The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 60

Chapter 60

In the middle of the huge hall of the palace, a woman was surrounded by noblemen.

She was named Adela Mortimer, a 14-year-old girl who was known as the “future socialite flower” and the daughter of an Earl.

While surrounded by men who had gathered around her without permission, she secretly let out a sigh without anyone noticing.

(I’m sick of men who look at other people’s faces and snigger miserably.)

Does feeling like a flower surrounded by bees feel like this? Adela was now so fed up that she felt bothered by having to suppress her feelings.

(What suits me is more…)

She looked around discreetly, her target person was sitting next to the king and queen.

She had never seen such a beautiful man. His perfectly proportioned body, his princely golden hair, and blue eyes like a lapis lazuli were all ideal.

——Llewayne Huaverdon, the first prince.

She aimed for the timing when he left his seat in the exclusive area for royalty and headed to him, leaving behind the men.

“Llewayne-sama, how are you?”

She greeted him politely, but the prince didn’t turn around, it seemed he didn’t hear her.

She clears her throat lightly. The prince looks down at Adela with an unreadable expression.

“——Nice to meet you.”

“I’m sorry, Llewayne-sama. We just met the other day.”

Even her voice was perfect. Adela smiled at the prince’s joke.

The prince is wearing a tuxedo that can only be seen at evening parties.

The color is usually black, but she knows that he often wears gray ones. Elegant and simple, the high-class design highlights his inherent charm.


“Sorry, I don’t have time. Excuse me.”

Adela pouted. The prince is still cold. This is why he is called [cold beauty].

However, the piercing, ice-like gaze and the absolute zero attitude are also something that she likes about him if it’s him.

“Just a little more——”

It was then. The prince suddenly shifted his gaze to the entrance of the hall. There was a pause as the entrance opened.

Another group of attendees had arrived. That’s all it should be.

But it wasn’t just the prince who looked strange.

A commotion like a wave spread throughout the huge hall. Both men and women, regardless of their relationship with the prince, looked in the same direction and whispered to each other.

——Who is that?

——How beautiful.

——Do you know her?

——The one next to her is Slutarch’s son.

——So, it’s her.

——Ah, Duke must have kept her safe.

——The Slutarch’s Jeweled Daughter

Adela was startled by the sudden change in atmosphere. She felt that the whole hall had been transformed by the person who had just entered.

No one was paying attention to Adela anymore.

“Llewayne-sama.” Adela was at a loss and called out to the prince.

And then she doubted her own eyes.

The prince had completely forgotten about Adela and was only looking at the “Slutarch’s Jeweled Daughter” with his eyes.

His usually cold and beautiful lips were now curved into a relaxed smile. He would not be called “cold beauty” at this moment.

Adela saw a human who had fallen in love for the first time at that moment.

And that too, was the same person, in love for the many thousands of times.

Feeling at a loss, Adela finally turned to the entrance.

The first thing she saw was the tall Slutarch’s son.

His brown hair was tied back in a ponytail, and his bangs were flowing back, revealing a forehead that was usually hidden.

He was definitely a handsome man. When he had engaged to the Marquis’s daughter half a year ago, Adela had been shocked.

From the shadows, one woman appeared.

The dress that she is wearing has a light blue color at the bottom and becomes a deeper blue as it goes up, with a beautiful gradient. Additionally, there is gold embroidery scattered all over the dress, it’s truly the color of Prince Llewayne.

As she raises her gaze from the bottom, when she finally sees the face, Adela’s heart makes a sound and breaks.

Skin smoother than porcelain, cheeks with a slight redness, lips more attractive than ripe fruit.

With long eyelashes that adorn drooping eyelids, and a faint tear mole next to them.

Hair is glossy like black pearls, and on both ears and the nape of the neck, there are many jewels that are worth half the wealth of Adela’s house, hanging down as if it is normal.

She looked up. Adela looked straight at the man next to her.

The moment she knew that his eyes were clear gray, Adela collapsed from her knees.

[Defeat]. This character dominated Adela’s heart.

But, Adela’s defeat did not end there.

“Excuse me, are you okay? Did you get hurt?”

When she looks up at the voice that sounds like a model of a bell, there is the lady in question in front of her, extending her hand to Adela.

Adela’s lips quivered. The woman who was supposed to be walking towards the prince was talking to Adela, who was sitting next to her before the prince.

And because the woman was starting to get closer to Adela’s face, Adela’s mind was in chaos.

Unable to understand, Adela closed her eyes tightly. “What should I do?” and “It smells so good.” were the only thoughts that came to mind.

The approaching lips stopped next to Adela’s ear.

“I know, the corset is too painful and makes you anemic. Can you stand up?”

Adela opened her eyes wide. What happened after that is vague in her memory.

The only thing that she can clearly remember is that she strongly thought, “Anyway, I want to join the fan club.”

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