The small animal lady is doted on by the ice prince – Chapter 5

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After breakfast, take a bath and be thoroughly washed from head to toe, followed by a full-body massage.

It’s lunchtime now, but there’s no time to eat.

While you get your nails done, you can enjoy a selection of canapés and sandwiches.

After the nails are finished, it’s time to do the hair and makeup.

The makeup artist, hair stylist, and their assistants surround Lilliana in order to create a one-of-a-kind image of her for the ball.

Liliana is a young girl with a lovely face.

Her skin is light and fine, and she doesn’t require much color to look good. She has chosen makeup that is not too flashy, with a little more eyeliner to make her look her true age.

Her hair is pinned up and loosely braided on the side.

She is dressed in a gown the same color as the palace hall’s walls, with an elegant and simple necklace and earrings to complete her look.

“You look lovely, young lady.”

The servants complimented her, but when she stood in front of her dressing room, she appeared too ordinary to attend a royal ball. It was Liliana, who was a little too modest for a royal ball.

“Good! I’m not looking for a prince to marry. Isn’t that enticing? “

Lilliana satisfiedly nodded several times and went to join her brother, Ian, her escort for the day.

The servants in her room were disappointed to find her gone.

“Normally, you would dress up a little to catch the prince’s eye, but our lady…”

“Who do you think she’s appealing to when she says she’s not going after him?”

“The food in the royal palace instead of princes… “

“I may look a little young, but I’m quite good when I dress up.”


They let out a big sigh, but Lilliana didn’t know.


“Brother Ian,”

As soon as she knocks, Lilliana runs into the room without asking for an answer.

It would be proper to ask permission before entering, but this brother, who is extremely nice to Lilliana, doesn’t seem to mind.

“Lili, you’ve always been beautiful, but you’ve gotten even more so. “

He contentedly pats her on the head, taking care not to ruin her hair.

Lilliana is now completely sober. Her brother doesn’t seem to mind that she’s supposed to be modest.

He will praise Lilliana regardless of her appearance.

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