The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 47

Chapter 47

The beginning of the matter was the graduation ceremony held at the beginning of March.

Among them were my brother Vanderlei Slutarch and esteemed individuals such as Olivier Marc, Cectiara Zoff-sama who graduated.

After the graduation ceremony, it is traditional to have a farewell party organized by the students.

It is a casual gathering where even teachers are absent, in other words, it’s informal. Every year, there are always students who go too far.

And this year, the one who went too far was undoubtedly, Olivier Marc.

“Hey, who wants to drink with me!”

She held bottles of wine in both hands and looked around. Her white teeth and happy smile were dazzling.

In Huaverdon Kingdom, drinking is allowed from the age of sixteen, and Olivier is famous for being too strong. Too strong that no one wants to drink with her anymore.

Tonight, everyone around her is trying not to make eye contact with her.

That’s when I, who was eating and chatting with his Royal Highness in the standing eating space, was the one who stepped up. Probably because my older brother is good at drinking.

When Olivier approached, His Highness clearly made a disgusted face and hid me behind his back.

“Marc, Rebecca doesn’t drink much.”

“Really? Rebecca-chan, it’s fun, so let’s try it! We do it often in the Knight’s Division.”

Olivier, who made the name of the [god of battle] her own while studying, remembered that she was also the daughter of the Knight’s Captain.

As His Highness opened his mouth, I said, “If it’s alright with you, I’ll be your opponent.”

The surroundings became slightly noisy. Olivier clapped her hand and said, “That’s the way to do it.” I smiled to calm the gloomy-faced His Highness and took a step forward.

Only students are here. It’s not a problem if they get a little drunk.

Above all, I want to graduate with my beloved senpai, Olivier, who has taken care of me in the [winter], along with fond memories.”

As people around us began to gather, Olivier and I each raised our first glass.

To be honest, I have only had a few drinks, but as long as I stop when I feel like I’m going to get drunk, it will be fine.

And from the moment I finished my third glass, I have no memory.


A warm breeze brushed my cheeks lightly. I opened my eyes thinly and saw the familiar ceiling. The light coming in through the window was the soft light of morning.

I was lying in bed in my own room in the dormitory.

I stretched lightly while lying down and looked to my left.

I was accustomed to seeing the white snake sleeping by my pillow, so I tried to say good morning as usual.

“Good morn…,”

But I couldn’t finish it today. Something different had entered my field of vision.

Something was stretching out under my head.

As I followed with my eyes the long, slender thing wrapped in white cloth, I saw that it was a human hand sticking out from the front.

…An arm?

I felt strange and checked my own arms. Both were attached normally.

So whose arm is it? As I tilted my groggy head, I finally understood the situation.

Someone was sleeping next to me.

To put it differently, I was currently using that person’s arm as a pillow.

I quietly began to sweat. Who could be behind me? No, who could it be? It had to be him, but what if it wasn’t?

While I was paralyzed, I could hear regular breathing from behind me.

Finally, I mustered up my courage and turned around. At the same moment, the person next to me moved lightly and rolled over, sweeping me along with them.

“…Rebecca, good morning…”


The person who hugged me tightly, almost crushing my body, was none other than His Highness.

His voice, which was a bit rougher than usual, whispered almost in my ear, and I couldn’t help but let out a strange sound because of the beauty of his voice.

“It’s heavy, it’s heavy, His Highness…”

I moaned in earnest. His Highness moved a little, and the pressure disappeared.

And as soon as he confirmed that I could breathe again,


He started to breathe peacefully again.

“His Highness?! Are you sleeping on someone?!”

“I’m joking…”

I couldn’t help but let out a painful voice. His Highness finally got off me and lay down again next to me.

I got up and looked at him intently. I could hear his small breathing. It was a very bold second sleep.

I sat back down and decided to look at his sleeping face. His Highness didn’t show any signs of stirring. His eyes and mouth were tightly closed and his chest was moving up and down.

Is he weak in the morning? I’m happy to know this unexpected side of him.

Taking advantage of the fact that no one was watching, I relaxed my mouth, but suddenly a natural question came to mind.

Why is His Highness in my bed?

Then I finally realized that I had no memory of yesterday. My back felt a chill.

“…I wonder if I got drunk and acted recklessly.”

“No, you won.”


“It was a crushing victory.”

Before I knew it, His Highness opened his eyes thinly and got up. And he continued with the words “A drinking comparison with Olivier Marc.”

“Even if Marc said give up, Rebecca smiled without changing her expression… but I felt a little discomfort and took her out. I thought it was just my worries because she was standing up and walking normally, but as soon as we left the auditorium, [By the way, Your Highness, there are four of you today, aren’t there?]”


“[What should I do, I’m the only one here today.] and.”


“When I tried to take her to her room, put her to bed and leave, [Ah, Your Highness, are you going back~], and——”

“I understand, so please stop it already——!”

I covered my face with both hands. Someone, please hit me as hard as possible and wake me up from yesterday.

I seem to have been able to maintain my composure in front of a large crowd, but I’m really causing trouble for His Highness.

[as long as I stop when I feel like I’m going to get drunk, it will be fine], who said that? I did!


His Highness said in a gentle voice. When I peeked out from the hand covering my face, His Highness was looking at me.

“Is my company so unpleasant?”

His Highness sent me a loving gaze, as if looking at something dear.

“Even though she acted properly in front of others, as soon as she was alone with me, she became drunk. Is it because she feels relaxed when she’s with me?”

I frowned.

If you get bothered by a drunk person, you should get angry. You shouldn’t make a face that looks happy by mistake.

“…Yes, I feel safe when I am with His Highness.”

Saying it as if hiding my face again, he hugged me. I also wrapped my arms around his back.

But at that moment, I realized something.

“Isn’t it a problem for us to sleep in the same bed before we are married…?”

It is not appropriate in our relationship as an engaged couple. Even half a year ago, on the day when His Highness first told me he loved me, he would always return to his own room instead of spending a night in my room.

“It’s okay, there’s no problem,”

His voice came back extremely calm.

“Is that so?” I replied, and His Highness, still hugging me, casually said this:

“Oh. Let’s just have the ceremony.”


“The wedding ceremony.”

“Marriage ceremony?”

“Yes. Let’s hurry and prepare… and make it in time for summer vacation.”

I tilted my head.

Marriage… marriage… Wedding ceremony marriage?

“But, Your Highness, we are still students!”

“Is that a problem?”

“Of course it is! It’s too soon!”

Unable to bear it, I slip out of His Highness’ arms But I’m caught by the wrists. When I look up, His Highness is staring at me.

“Does Rebecca not want to marry me?”

“No, no, that’s not it.”

“Come on, I love you.”


“Marry me. I’ll treasure you for the rest of my life. I’ll definitely make you happy.”


[This is outrageous!]. Recalling the words my deceased mother had once spoken, I can’t help but feel swept away by His Highness’ passionate words of love.

But I can’t let myself be swept away. I open my mouth, thinking carefully.

Nobles who get married while still in school at the Royal Academy are rare. And His Highness is a future king.

“Marriage while in school, well… that is, His Highness may already be considered an adult, but I am still just half an adult.”

His Highness has a serious expression. And after thinking for a moment, he says “I see.”

“Then, let’s have a contest next [spring]. If I win, we’ll have the ceremony right away.”


I didn’t understand, so I asked again. I thought I might have heard wrong, but he repeated the same words exactly.


“By the way, I am serious about doing it.”

“I don’t feel like I can win!”

I made a loud noise and it seems to have woken up Christina, who was sleeping comfortably. I feel her gaze fixed on me. But I’m in a pinch. Please forgive me.

On that day, I told my two best friends the situation.

Emilia said, “Of course, I am Rebecca-sama’s ally! Leave it to me, if we run into that man in [spring], I’ll blow him up from behind!” with enthusiasm.

Melinda just quietly said, “Give up.”

Giving up is not an option. It’s my fault that I got drunk in the first place, but now that things have come this far, it’s a matter of pride.

Thus, for me, a spring filled with motivation began, even more so than last year.

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