The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 46

Chapter 46


This is the Royal Academy located in the Royal Capital of Huaverdon. On a certain April day, the beautiful sunlight is warm today, and the first [event]・[spring] is about to take place.

In a room at the academy, I, who am waiting impatiently for the start, am named Rebecca Slutarch. I advanced to the second year of the academy this spring.

While the new students receive an explanation of [spring] from the principal in the auditorium, the second and third year students wait in a different room like this.

Unlike the auditorium where the nervous new students gather, this place has a relatively soft atmosphere. That’s natural, as everyone around me is at least one year’s worth of classmates.

There are few students who are as fierce as the silver hair next to me, or rather, there are almost none.

“Rebecca-sama, let’s definitely win…”

I unintentionally let out a sigh at her low murmur. In a way, her eyes are fixed.

She is my best friend and her name is Emilia. She is the only commoner in this academy, but she can use rare healing magic. Her silver hair reaches her shoulders and her appearance is undeniably cute.

However, in her hand, she is not gripping hard ingredients(ex:apple), but repeatedly crushing(squeezing) the slime that I bought from a toy shop in the Royal Capital the other day.

I gave her this as a present because I wanted her to stop her bad habit of crushing hard objects with her bare hands and threatening people. It has had an effect, and that is the most important thing.

“You guys, are you seriously planning on winning against, of all people, His Highness Llewayne?”

My other best friend, Melinda Cuey, said this from the seat opposite me. She is a young lady of the Viscount family. Her honey-colored eyes and, as a side note, the owl perched on her shoulder seemed to be saying “Absolutely not worth a single gold coin.”

I let out a big sigh once again.

Why did things have to turn out like this?

Feeling that way, I glance over at “him”, the one she was talking about earlier, who was laughing and chatting with someone else. He looked back at me almost simultaneously and our gazes met sharply.

His golden hair that sparkled in the light and his deep blue eyes that seemed to suck you in. His face that was too perfect and lacked emotion was often called “cold beauty.”

But when he looked at me, there was a softness and warmth added.

——Llewayne Huaverdon, the first prince. My fiancé.

When he smiled at me like that, I, who loved him so much, couldn’t help but blush.

No matter what the situation is.

Yes, even in this ridiculous situation where “In the [Spring] we must win against His Highness or it’s an immediate wedding.”

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