The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 4

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Encounter with the king of the country 1

Ernesta is now dressed in a traditional Shenka outfit called “Arkrig,” standing in front of a tightly closed door.

The color is pale red and the satin material is of the highest quality, even discernible to an amateur. The hem widens at the waist, and the sleeve with a slit flip over, resembling that of a goddess of spring.

Her hair is not in the usual pigtails but half-up, with cascading strands framing her face. The attire exudes a different atmosphere from Bral’s culture, filled with emotional excitement and sparkle that would make any young girl’s heart flutter.

But that’s only if it wasn’t her wearing it.

Ernesta let out a sigh. The hurriedly made princess costume would surely give a meager impression at first glance. If it were Ermengard with the same face, she would exude elegance without a doubt.

What kind of person is this king on the other side of the door? If he is faced with someone like her, surely he would be disappointed, but there’s nothing else to do but prepare oneself for the worst.

The servant pushes open the heavy door. In that brief moment, Ernesta decided to contemplate on what she must do.


Having said goodbye to her dear friends, people in town, and family, Ernesta was now being carried in a carriage with Engeberg.

The deadline was three months. Of those, six weeks would be spent on round-trip travel, meaning that she would only have to act as Ermengard for half of the actual time.

Even in such a short time, she wanted to show her gratitude to the people who took care of her. With that in mind, Ernesta timidly smiled at the gentleman in front of her.

“Nice to meet you. Um, should I call you Count Engeberg?”

As she spoke while gauging the distance between them, Engeberg smiled at her with a troubled expression.

“It’s okay. However, I would appreciate it if you could talk to me more comfortably. Ermengard-sama doesn’t have to use honorifics with her subordinates.”

“Oh no! That, that’s impossible!”

Nobles are a presumptuous presence to commoners, even the act of seeing their face can be audacious. So, even if suddenly asked to talk more easily, it’s not an easy thing to do.

“Please, I beg of you. This plan is risky and will end on the spot if it’s exposed. With your skills, you could avoid the danger.”

Engeberg seems to maintain this attitude even in an empty room. He is bound by absolute loyalty to the imperial clan as a noble, but Ernesta is just a commoner.

“I understand… I’ll do my best. As much as I can.”

“That would be very helpful.”

“Um, Count Engeberg, do you happen to know Ermengard-sama well?”

Ernesta tried to correct her speech to be polite, but Engeberg just smiled wryly and said nothing.

He may be sharp, but fundamentally he is a kind-hearted person.

“I do know her well. I have been a lecturer on the history of Ermengard-sama.”

“I see… that’s how it was. In that case, could you tell me about Ermengard-sama? I’m afraid I’ll be suspected if I come back and my personality and behavior are too different.”

It’s only natural for Ernesta to think that if she’s going to do it, she should do it properly and not raise any suspicions.

“Ernesta-sama, you don’t have to try to imitate that person.”

Despite that, she was turned down flatly. Being able to imitate just the tone of voice is quite a sloppy substitute.

“Why not?”

“It’s impossible. Ermengard-sama’s unique way of speaking, thinking, and acting… none of it can be understood by someone with a common sense.”

It was a pretty harsh thing to say. Ernesta, who suddenly became interested in her real older sister, felt a bottomless sense of anxiety and her face twitched.

“Um, what do you mean?”

“That person is a genius, in a bad way.”

In response, Engeberg was calm and collected. His expression and tone of voice clearly showed resignation.

“But if there is one thing I can say, it’s that she is a very resolute person. She always carries herself with dignity and I have never seen her in a panic.”

“That’s amazing. I don’t think I could ever not panic no matter what happens.”

Ernesta slumped her shoulders in disappointment, realizing that she couldn’t possibly imitate the only feature she had gained. Engeberg seemed to understand and nodded easily.

“Ernesta-sama seems to have a sensible personality, so it would be best for her to continue as she is. Once Ermengard-sama returns, let her think that she has gotten used to it and is just being herself.”

“Is it okay to do that? Are you sure everything will be fine?”

“It can’t be helped. This plan is insane, so let’s take advantage of the possibility that they won’t even consider it.”

Although the last line sounded like they were saying they weren’t sane, Ernesta decided not to touch upon that since Engeberg’s eyes looked exhausted. It seemed that he was quite a hard worker.

“Will Count Engeberg stay here in Shenka for the time being?

“Yes, I plan to stay until Ermengard-sama arrives. Also, I will keep the letter from His Majesty the Emperor in safekeeping. Surprisingly, there is a lot of work.”

“Oh, I see. That must be tough for you.”

Engeberg spoke as if it was nothing, but his eyes seemed to be looking into the distance.

“By the way, we communicate with those who are searching for Ermengard-sama through carrier pigeons. With a transmission rate of over 80%, it is a very convenient means of communication.”

“Wow! It must have been tough to train them.”

“Haha… I never thought they would be this useful…”

His smile still lacked power.

Ernesta nodded while confident that this ambassador was a hardworking and industrious person.

“In that case, please tell me about King Shenka. I want to know all the necessary information.”

“Hmm, Ernesta-sama is diligent. I am impressed.”

Although it was not diligence but rather a little bit of curiosity and wanting to avoid mistakes as much as possible by obtaining information, Engeberg looked satisfied.

“The fearsome Werewolf King. He is cruel and merciless, lacking any compassion, and will not hesitate to cut down even his subordinates if necessary. Despite significantly developing his country during his eight-year reign, he is a man who shows no blood or tears, driving his compatriots into other countries’ battles. He is also a genius of war, possessing swordsmanship skills that have no rivals and is feared as a demon on the battlefield. This is probably all you have heard about him.”

Ernesta nodded, conveying agreement. The Bral Empire is well aware of the ruthless Werewolf King of Shenka.

However, whether it was true or false, it could not be a reason to refuse the request. That’s why she hadn’t confirmed it until now.

“So, what’s your opinion?”

“I think his greatest achievement was organizing the werewolf warriors scattered throughout different regions as part of the king’s army. He also formed alliances with several countries, displaying a tremendous political acumen. Although I have only met him a few times, he left the impression of being a composed and strong-willed person.”

Engeberg spoke calmly but ultimately concluded that he couldn’t say more. He didn’t know the person well enough to speak freely, and he didn’t want to make unwarranted speculations.

Indeed, he was right. Ernesta had no intentions of judging someone’s character based solely on rumors about them, especially without meeting them in person.

“Ernesta-sama, you should try to become friendly with King Ivan.”

“Reasonably friendly?”

“Yes. This marriage is an important part of strengthening the alliance between the two countries. If we don’t show a willingness to compromise, we don’t know what kind of trouble it might cause.”

The relationship between the werewolf nation of Shenka and the Bral Empire was still relatively new. With their overwhelming physical capabilities and ability to transform into wolves, it was understandable that people would feel a sense of awe towards them.

“It’s not nice to approach them with such feelings just because you can pick on them.”

Ernesta does not hold any prejudice against the werewolf tribe. She has had some interactions with them in the border town, and she knows they are a similar species with kindness and are no different from themselves.

“Indeed, it is not good for building a trusting relationship. However, your job is to serve as Ermengard-sama’s substitute.”

Ernesta felt embarrassed by the reasonable suggestion.

It’s true. If they get too close, the risk of her substitute status being exposed will increase.

“Don’t underestimate the divide between werewolves and humans. Just nine years ago, Shenka was at war with the neighboring country, Leutravia. Some werewolves still remember the horrifying experience of war with humans and there are many who express hatred toward them.”

Ernesta doesn’t know much about that war. Although neighboring countries were in conflict, it was an event taking place far away geographically.

Engeberg honestly tells Ernesta about the bad relationship with the werewolf tribe. Although grateful for the information, imagining her days in that country made Ernesta’s heart sink.

“Do your best to maintain a moderate and good relationship without revealing your true feelings. That’s the mission that has been assigned to you.”

It was an extremely difficult requirement. Engeberg probably knows that too well. He avoided her gaze with an apologetic expression and looked out the window.

Ernesta is filled with inexplicable anxiety. She also turned her gaze to the scenery outside that was swaying and flowing.

Will the good relationship that is convenient for them be realized?

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