The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide – Chapter 33

Chapter 33

I stare at the distant horizon from horseback. Behind me, a group of students on horses continue on. The number, around 600, is a quarter of the entire school’s population and it is the number of “soldiers” assigned to me, one of the four [generals].

I hold my breath and wait for the signal. Every time I inhale the cold air, my lungs ache. The morning sun is nowhere to be seen and it’s cold, but at least it’s not snowing. In this endless wilderness, the only sound is the quiet breathing of 600 people. The area is surrounded by a strange tension.

On a certain day in January, today is [winter].

[Battle] is about to begin now.


In the beginning of November, an important announcement was made about [winter] two months later.

For this year’s [battle], Vanderlei Slutarch, Olivier Marc, Llewayne Huaverdon, and I, Rebecca Slutarch, were appointed as the four [generals].

In the first place, [battle] is a simulated war led by four [generals] chosen from the Academy. The winning condition is to take the heads of the other three generals, in other words, to give an attack that can cause fatal injuries with defensive magic. Or, to capture the flag located in the [camp] each general is assigned to.

The general assigned one fourth of all the school students as soldiers in his/her army, and the allocation was basically random, but there was one exception.

That is [loyalists (vasal/retainer)]. In short, they are the general’s confidants. If they perform the [ritual of loyalty] with the general and apply to the Academy beforehand, they will certainly be assigned to serve the general’s army.

There are several rules for the loyalist system. First, if a general soldier attacks and incapacitates the general, it will not be considered as [captured(victory)], but loyalists are different. They can take the general’s head and drastically change the battle situation.

Therefore, it is kept secret who is whose loyalist, but last [winter], it was revealed that His Highness Llewayne Huaverdon, who was appointed as the general’s role, my brother Vanderlei Slutarch, Charles Seagan, and Charlotte Seagan, among four people, His Highness Llewayne and Fried Neher are in a loyalist relationship.

“Loyalist” is not a relationship that is easily dissolved after the event is over. In the first place, if there is no deep bond, the ritual of becoming a Loyalist will not be successful, but it is not only that, but also a lifetime of being in a master-servant relationship, and a promise never to betray. It is a heavy thing that can affect not only your Academy life but also your entire life.”

And there is a risk. If a Loyalist is captured or incapacitated by another General, that General will not be able to take the head of any other Generals. All attacks against other Generals will be rendered ineffective. While it is not immediately disqualifying, it is a significant blow.

Even if a Loyalist earns achievements in battle, they will not be recognized by the Academy. The accomplishments of a Loyalist are considered to be those of their master, the General. This is a measure to prevent individuals from trying to attach themselves to a superior General in order to gain titles.

Of course, it is theoretically possible to earn a title by achieving excellent results before [fall]. However, it is overwhelmingly disadvantageous. Those who obtained the title of Five Highs last year, such as Fried, are exceptions.

The weight of being in a lifelong relationship, and the equivalent exchange of benefits and disadvantages, is not something that can be taken lightly.

In the end, I couldn’t bring myself to have a Loyalist.

It’s not uncommon, and usually about two out of four Generals had a Loyalist.

In early November, the Generals will be announced and the division and positions of the troops will be announced in the middle of the month. This year, His Highness is in the northeast, Nii-sama is in the east, Olivier is in the south, and I am in the southwest.

The stage in [winter] is the training ground outside of the Academy. There is terrain, so the location of the troops can be advantageous or disadvantageous, but it has been random every year, with large, medium, and east, west, south, and north. This year’s distribution can be said to be quite skewed(biased).

Now, if you focus your eyes, you can see Olivier’s army in the distance. The start is for everyone to move from their respective positions at the same time, according to the previous strategy.

I took a deep, long breath. Watching the white breath, I took out my watch, there’s only 2 minutes left before the signal for the start.

I looked down at the armor I was wearing. I opened my hand, squeezed it tightly. I thought about a lot and did everything I could. The preparations should be perfect.

Even so, my hands are still shaking.

I controlled the horse and looked back.

600 eyes are focused on me alone. Leading them, holding the fate of everyone, is none other than me.

1 minute left.

“…the war will begin soon. I have only one command.”

In this silent space, even without raising my voice, my voice reaches. The soldiers are holding back their warrior spirit shakes and listening to my words with all their body. This is truly the calm before the storm, I felt it with my skin.

“Definitely, win.”

Gong, gong, gong.

The sound of the bell ringing from the sky. I raised my sword high.

“Let’s gooooo!”


The roar of the fierce soldiers shakes the air. We started running, scattering sand.

I led the main army and headed straight for Olivier’s army. I assembled about 400 people, about 2/3 of the total, who were mainly high-attack soldiers, and launched a fierce attack, a strategy to quickly capture it.

The remaining one-third is the defense force that defends our own lines. The tower of rock that contains the flag of the commander, which is the life of the army, stands tall in the camp, and they are already in position with a formation that surrounds it.

I have no anxiety about leaving this camp. I am blessed with soldiers. Because there are excellent soldiers who are worthy of entrusting this army here.

“Well then, I am counting on you!”

Looking back and shouting, I saw that person who had taken the front of the rock tower make a beautiful bow.

“I was asked. Good luck.”

Surely now, there is no more reliable ally than Cectiara-sama, who is narrowing her noble cat-like eyes and smiling.


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The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide

The Villainess Carries a Strategy Guide

Villainess Carries a Strategy Book, その悪役令嬢は攻略本を携えている
Score 10
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
The daughter of a Duke, Rebecca, is a “villainess” of a certain “maiden game” according to her late mother who was a “reincarnated person”. Moreover, if the scenario goes according to plan, it seems that Rebecca will ruin the duke family…… Is it possible to lose to the “compulsion of the scenario” that took away my beloved mother!? Rebecca, who entered the school where the game is set, struggles using the “strategy book” left behind by her mother!


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