The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 4

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Time flew by, and before you knew it, it was the morning of the party. 

Molly arrives a little earlier than usual to wake her up. 

“Good day, Young Lady.” 

“Hmm… Good morning, Molly—30 minutes left …”

While muttering this, she crept under the covers and covered her head.

Molly was unfazed by this.

“Don’t, young lady. I’m very busy today, so please wake up as soon as possible.” 

She ripped the comforter from Lilliana without mercy as soon as she said that. 

“That’s awful, Molly—.” 

She complained, with a resentful look in her eyes. 

“I told you I was busy today, or do you want to prepare it yourself?” 

“Ugh, I’m going to wake up. Help me get up.”

“That would be extremely helpful.” 

Molly smiled and went back to work on her preparations. 

This is now a familiar exchange. 

It would be nice if she learned her lesson and got up earlier, but it’s probably because Lilliana and Molly get along so well that Lilliana always gets up when someone other than Molly comes to wake her. 

Lilliana reluctantly wakes up and walks to the washbasin. 

She washed her face, assisted her in putting on her clothes, and sat in front of the mirror. 

While combing and brushing her light brown, wavy hair, Molly tells her about her schedule for the day.

She lacked the usual reserve, indicating that it would be very busy. 

Originally, it was not appropriate to express such feelings to the others, but that’s the way it is with Liliana, the young lady.

In other words, there is a part of both of them that is indulgent, but to both of their credit, they are disciplined, except when it’s just the two of them.

“After breakfast, you will have a bath and a full body massage, then your nails, hair, and make-up will be done, and finally you will be dressed and escorted by Sir Ian to the venue.”

“Brother Ian is my escort?”

When Lilliana turned her head to look at her, she said, “Turn around.” And then, as if nothing had happened, Molly combed her head again.

“I was told that your escort for today is Sir Ian.”

She replied, and finished getting ready.

“Breakfast will be ready in a moment.”

She made Lilliana her favorite tea and left the room.

Lilliana sat down on the comfortable sofa and slowly drank the tea that Molly had made.

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