The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 35

Chapter 35

A deafening explosion erupted and a blast of hot air and shockwaves burst out from the inside of the rock tower. Everyone, regardless of whether they were friends or foes, opened their mouths in surprise and stared at it.

In the line of sight of everyone, a Phantom Beast emerged from the dust and smoke. It had golden fur and nine swaying tails. The girl riding on its back held up the flag she had just captured high, and smiled beautifully amidst the flames and smoke.

“Rebecca-sama, I’ve captured the flag!”


In order to defeat Olivier, I need to use everything available to me and make use of everything I can. So I used myself as bait.

At the start, my army was split into three.

The first was the main force led by me. Christina, flying in the sky, charged forward to draw the enemy’s attention.

The second was the defense force. There were only 200 people, about a third of our army, but I was confident that they would be enough to defend the flag. It was led by none other than Cectiara-sama. I was truly lucky to have been dealt this card called her.

“General” refers to those selected based on previous performance and their own and Phantom Beast’s combat ability. Cectiara-sama may not have pure combat ability, but she is smart and her Phantom Beast is powerful. Her butterfly can split up to a maximum of 100, and it becomes her eyes and ears, allowing her to collect all kinds of information. She greatly contributed to Emilia’s advance by constantly monitoring the situation on the battlefield with her scattered butterflies.

The third unit, Emilia’s surprise “attack army”, is just a name and is only made up of one person, Emilia. In mid-November, the only surprise attack I entrusted to the excited Emilia, who was assigned to my army, was one person. With Cectiara’s butterfly, there is no need to worry about watching out for other enemies and advancing. In addition, like Christina, Emilia’s Phantom Beast, Kyuubi, is also a legendary Phantom Beast. Riding on Emilia’s back, it runs through the wilderness at a surprising speed, climbs mountains behind the lines, and invades the tower from behind. It is the ultimate elite.

Emilia should normally be responsible for treating soldiers who have lost consciousness in the rear of the army, and Ray would have thought so too. By daring to let her act alone, the enemy’s back can be attacked.

Honestly, even I was taken aback by the fact that we managed to break through the barrier of the hedgehog that was probably inside. The Phantom Beast Kyuubi of Emilia, who can only heal people, was skilled in attack magic, as if to make up for her master’s weakness.

In a situation where no one could grasp the situation, Emilia showed an innocent smile that did not match the situation. AAlthough it is a basic rule to cheat your allies if you want to outsmart them, I felt bad for the soldiers on my side who fought so hard.

Emilia ran to me and jumped in, taking advantage of people’s gaps.

“Good job, Emilia.”

“I’m glad I could help!”

After praising Emilia, I raised my voice to keep morale high.

“Our army has succeeded in a surprise attack! This is all thanks to the power of everyone who held this place down! Well done. We defeated the three strongest, Olivier Marc!

My voice echoed on the battlefield. In response, what spread slowly was the joy of victory.


“Emilia did it! She took the flag from behind!”

“We did it, we won!”

I breathe a sigh of relief at the victory cries rising everywhere. At that moment, someone extended a hand towards me, as if asking for a handshake. It was Oswald.

“That scared me. I completely made the wrong judgment.”

“No, I apologize for trying to take advantage of you like that.”

“Don’t worry about it. People call that a strategy.”

The fresh smile is dazzling. I wondered how good a person could be. It was a time when I couldn’t help but admire them.

An impossible scene was reflected on the edge of my vision.


“?! Christina!”

I rushed over there. Christina was sucked into something like a box with a painful moan, despite my outstretched hand being in vain.

That was a seal. It was done by a single soldier.

“The battle is over! Please stop!”

I pushed through people and shouted without hesitation. Everyone’s gaze gathered on the unusual atmosphere. When I grabbed the man’s shoulders and turned him around, I couldn’t help but open my eyes wide. My family’s crest was engraved on the chest of the man’s armor.


The man I didn’t even know was a soldier in my army.

He shook off my hand and stepped back. Then he held the box in his left hand and drew a sword with his right hand.

I don’t understand why, but he quickly retreated. Oswald came out in front of me as if to protect me.

“What are you doing?”

He seems to have come chasing after him and noticed the abnormality of this situation.

The man didn’t pay attention to that and suddenly attack.

“Rebecca Slutarch! I know all the heinous crimes you’ve committed using the Duke family’s position! I sentence you to exile under the name of the royal family!”


What came to mind was the villainess Rebecca’s trial of condemnation. It was undoubtedly, word for word, the words that were supposed to say to Rebecca at the ball.

Several soldiers surrounded me in response to the man’s voice. There were both enemy and friendly soldiers mixed together. It seems this was planned in advance.

And then, what scared me the most was the magic tool that the man took out. It was a shiny black cylinder-shaped thing. Without a doubt, it was something used when exiling criminals in public. It seemed to be filled with transfer magic and if it was placed on the nape of a criminal’s neck, their evidence would enter and they would be instantly sent abroad. It was an extremely valuable item and there were only a few in the country. An ordinary student should not have one. At that point, I could no longer ignore this commotion as ridiculous.

But I don’t understand. I can’t grasp the situation. I haven’t done anything, and the scenario should have changed by now.

“I repeat, Rebecca Slutarch! I sentence you to exile.”

However, it was these next words that made me freeze like being doused with cold water.

“This is something that Lord Llewayne is also aware of!”

———What did you say?

Suddenly lifting my head with a clear head, I noticed that Emilia was supporting me beside me and peeking at my face. She seemed reassured by my expression.

Stepping away from Emilia, I step forward from Oswald’s back.

“Thief, retract your statement now.”

A very ordinary calm voice came out. The straightened back will no longer bend. The expression is the same as usual, with a smile that seems to make a sound [smirk].

“To play with His Highness Llewayne’s name in front of me, who is to be the next queen. This sin is heavy. Be prepared.”

If you spit poison with a gentle smile, the opponent will step back in fear. I am a noble lady. And I am also a jewel of Slutarch, and also the fiancee of the prince.

And most importantly.

[This is something that Lord Llewayne is also aware of.]

Those words were enough to flush out all feelings of confusion, turmoil, fear, and the like.

“W-We are moving on orders from above! You are no longer the next queen!”

“It’s a pity to give such an order. Who would that be?”

“No duty to answer!”

The man grinds his teeth to the limit. And then he re-gripped his sword and stepped forward. In response, Oswald once again protected me with his back.

“Cede! This is an order from the High One. It would be best for you to draw your sword and help capture that woman!”

The man shouted. Oswald hesitated for a moment before drawing his sword. Emilia next to me grabbed my arm, probably planning to escape from this place.

I, on the other hand, did not move a step and watched Oswald’s actions from the shadows of his broad back.

The man seemed satisfied with Oswald’s sword being drawn. But soon he looked startled and stumbled.

Oswald simply pointed his sword straight at the man without hesitation or hesitation.

“You see, I have my own justice. It’s an absolute and unshakable justice. This person is an important person to my friend. If you want to hurt her, I’ll be your opponent. No matter who gives the order, I don’t care.”

Oswald said it as if he were spitting it out and aimed his sword at the target. He was the man who hated the most twisted things in this academy.


Oswald said shortly when he turned around. The one who moved at that moment was Emilia. She easily pulled me up and jumped onto the Kyuubi.

It’s fine for you to talk back to that rude man, but if he accidentally uses that magic tool, there’s no way you can get back at him. Right now, I’m vastly outnumbered. Looking around, it seems that most of the people here are either trying to capture me or are unsure of what to do and unable to move.

Neither of them is me, Emilia, Oswald, and one more person.

“Come over here!”

It was Rey, who had been hiding among the debris of the collapsed tower and looking at the situation. She’s waving her hand to guide us into the mountains from a distance.

“What do you want to do?” Emilia asked.

I need some assurance that she’s not on the other side. I inhaled and screamed.

“Proof that you are a Loyalist!”

As soon as my voice reached, Rey took something out of her chest. It was not a pale blue, but a crystal that was dyed in a blue like sapphire. The color is thicker than usual, which means that her connection with General is thicker than that of a normal soldier. In other words, it’s proof that she’s a Loyalist of Olivier.

The Kyuubi turned and began to run towards Rey. I know Olivier’s character, and it’s worth trusting. We decided to trust Rey and Olivier.

In the middle, we pulled Rey and disappeared into the mountains in no time. Just before we left, I looked back and saw Oswald’s figure, fighting alone against dozens of people. I was terribly worried about him and Christina.

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