The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 34

Chapter 34

Riding horses with all their might, running through the wilderness, only the sound of the horses’ hooves echoing through. It is truly a fierce advance.

I am at the front, but in reality, Christina, who is soaring in the sky, is leading us. She already has a dragon-transformed body and is wearing armor. Her appearance is so divine that it’s mesmerizing and she cuts through the sky, using wind magic to give us a strong tailwind. Thanks to her, we seem to be able to reach Olivier’s camp at an impossible speed. Perhaps because we are facing our first battle, I am not feeling the cold as much.

In this assault, we are not holding back on using magic. We are betting on speed and attack power, and if we strike first, we will win in one blow. The more flashy, the better; the more annoying, the better; the more conspicuous, the better.

As we began to see the appearance of the enemy’s camp, we slowed down. Their rock tower is exactly the same as ours. Inside, there is the flag we are targeting. Before that, there are 500 horse riders. From the top of the tower, I could see a coldly beautiful woman looking down at us. I immediately knew who it was.

“Good day. As expected, it’s you, Ray Lowe-sama.”

“Likewise, Miss Rebecca. As you say, it’s as I expected.”

Ray Lowe, the third-year student from Five High, who is known as the [Iron Walled Ray Lowe]. She is a talented woman who looks good in her upright posture and glasses. She is childhood friends and great friends with Olivier, who seems to be the complete opposite of her. This is a well-known story.

The origin of [Iron Wall] is her Phantom Beast, a small hedgehog. Despite its cute appearance, its ability is powerful. It can create a barrier with a radius of 2.3 meters centered on itself. It also has a lot of thorns, which are perfect for protecting a flag.

When Ray, who is a close friend of Olivier, was assigned to Olivier’s army, it is predictable that she is most likely a Loyalist.

The current situation is 500 against 400, with us at a disadvantage in terms of numbers. But it’s as expected. I spoke to our army.

“We’ll proceed as planned, it’s a short-term decisive battle——everyone, move forward!”

With my voice, Christina’s fighting spirit became a roar and the ground shook. That was the signal for the battle on the plain to begin.

The number of opponents is greater than ours, but our morale is still sufficient. We charge forward without hesitation.

I also join the battle, defeating enemies near me. Thanks to our defensive magic, we don’t get hurt, but if we receive fatal damage, we will lose consciousness. I throw knives, and deliver the finishing blow, avoiding attacks from behind and counterattacking.

“Even though you’re losing in numbers, you’re charging forward… is that a bad move?”

Ray said from atop the tower, but I didn’t spare a glance and focused on the enemy in front of me. It’s also within expectations that she doesn’t come down from the tower.

Magics, swords, and Phantom Beasts fly around everywhere, and both allies and enemies gradually decrease.

I can see Christina kicking around the enemy soldiers in the distance. The legendary dragon is not only powerful in its attacks, but also stands out in this moment as something special.

In between, I took out a crystal from the gap in my armor. The crystal is something that everyone in this place has. As a General, I can contact any of my soldiers at any time. Soldiers cannot talk to each other.

“Cectiara-sama, how much longer until we finish?”

[Let’s see… We’ll finish in 8 minutes.]


After that short conversation, we confronted the enemy again.

8 minutes.

That’s the time our main army needs to launch a fierce attack on the defense army led by the iron-walled Ray Lowe and Olivier, in order to draw their attention.


When the teams and formations were announced in November, I thought.

His Highness and Nii-sama’s formation is far away. Olivier is not an opponent I can ignore and go on a campaign with. And that’s the same for His Highness when it comes to Nii-sama, and Nii-sama when it comes to His Highness.

In other words, I need to strike Olivier with all my might first…but Olivier is strong. She has top-class combat power, and her Phantom Beast is a leopard. Even from her personality, it’s clear that she’s not going to fortify her defenses in her own camp. Especially since she’s highly mobile and elite, she’s bound to run through the battlefield and aim for the heads and flags of other generals.

That’s where Ray Lowe comes in. By leaving most of the soldiers as defensive forces and placing Ray as their commander, it’ll definitely be a perfect defensive force that won’t fall. And since Ray is a loyalist, she’ll be able to take the heads of other generals that have come. It’s a simple strategy, but it’s the most troublesome and powerful one. I have to focus on the god of battle, Olivier, while conquering the formation.

Moreover, what made it possible here was Olivier’s good luck. Actually, Olivier’s formation is in the best position out of the four. It has a mountain behind it. Even if you try to attack from behind, it’ll take a lot of time and bones will break if you try to climb it with a large number of people. And if you’re found, you’ll be attacked from above while using the slope. With only a small lookout placed behind and being able to focus only on the front, Olivier’s formation was truly ironclad.

On the other hand, I’m weak. Being selected as a General in my first year is unusual and I’m thinking of it as a great honor, but I don’t have enough experience or my own combat ability.

I have to attack from the enemy’s back. I have to use anything and everything I can.

…That’s right, for example, myself.


Ray won’t come down from the tower. I am reading her as a Loyalist. Loyalists can defeat the General, but if I defeat Ray, Olivier will not be able to defeat the other generals. It’s a double-edged sword. Ideally, Loyalists should be aware of this and act as a surprise attack for maximum effect.

If Rei were to come down, it would only be after my army is completely pushed back. She would definitely try to take my head when I am weak.

And that time is coming soon. My army has begun to gradually retreat. Since we have been fighting at full magic power from the beginning to make up for the difference in strength, it’s natural that we are starting to feel fatigue.

Cectiara said, 8 minutes is the time limit.

“… It’s going to be close.”

The faces of the soldiers around me began to show signs of anxiety. The number of enemies is gradually not decreasing. It’s a bad sign. I was about to open my mouth to change the atmosphere.

“Miss Rebecca, I would like to propose a one-on-one duel.”

A horse appeared in front of me.

I knew you were here. Deep green hair and a neat face. Holding a sword without wiping sweat, a fierce figure that looks straight at me is truly worthy of the title of “Five Heights” and noble.

“I accept, Ceden-sama.”

Oswald Ceden. He is said to be the closest to the three strongest among the Five Highs. “What a convenient timing.” I secretly smiled.

When a one-on-one battle begins, people around will stop fighting and surround it to watch. In such a case, they should never intervene. This is a common rule even in duels among nobles.

We faced each other according to the rules. I put away my knife and held both swords. In an unspoken agreement, we were surrounded by both armies in no time.

“Is there any meaning in this one-on-one battle?”

By the way, I wonder if he is a Loyalist. Only a General and a Loyalist can defeat a General. I didn’t think he had a chance of being Olivier’s Loyalist.”

“There is. Because your Phantom Beast is too strong. I can’t defeat you, but if you’re a bit tired, that’s enough.”

I see. Even if I am not defeated, if the damage accumulates, the defensive magic will activate and I will lose consciousness. If that happens, Christina will definitely start fighting. And she won’t leave me until I wake up. That’s a clear minus for their army.

In other words, he is absolutely confident that he can defeat me one-on-one. He decided that he should defeat me quickly before Christina and I could take out any more of his army.

I want to say that I am being underestimated, but it’s a good judgement. In fact, I can’t beat Oswald. Oswald is one of the top three swordsmen this year in the scenario. His sword skills are also sure. I have no chance of winning in a one-on-one battle.

I glance at Ray, she seems to be silently watching this development. Sh’s staring intently at me.

Oswald closes his mouth and takes a sword stance, entering into battle mode.

I turned to face him and smiled thinly.

I can’t beat him. But I accepted the challenge.

Because I wanted to draw everyone’s attention on this battlefield to me and make use of the time.

That came at the perfect timing.

[This is Cectiara. The surprise troops have arrived.]

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