laughs satisfyingly, and then he pulls my hand and walks. We walk in step, side by side.

“I’m probably the only student who goes to the palace every weekend.”

“Speaking of that, can’t we build a new house between the palace and the Academy? It would be easier for Rebecca to come back.”

“Is that okay?!”

“I’ve already gotten my father’s permission. What kind of house do you want? Let’s go look at some soon.”

We walked around the school, reminiscing about the two years we spent together at the Academy, and we talked about the future that would continue for many tens of years to come.

Walking around the familiar school with the prince was the last time we would do it together.

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