The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 45

Chapter 45

“First, the Five Highs.”

Everyone watches with bated breath. The honored titles will now be bestowed upon the chosen 16 people.

“Boys ——— First year, Gadd Maysen. Second year, Sajad Mahajanjiga. Second year, Fried Neher. There are no other candidates.”

The audience is in an uproar. The empty seats are probably where Lancelot and Second Year student Diego Niesch were sitting. He was the one who stood up to Nii-sama in [Winter]. I’ve heard the name Sajad Mahajanjiga before in [Summer], but I don’t know him personally.

It’s not uncommon for there to be empty seats in the Three Strong and Five High, but has there ever been a time where there were only three people in the Five High?

“Girls ——— First year, Emilia. First year, Judith Ceden. First year, Melinda Cuey. Second year, Kyaran Goudes. Third year, Ray Lowe.”

I barely swallow my screams of joy and turn around to look at the two people in the back. Emilia and Melinda are standing tall(stood tall with dignity), but their expressions are unable to hold back their excitement.

“Now, forward.”

The eight people whose names were called move towards the stage at the Principal’s signal. My two best friends confidently step up on the stage, basking in the attention of the audience as new members of the Five High.

“Now, the Three Strong. Boys———.”

The lights went out and the surroundings became dark. Only the principal’s voice could be heard loudly and, as everyone swallowed their saliva, a sudden strong spotlight shone on a male student.

“Second year, Oswald Ceden.”

At the moment he was called, cheers erupted. The voices were not from him, but from those who knew him well. Oswald seemed surprised and had his mouth open, being illuminated by the light.

In [winter], after he helped me escape, Oswald, along with the Phantom Beast, used up all of their magic and lost their energy. It takes three days for magic to fully recover. This time, the person who was second to His Highness in terms of severe injuries was him. And that too to save me with whom he had spoken only once.

Oswald steps out, being patted on the shoulder and pushed on the back by his friends. I followed his figure as he climbed the stairs leading to the stage. The Oswald who stood on the stage was back to his usual dignified self. He truly has the most passionate heart and burning sense of justice in this Academy. I sincerely thought that he is truly worth being one of the three strongest.

As the applause for Oswald died down, the principal opened his mouth again. There is probably no one in this place who does not know the name of the next person who will be called.

“Second year, Llewayne Huaverdon.”

Cheers and applause erupted. The spotlight suddenly hit the person next to me, His Highness, and it was so bright that I had to narrow my eyes.

The hand that had been wrapped around my waist gently let go. Following that, he slowly took a step back.

“Rebecca, don’t let anyone touch you until I touch you next.”

“Yes, your Highness.”

As I watched him walk gracefully to the podium, I heard voices around me praising our behavior.

The top three are now two. Even though I know who the remaining one is, many people are looking at him.

Really, congratulations,

“3rd year, Vanderlei Slutarch.”


Nii-sama closed his eyes for a moment. He breathed in, as if biting back joy. And then, he opened his eyes and kissed the back of Cectiara-sama’s hand before walking away. Voices of envy and admiration came from the men, and praises from the women. Nii-sama smiled and waved as he climbed the podium.

Now, the top three boys have been announced. Next, they’ll announce the top three girls. My heart is racing. Since the announcements are in order of school year, if I’m called, it’ll be first.

“For the girls———.”

I couldn’t help but close my eyes, but I quickly opened them. I can’t let people see my embarrassing appearance, even though many people’s eyes may be on me.

I am Rebecca Slutarch, the Duke of Slutarch’s jewel, the first prince’s fiancée, best friend of Emilia and Melinda, and the younger sister of Nii-sama.

I stand tall and smile beautifully. In the distance, His Highness looks at me with satisfaction.

I am Rebecca Slutarch, the lover of that person.

“First-year, Rebecca Slutarch.”

A burst of cheers enveloped the venue. Under the spotlight, I stepped forward as beautifully and politely as possible.

When I came to the front of the stairs leading to the stage, His Highness who had descended offered me his hand. I took it and together we slowly climbed the stairs. On the stage, Emilia, Melinda, Nii-sama, and many others welcomed me with huge applause.

“Third-year, Olivier Marc.”

The next name called, “Alright!” was shouted by none other than the person herself. With hot cheers and laughter, Olivier climbed the stairs.

“Third-year, Cectiara Zoff.”

This time, she shouted “Okay.” Cectiara-sama was escorted by Nii-sama and stood gracefully on the stage.

“That’s it, 6 people. We will award the title of three strong of this year. Well done. Really, you did a great job.”

The principal turned to face us. It was the first time I had seen his face so close up. The smiling principal was filled with the joy and pride of being an educator.

The orchestra began to play a waltz softly. At the beginning of the ball, it is traditional for five high boys and three strong girls to dance together.

But this year, there should be two fewer males. What will we do? As I looked around, someone grabbed my arm and stepped out. Without resistance, I was led and placed my hand on his shoulder, and the steps began to match the music.

“Rebecca, where are you going?”

…oh dear. I saw the laughing prince and my back was covered in cold sweat.

“So, your highness, since there are two fewer males, I wondered what would happen, that’s all.”

“If that’s the case, it’s okay. In years when the number of males and females does not match, a teacher will join in ——— I’d like to say that, but it seems that this year is different. Look.”


As I danced, I looked at where His Highness pointed. I couldn’t help but let out a sigh. Emilia and Melinda were dancing together. Or rather, Emilia was happily dancing the male part and Melinda was finally matching the steps while saying something.

Melinda was probably saying something like “Come on, it’s a joke, right, Fried-sama?!” in a small voice. Emilia, nice job.

The others seem to be paired as Nii-sama and Cectiara-sama, Oswald and Olivier, Fried and Kyaran, Ray and Sajad Mahajanjiga, Gadd and Judith.

Starting with the waltz on the stage, the whole venue started dancing. Time flowed slowly. There was nothing extraordinary, just a peaceful, ball. I spent a year and a half getting this.

“… Finally, it’s over.”

“Isn’t it just the beginning? Tonight’s going to be long.”

“Haha, that’s true… Your Highness, I want to dance a lot and eat delicious things.”

“Got it. I’ll go along with anything.”

“… Your Highness.”

“What is it.”

“I don’t know why, but I feel like crying. What should I do?”

“…I’ll hide it so you can cry.”

“My makeup will get ruined…”

“…We’ll fix it later.”

“…Your Highness.”

“What is it.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


Seeing that I was about to cry, Emilia came running over to me. For some reason, she had a wine bottle in her hand, like she was about to hit someone with it. She probably intended to use my tears to hit His Highness. Melinda took advantage of this opportunity and ran away, probably to dance with Fried.

Oh, we have to stop Emilia. After clearing up the misunderstanding and collecting the bottle, let’s go catch Melinda together. She has to dance with me too. After that, let’s go to Nii-sama and Cectiara-sama’s place, and then to Oswald, Kyaran, and Olivier, and Ray’s place, and say thank you for [Winter].

After we talk enough, I want to go on a delicious food tour with His Highness. If the alcohol starts flowing, maybe we can talk about the strategy book too. Surely, even after listening to everything, you will only say “I love you.”

Mother, Ouka, thank you.

I am now, happier than ever.


TL Lead – Neko-chan: Season 1 Is over!!!!!

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