The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 59

Chapter 59

It was the middle of July and it had become increasingly hot. I was in a carriage, on my way to attend a night event held at the palace.

It all began about two weeks before the start of summer vacation.

It was unexpected when His Highness came to visit my room during daylight hours, and said this to me.

“Rebecca, an event has come up.”

His Highness and I spread out the strategy guide. He pointed to one page with his finger.

[[Summer vacation, evening event.]…]

His Highness’ explanation matched the one in the strategy guide. A small night event will be held at the palace of the Huaverdon kingdom this summer, and I have been invited as His Highness’ partner.

In other words, this is the first time I will be officially appearing as His Highness’ fiancée.

I naturally tense up, but His Highness looks at my face and gently combs through my hair.

“Don’t think about it too much. Just be yourself, Rebecca. Let’s go make a dress together.”

His kind words made my heart flutter. His Highness said to me, “Choose something that will look great on you, but doesn’t reveal too much.”

We went to make a dress together during the holiday that followed, but honestly, I had never put so much effort into choosing a dress before.

I had to be perfect, so I was a bit exhausted.

So, what is an evening party anyway?

Men and women dance wildly, enjoy witty conversations, and indulge in high-end cuisine and vintage wines——you might think that’s an elegant gathering. But you would be very wrong.

Only raccoons or foxes are there or, at best, prey animals like rabbits. You can’t just have fun at an evening party.

I will be allowed to stay at the palace from the morning of the evening party.

Normally, you would prepare at home and come to the party at night, but since I am His Highness’ fiancee, I have the special privilege of having a room.

I start preparing in the afternoon and then head out to the party at night.

From the swaying carriage window, I looked up at the grand and glittering palace, which was so big that I couldn’t see the whole thing.

“A palace is just a roof, I’ve even been on the roof before, it’s okay, it’s okay,” I tell myself in the carriage, straightening my back.

If you want to introduce yourself as His Highness’ fiancée, today you can’t make even one mistake.

The carriage arrives at the palace, I greet His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen. It’s actually the second time we met. Last spring vacation, I was invited to attend a garden party hosted by Her Majesty.

Her Majesty the Queen is a difficult and troublesome person, but a playful person who started a real “hide-and-seek” game with everyone participating. I had memories of her being very playful and having a good time.

After finishing the greetings, I was guided to my room. A room that can be said to be not just wide, but overly wide. The furnishings are also luxurious, and it’s a waste for me and the three maids.

I heard that I won’t be able to see His Highness until the evening party. He is extremely busy preparing for it.

Will my friends from the Academy attend? If they’re there, I want to see them, but I’m also worried that if I go out too much, I might make a mistake.

I carefully spend the time until the preparation begins, in a calm manner.

Preparations for women are difficult. I don’t know about men’s preparations, but in any case, preparations for the evening party are difficult.

Being polished all over the body in the bathroom, having my waist tied up, and wearing heavy jewels. I have to finish everything without a single gap.

My face has become like a canvas.

Even for me, who is highly rated for my manners as a noble, there are still things that I am not good at.

It’s the corset.

“Marie, does this have to be this tight?”

“Please bear with it, My Lady…!”

I hold onto the desk, as Marie, my maid, pulls my corset with all her might. By the time it is properly tightened, I have become a holder of a slender waist that is beyond human.

All the while I was screaming like a strangled bird, so all credit goes to Marie. I’ll ask Father to give her a special bonus.

It was then that we finished preparations and took a short break.

I heard a knock and looked up quickly.

His Highness has come to greet me!

While the maid was attending to him, I checked myself in the mirror to make sure there was nothing strange. I have to be perfect for this battle called evening party. If I make a mistake, I’ll be the laughing stock.

“Um, My Lady.”

But the maid who came back had a face without a smile, to my dismay.

“His Highness Llewayne can’t escort you to the evening party. He has a problem he needs to take care of.”


As my feelings rapidly wilted, I suddenly realized something.

That’s right, this is an event.

“Well, then, there’s someone who can take his place as an escort——.”

The maid’s words didn’t reach the end.

I noticed the person approaching from the side too late, and that person enveloped me in both arms.

He’s not his highness, but I don’t think I want to resist.

I heard a powerful voice from above my head.

“I wanted to see you! You’ve become a beauty again, my cute Rebecca!”

I thought a sun-like smile was directed at me. And then, I was closed in his warm arms again. This time, I hugged him back.

“I missed you too, Niisama!”

Vanderlei Slutarch. A graduate of the academy, former three strongest and the future Duke, and also has a very manly and stylish appearance.

In the first part, he was the [Admired senior] position of the capture target. In the second part, he was promoted to [Admired graduate].

Being an escort for the evening party instead is a reward event in the [Vanderlei Route]. I had forgotten about it because I was too excited.

It seems that I am not as comfortable as I thought.

When I thought Nii-sama had finally released me from his embrace, he said, “One more time.” and pressed me again.

“Rebecca is adorable! You can save the country with that alone!”

“Thank you very much.”

The way he complimented me made me laugh as if it were for a child.

Nii-sama reached out his hand as if he wanted to stroke my head, but he seemed to have remembered that he should not touch it like a work of art, which is intricately woven.

Finally, he stroked the air above my head.

“Did His Highness invite you?”

“Yeah, I was planning to pass on tonight’s party because Cectiara can’t attend, but!”

Nii-sama closed his eyes and folded his arms, then opened his mouth and said with feeling.

“Suddenly the window of the room shattered, and I thought a carriage had crashed into me, but it was His Highness’ Phantom Beast! It was the first time I’ve flown in the sky on someone’s beak! It was already an abduction!”


He immediately went to a room in the palace to get ready and then came here.

Maybe Grue was too excited. Or perhaps he was told by His Highness that “Vanderlei is strong, so it doesn’t matter if it’s rough.”

As I stared off into the distance, Nii-sama knelt in front of me and respectfully held out his hand.

“His Highness is already in the venue. Will you allow me to escort you to His Highness?”


I took her hand, feeling like a princess.

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