The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 3

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With her father’s approval, she chose a sober dress in a color that would blend in with the palace’s walls, as well as jewelry that was elegant but not too flashy.

It’s a party at the royal palace, so it’s no good if it’s too plain.

There are three princes in this country, and the second prince, Austin (20), already has a fiancée, so she’s guessing the purpose of this party is to find a partner for the first prince, William (23), or the third prince, Jose (17).

Because of their good looks, these princes are very popular among the ladies.

His Highness, William, is a man who has earned the position of Vice Commander of the Royal Guards on his own merits, and although his abilities are well known, it is said that he has never seen a smile on his face, and he is known as the “Prince of Ice”.

His Majesty the King also called him the “Ice Prince”.

The exact opposite of Prince William is Prince Austin. Because he is always smiling, he is known as the “Prince of Smiles.”

His fiancé, by the way, is a marquess deserving of the title “lady of the veil.”

His Highness Jose, in contrast to the two preceding, has a very attractive appearance and is known as “Sir-Angel.”

He appears to have a complex about his appearance, so being called this must be extremely humiliating for him.

There are a lot of young ladies who want to be His Highness Prince William’s or Jose’s fiancée.

I’m sure many ladies will be dressed to the nines on the day of the event.

“I’m not aiming for a prince,” Lilliana said, as if it were too much trouble. She nodded, her gaze fixed on the plain dress and jewels that would have made her look appealing.

“Please wear light makeup for the day.”

Molly, the maid, laughed as if it were natural in response to Lilliana’s remark.

“Only the Young Lady would ask to keep a low profile at a royal ball. On the contrary, would it not make you stand out?”

“No, I don’t want to stand out. I just want to be invisible. I chose a dress that is the same color as the walls of the royal palace so that I could blend in with the walls during the party. Oh, I don’t need a corset. I’m sure there will be lots of good food at the palace party. This lady would rather eat dumplings than flowers.”

“Young Lady, please don’t overeat at a royal party.”

“Of course,” she says.

Molly (17), the maidservant, is the daughter of the Villiers family’s head maid, and she and Liliana grew up together like sisters, so she is neither reserved nor unforgiving.

Lilliana can’t get Molly off her mind.

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