The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 5

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Encounter with the king of the country 2

The capital city of Shenka is located in the mountainous area and is much cooler than Bral during this season. However, wearing long robes still makes it feel quite hot, and due to nervousness, Ernesta has forgotten how to stop sweating.

Focus. This is the time to test her natural bravery, so she must perform her duties properly.

Ernesta took a deep breath and straightened her chest, looking ahead.

As the heavy ornate door opened, a large hall like something out of a fairy tale appeared before her.

Befitting the most important place in the castle, the ceiling was open, and exotic designs were engraved all over.

Many nobles were waiting below, and they were sitting directly on the carpet according to the country’s culture. When Ernesta appeared, they all fell silent at once, intensifying the tension in the room.

She felt the piercing scrutiny of their eyes all over her body, and her hands were sweating.

Engeberg, who was her only ally, now walks behind her and can’t be relied on if she makes any mistakes.

Ernesta walked calmly. Unfortunately, she didn’t have the luxury of worrying about appearing as elegant as possible, and it was all due to the man sitting in the deepest part of the hall, lounging in a relaxed manner.

The man was wearing a long coat called chokha and leather boots.

The color was black, which was allowed only for heroes, and delicate gold embroidery was applied. Although not flashy, it seemed to amplify his presence. He had an ammunition belt around his chest, and a short sword was hung from his waist, which was suitable for the leader of the werewolf tribe that had prospered as a hunting nation in the past.

Golden hair shone in the sunlight streaming through the window. Under his bangs were deeply blue and determined-looking eyes, firmly fixed on the woman who would become his bride. He was about 28 years old, with a straight nose and lips with just the right thickness, forming a straight line.

It was clear from the moment she saw him that this beautiful man was King Ivan Leopold Urbashek of this country.

While she was engrossed, she had arrived before the king before she realized it. Fortunately, her body moved automatically and she performed the Shenka-style greeting.


When she heard his voice, she looked up and saw that the king had also stood up and was looking down at her.

He was quite tall and had the sturdy build of a warrior. His majestic stance was intimidating, but Ernesta managed to stand her ground and not retreat.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty. My name is Ermengard Hera Balzen. I humbly ask for your permission to stay by your side in the future.”

“Welcome from afar, Princess. I’m sure I will be putting you through some hardships, but I look forward to working with you in the future.”

The sense of relief Ernesta felt after managing to say what she needed to say was immediately silenced by the king’s formal and expressionless response.

His manly beauty didn’t reveal any emotions and his offered hand was covered in gloves, so she couldn’t feel his temperature. Once they finished the obligatory handshake, applause erupted in the hall, signaling that she had passed the first challenge.

However, the anxiety swirling in her heart only grew stronger.

The guilt of deceiving such a splendid ruler of a nation.

And above all, the difficulty of fulfilling her mission to become close to him.

Those deep-colored beautiful eyes that seemed to see through everything, like the night sky.

——Do they resemble someone?

Without any context, Ernesta found herself thinking that and quickly closed off her thoughts in a panic.

She couldn’t afford to be thinking of meaningless things now. She simply had to leave this place without any mistakes.

Ernesta smiled, but Ivan surprisingly didn’t react at all. It was a cold and dignified attitude that was in line with his reputation as “The Ruthless Werewolf King.”

After a brief audience that ended with only a greeting, Ernesta was able to easily escape from the grand hall.

“Ermengard-sama, you were splendid.”

“…Thank you, Count Engeberg.”

Engeberg offered words of comfort, but Ernesta’s reaction was momentarily delayed by the unfamiliar name he called her.

It was only a short while ago when they arrived at Shenka’s royal castle. Since then, he started calling her “Ermengard”, but she couldn’t get used to it so easily.

It was a small matter that those around them didn’t particularly pay attention to, but it made her worry about the future.

“The wedding ceremony is tomorrow. Please rest well today.”

“Yes, I will. The same to you, Count Engeberg.”

At times like this, what would a real princess say? Something like “You have worked hard. You may step down now,” would be appropriate, right?

If that were the case, it would be a difficult behavior for Ernesta to follow. She couldn’t possibly act so arrogantly towards someone like Engeberg, who was her superior.

Although Engeberg let out a faint wry smile, there was nothing for him to say as expected.

Ernesta was to start living in the queen’s chambers from today. She followed the guidance of the two maids dressed in navy uniforms, and they arrived at a beautifully arranged room.

The interior of the room, unified in vermilion and woodgrain colors, seemed to be designed primarily for a calm atmosphere.

This room also incorporates abundant elements of this culture, with a gorgeous patterned rug near the fireplace, and three cushions placed on it. The curtains are tied with tasseled ropes, an embroidered screen is placed next to the bed, and the delicate and beautiful sculptures on the furniture are all things that tickle a young girl’s heart.

All of them were so impressive that Ernesta forgot about her position and was moved by them.

“What a lovely room…”

This room was ten times larger than her own room back in her family’s residence, and she felt that it was too wasteful. But surely, any princess in the world would instantly fall in love with it without hesitation.

“Ermengard-sama, allow me to introduce myself again. I am the head maid Rougena. From now on, I will be responsible for everything concerning your daily life, so please keep me in mind.”

The woman who introduced herself first was probably in her fifties and had a clear, beautiful face. She tightly tied her white hair and had a stern look, pursing her lips.

“I, I am Dasha!”

The girl who vigorously lowered her head seemed to be about fifteen years old. The maid with copper-colored hair tied up her petite body in tension. As expected, Rougena noticed it and coughed loudly.

“Dasha, why are you so nervous?”

“I, I’m sorry…! Ermengard-sama, I will be taking care of you from today. Please forgive my clumsiness and let me serve you with a generous heart…!”

Ernesta felt sorry as she was bowing her head in fear.

Dasha is to become the queen’s attendant, and she must be a daughter from a historic and distinguished family. She was not someone that a commoner like Ernesta could even look at.

“Dasha, it’s okay. I’m not angry.”

Ernesta said, smiling at the two of them after Dasha lifted her trembling face.

“I am Ermengard Hera Balzen. Nice to meet you both.”

She intended to greet them as planned, but the maidservants’ reaction was somehow dull.

Perhaps they were confused. Ernesta felt that there was a much thicker wall than she expected between them than just the situation of a first meeting, so she, too, felt puzzled.

There might be a deeper rift between the werewolf tribe and humans than she had thought. With a feeling like a conviction, she smiled as elegantly as possible.

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