The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 61

Chapter 61

I headed to the hall where the evening party was being held as Nii-sama’s escort.

When I entered, eyes were gathered on me. Being in the position of His Highness’ fiancée makes me stand out in some way. I’m used to it by now, so bring it on.

I immediately found His Highness. He looked at me and smiled slightly, narrowing his eyes as usual.

I was about to go to his side, but I saw a pale and staggering lady.

When I approached her, she was a cute girl and looked like she hadn’t entered the Academy yet.

It was pitiable that a child like her would be tied up in a corset like me. Isn’t it considered child abuse?

With indignation, I tried to intervene, and someone put their hand on my shoulder.



With an expression I had never seen before, Nii-sama slowly shook his head.

“Please stop. It’s overkill.”

Oh, that familiar word. Mother often used it. The meaning is, to give excessive damage to the opponent or something like that.

I tilt my head because I’m not fighting anyone right now.

“I’ll take that lady. Then, Your Highness, please take care of my sister.”

Nii-sama extended his right hand to His Highness with a reserved look on his face.

“Ah, I’m grateful for the sudden request.”

His Highness took his hand and responded.

Mishi…! At that moment, a sound that could hardly be considered a handshake came out.

If you look, both of them raised the muscles of their hands, and no matter how you think about it, they were trying to crush each other’s right hand. I let out a yelp.

Even though Nii-sama’s temples were bulging with blue veins and he still didn’t break his smile, he left with a lady who was not feeling well.

“Your Highness, is your right hand okay?”

I spoke to His Highness in a doubtful low voice, wondering if he could hear me or not. His hand was white, as if the blood flow had stopped for a moment.

“Yeah. The trick to shaking hands with Vanderlei is to go with the intention of breaking bones.”


“I actually broke my bones the first time I shook hands with him. Well, I broke his bones too.”

“So why…”

When I was thinking that I would have to question Nii-sama as soon as I got home, I noticed something.

I should have been quite nervous, but I found myself feeling relaxed.

I don’t think they were playing a trick on me to relax me——that’s not it. No, it’s different.

Anyway, I greeted His Majesty the King and Her Majesty the Queen, and then talked nonstop with the people who kept coming to talk to me.

Marquis house, Earl house, Baron house, Viscount house——Marquis Goudes was also there. He is Kyaran’s father.

Suddenly, as I looked up and back, my eyes met Fried Neher, who was standing beside the wall. Even he seems to have taken off that completely black robe today.

I wonder if he’s been asked by His Majesty to take care of my security again.

Come to think of it, Melinda had muttered, “Fried-sama has been so quiet lately.” Maybe he’s just tired from having more work.

As I felt a little apologetic, someone called out to me from behind.

“Your Highness Llewayne, Duke Slutarch’s daughter, you look well. Oh my, you two are truly like jewels, so beautiful.”

His Highness put more force into his hand, which was on my waist. I also strengthened my caution inside.

The one there was Viscount Mahajanjiga. The father of Sajad Mahajanjiga. It’s my first time seeing him in person.

He greets us with a smile, but if allowed, I would like to show my confusion on the surface. It was that unexpected.

————Is this man Sajad’s father?

The father I imagined is a man who is smart and has a good appearance but is actually a crooked man. But the actual Viscount was a blatant and pathetic man who shook hands with me and His Highness.

The gap between the two is strangely troubling.

Because Sajad can’t defy his father, in the scenario, he brainwashed the protagonist Emilia and in reality, he should be attacking me.

The vague discomfort was temporarily pushed to the corner of my head when Marquis Zoff talked to me next.

Now I have to focus on making this evening party a success.

The party continued until midnight and I fulfilled my role as a fiancé next to His Highness until the end.

On the way home, His Highness, who sent me home by carriage to the Capital’s Duke’s mansion, told me “what I couldn’t say during the party.” It was a great compliment, but it’s a side story.

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