The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 6

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen! – Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Wedding Night

In conclusion, Ernesta did not remember much from the wedding ceremony.

During the entire ceremony, she was extremely nervous and desperate not to make any mistakes.

Even a simple bow required an extraordinary effort for Ernesta to show the genuine gestures of a princess.

She had to walk gracefully with her back straight, while still being delicate.

She also had to sign the contract with a handwriting similar to “her” own, which was previously practiced.

Despite being nervous, she had to smile happily.

Furthermore, she had to speak politely and quietly, avoiding questions that she couldn’t answer.

Ernesta had been nervous and tense the whole time, but there was only one thing on her mind.

Did the king forget how to smile?

She was finally released from the ceremony when the night was already deep.

Although Ernesta had an urge to jump into the bed still wearing her gorgeous dress, Rougena spoke to her before she could succumb to her desire.

“Your Highness, we will first escort you to the bath. Please follow me.”

The use of “Your Highness” has become so established around her, and Ernesta couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. Regardless of her birth, she is a commoner, and such treatment makes her uneasy.

Upon entering the dressing room, Rougena immediately began to remove her bridal attire.

“I understand that you will bathe alone, are you sure?”

“Yes, it’s fine.”

Finally freed from the tight corset, Ernesta let out a sigh.

Apparently, werewolves don’t have a tradition of having attendants even if they are nobles when taking a bath. This is fortunate for Ernesta who was raised in a commoner’s area.

“Thank you. Well then, I will take my leave.”

Rougena bowed gracefully and left the room without a smile.

Ernesta was finally alone and collapsed weakly in her unreliable underwear.

She was tired. She was just so tired.

To be honest, she didn’t want to do anything anymore. If the dressing room was this spacious, she could just lie down on some random piece of cloth and sleep.

However, she knew that such things were not permitted. After all, there was now a job that was more important than anything else.

She started to feel a stomach ache. No, it’s okay. If she remembers what Engeberg said, she should be able to calm down a bit.


“Regarding the first night, I would like you to guide him in a way that doesn’t result in consummation.”

It was during the journey in the carriage in Shenka when Engeberg listed various confirmation items. Ernesta blinked both eyes at Engeberg’s instruction.

“Why? Can I really do something like that?”

“Yes. In fact, we would be in trouble if you didn’t do that.”

Unable to hide her shock, Ernesta looked at the competent ambassador, who awkwardly cleared his throat.

“I know you may not like to hear a man say these things, but, in short, “Ermengard-sama” must remain pure. Oh no, that’s not what I mean. I absolutely do not look at women in that way. Absolutely not. This information was obtained from a maid who accompanies Ermengard-sama.”

“Understood, Count. Don’t worry, I won’t have any strange misunderstandings,” Ernesta said with a smile.

Interrupted by his own laughter, Engeberg, who had realized his mistake, blushed and returned to his explanation.

“In other words, if Ermengard-sama returns as a maiden, there is a high chance that His Majesty will notice. If someone who has already been intimate suddenly returns as a maiden, anyone would be suspicious.”

“That’s right. I understand.”

It was a convincing argument. Ernesta shook her reddened face up and down, feeling embarrassed by the candid content.

The truth was that she was relieved to hear it.

She was ready to endure anything. But still, she couldn’t completely shake off her fears of the unknown act.

“Okay, understood. I’ll do my best to avoid it.”

“Please do. It will be better for you, Ernesta-sama.”

Surprisingly, she was given words of sympathy, and Ernesta was surprised.

“Do you worry about me?”

“Of course. You are a kind-hearted young lady who values her parents, and we have asked for an unreasonable request from you. If possible, we would like to let you go back as you are.”

Ernesta’s parents are Bruno and Isolte. He couldn’t have imagined how happy she would be to hear others acknowledging it. Grateful that the ambassador was Engeberg, Ernesta reiterated her appreciation and nodded strongly.


By the time she got out of the bath, she was even more exhausted. Her head was full of thoughts on how to overcome this difficult situation.

Despite receiving several ideas, she knew she was not skilled, having never had a single lover before.

Rougena quickly arrived and began to polish Ernesta. As powder was tapped onto her face and a light blush brushed on, reality was beginning to overwhelm her and she felt suffocated.

“You look beautiful, Your Majesty.”

“Thank you.”

Ernesta interpreted the flat praise from the head maid as flattery. She thought that it was ridiculous that such a beautiful white nightdress would suit her. However, in reality, Ernesta looked like a perfect princess to anyone who laid their eyes on her. Her three weeks of efforts, combined with her naturally symmetrical features, had created a flawless princess that had nothing to be ashamed of.

“Please smile. This is your duty as the queen of this country, Your Highness.”

Rougena looked at her with emotionless eyes.

Yes, of course, this was her duty. What would this steel-hearted head maid think if she found out that Ernesta intended to abandon this duty?

Ernesta was led not to her own room, but to a bedroom beyond another door. As soon as the door closed, Ernesta tensed up and walked hesitantly towards the room’s occupant.

Ivan was sitting on a fur rug, reviewing some parchment. Perhaps Ernesta had kept him waiting for a long time.

But really, she was feeling more nervous by the second. If she spoke now, her teeth would surely chatter. Although she had always been confident in her own courage, it was of no use in this difficult situation.

In that moment of desperation, a sudden realization hit her.

——Isn’t this the first time I’m facing him alone?

What kind of person is he?

He is the man with the talents to make the feared Werewolf Tribe a force respected by the surrounding countries. He was born into respect, and she should not have been able to meet him in the first place.

“Like a rabbit facing a wolf… No, not like a rabbit before a wolf… but like a rabbit before a wolf.

His smile, which she saw for the first time, was ironically twisted.

She couldn’t understand why he was making such a face or what he was saying, so she unintentionally trembled.

Then Ivan’s face twisted even further.

There was no sign of contempt towards Ernesta, which was why his laughter was so puzzling.

“Lady Queen, there’s no need to be so scared. I’m not going to force you to eat anything.”

Ernesta was stunned. What did he just say?

If taken at face value, the meaning would be:

“Let’s go to sleep today. I’m tired too.”

It was an unexpected turn of events. She never thought he would be the one to refuse.

She felt as though a bright light had opened up before her eyes. Ernesta was so relieved that she felt like she was about to collapse, and she didn’t realize that she had let out a faint sigh.

Ivan, who had already regained his expressionless face, suddenly stood up and began to walk. His feet were clearly heading towards the bed, and Ernesta stepped out to follow him.

However, she froze when she saw him take a short knife out of the chest.

——Why would he have such a thing? For self-defense? No, could it be that he knew all along…?

Her thoughts raced wildly, but it turned out to be nothing but needless worry.

Without any hesitation, he slashed his own palm.

She was speechless at what had just happened. As the drops of red stained the sheets, Ernesta was almost running on autopilot.

“What are you doing?!”

Grabbing his hand with a fierce determination, Ernesta saw a deep gash oozing fresh blood.

After thinking of anything else to do with her head spinning, she pulled out the ribbon from her chest and wound it around his palm. By the way, the ribbon was just a decoration, so it was okay to take it off.

“What a terrible wound…! Why did you suddenly do this?”

“To fulfill our duty to each other.”

It certainly made sense, but she couldn’t understand why he had to go that far.

Ernesta gazed in amazement at Ivan, who also seemed surprised for some reason. It was such a fleeting moment that she thought it might have been an illusion, but he quickly put on a poker face and gently shook off Ernesta’s hand.

“Wait, we need to attend to that wound.”

“It’ll heal on its own. It’s not necessary.”


“You’re being annoying. I said I don’t need it.”

His voice was quiet when he rebuked her, but it pierced the darkness with an intimidating force.

Ivan’s eyes were tinted with a frigid, night-like shade. Ernesta was frozen by the clear rejection his blue eyes conveyed.

The previous proposal was not a stroke of luck, but a necessity, because the King despises his own wife.

There was nowhere to run from that situation.

Ivan lay on the bed with a jet black ribbon wrapped around his hand, as if the conversation had already ended. Ernesta gazed in amazement at his back, which began to make a snooze sound, then breathed a small sigh of relief and relaxed her shoulders.

It seemed that her temporary husband was quite difficult to deal with.

Why did he show such rejection? Was the reputation of the cold and cruel Werewolf King really true?

Because she couldn’t understand anything, Ernesta wanted to know. She wanted to know what was inside the heart of this man with cold eyes.

She knew that it was an unnecessary desire for her position, but before she could blame herself for it, she sank into a sea of drowsiness. Her mind, released from tension, refused to think, and her vision became blurred.

She decided to sleep for now. There were things she had to think about, but she hoped she could be forgiven for asking for a break now.

Ernesta slowly slipped under the covers and immediately embarked on a journey to the world of dreams.


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The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen!

The Unwanted Princess Becomes Loved in the Werewolf Kingdom and Becomes Queen!

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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Japanese
Born as the daughter of the emperor and empress, Ernesta was abandoned due to the tradition of abhorring twins. She was raised in the common people’s area until one day, a messenger from the emperor came to visit her. “The emperor orders you to marry the Werewolf King Ivan in place of your runaway sister.” Initially, she refused the selfish imperial decree, but eventually accepted it on the condition that the illness of her foster mother would be cured. However, when she nervously became Ivan’s wife, her super handsome husband did not do anything particularly frightening, and the werewolves around her were all good people. Her brightness and resilience, cultivated in the common people’s area, came in handy, and she gradually became close to them despite the initial barrier. Eventually, she became the beloved queen by those around her, but Ernesta was aware of her temporary position as a substitute. Since her position would end if elder twin sister were to be brought back, she didn’t want to take advantage of their kindness. Nevertheless, she couldn’t help but feel that the distance between her and the Werewolf King has been getting closer lately…?


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