The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 58

Chapter 58: The Land God Black Dragon and Catastrophe

“The contract, dissolved. . .”

Shinobu opened his eyes and looked up at Black Dragon-san in the form of a dragon.

“If you interfere with me, evil god. . .”

“*Sigh*, just be quiet for now, you old man pretending to be young.”

With a flap of his wings, Vivian-san was blown away by the wind pressure.

The panicked holy knights rushed to protect her(?).

“Demon King-sama! Decide now!! Will you dissolve the contract with me and set me free, or will you continue to be used by the country as a demon king and abandon the woman you love!!!!!!!!!”

“Are you okay with that?”

In response to Shinobu’s words, Black Dragon-san nodded firmly.

“Yes. The preparations are already complete, thanks to Lala-chan. So, let’s declare the contract dissolved with enthusiasm!!!”

“Yes!!. . .Let’s go, Black Dragon!!!!”

In an instant, light burst forth.

“Please be free too. . .Kuze.”

Shinobu hugged me in her arms as I covered my face with the dazzling light.

A magic circle of light ran through the space between Shinobu and Black Dragon-san and turned into particles, melting away.

“Uaaaah. . .It’s been a while!!!!! This feeling is great!!!!”

Black Dragon-san shouted. The roar of the dragon shook even the ground.


“Alright. . .?”

“For now, let’s blow up the church in the capital to lift our spirits.”


I let out a strange voice.

Blow up the church in the capital???

“I just hit the church with the power of that roar like a light jab, but well, it’s completely destroyed. Hahaha.”

This is definitely not a laughing matter.

“T-That’s a disaster, isn’t it?! We need to call for help right away.”

“It’s like Hiira-chan’s explosion.”


“Even if it explodes, no one gets hurt. Only the building is damaged. Of course, I’m a land god, you know? I can do that much, hahaha.”

“Hahaha, you say. . .”

“Weren’t they important people to Hiira-chan? Anyway, I teleported all the sisters who were thrown into prison back to their original monastery with magic. I smelled the sea, so I’m pretty sure I got it right.”

“I can’t tell if you’re sloppy or amazing anymore.”

Fire and ice balls collide with his stomach.


“You damn evil god!!!!!!”

The members of the Holy Knights and Vivian-san (Prime Minister-sama) are randomly attacking Black Dragon-san with magic.

“You guys are useless. . .?”

Black Dragon-san mutters in exasperation and rolls them over with the wind pressure from his wings.

“Hey, where do you think the power of that magic comes from? It’s from the earth. What are you going to do by hitting me with my own power? Idiots?”


The moment Black Dragon-san’s breath of flames hits them, their clothes and armor all rot away. Even Prime Minister-sama, who was Vivian-san, finally turns into an old man with an afro.

“For now, I’ll tie you up. You’re annoying.” 

Vines like tentacles grow from the ground and entangle the naked knights and the Prime Minister. It’s a terrible hellish scene.

“T-The religion of this country is collapsing.”

I feel like the authority of the religion has already fallen to the ground in this state.

Black Dragon-san looks at us with a disgusted expression in his golden eyes.

“It’s fine. The first king was a mess, and the current king is a piece of junk. The church is lying. Just believe in me. Got it? I’ll just replace all the gods of the church with myself.”


“What the hell are you talking about, like evil gods and stuff. My name is Kuze. Remember it well!!!”

“I-I’ve learned the true name of the evil god!!! It’s all over!!!!”

Everyone goes crazy. The hellish scene becomes even more hellish.

Well, of course.

Their beliefs, which they had believed in, were now in disarray.

Certainly, Black Dragon had always referred to humans as worms and flower beds.

Land gods are scary. Black dragons are scary.

“I see. . .the crystal ball used to diagnose abilities was made of the crystals from Mount Kuze. . .ah, Kuze. . .”

“Hey, Shinobu!!! I’m gonna fly all over the country for a bit!!! According to Lala-chan, my fans are still in places other than the Stavicute territory!!”

“Don’t kill anyone, Kuze.”

Shinobu, who hugged me, was calm. He looked somewhat happy.

I see. Since they have already dissolved their contract, the two can call each other by their names. 

“Heeyt!!!! Don’t make Hiira-chan sad!!! Besides, I’m going to return as the Land God and I have to increase my fans!!! Hyaaahahaha!!!”

Laughing loudly, Black Dragon-san flew away while spitting fire from his mouth.

Stunned, I watched him go.

“. . .I think I understand why Shinobu had to contract as Demon King-sama and command Black Dragon Kuze-san.”

“That’s usually how it is with the old gods rooted in the land.”

“Kieeeeee!!! Hey!! Hey!! Demon King!!! Hey!!!”

Prime Minister-sama was screaming in a hoarse voice while completely naked.

“D-Demon King!!!! Do something about that quickly!!!”

“Unfortunately, I’m no longer the Demon King. I’m just a man.”

Shinobu shrugged his shoulders and shook his head as if it were a shame.

Prime Minister-sama ranted while spitting saliva.

“If it’s your words, won’t he listen?!”

“He won’t listen to everything.”

“Stop that disaster quickly!!!”

“Stop it, huh.”

Shinobu narrowed his eyes and smiled.

“That’s something you should pray to the gods you believe in.”


Oh, it seems like he broke down.

Shinobu watched Prime Minister-sama’s ugly behavior for a while, then urged me to go, saying “I’m tired of watching, let’s go.” and entered the saint’s barrier. 

When I went to the terrace, the staff were hugging each other, trembling and crying.

“W-What will happen to this world?”

Shinobu folded his knees and wiped their tears with a smile.

“Don’t worry. Although he’s behaving immorally now, the land god is kind to believers. From now on, if we believe in the black dragon Kuze as a god, he will be happy to protect us.”

“Is that so. . .?”

“That’s right. . .I’m a little tired. Let’s have some tea, Hiira-dono~.”

“Shinobu, you change your mood too quickly!!!”

I followed Shinobu, who quickly returned to the dining room.

Inside, Lala-san was stunned, looking up at the sky with her legs giving out.

“Lala-san, Lala-san, are you okay?”

“. . .The old ladies in my hometown will fall to their knees and cry while looking up at the sky.”

“I think so too.”

Perhaps because of the terrible situation, the adventurers did not come for lunch.

After seeing off the staff who returned home to Maytart Village, Lala-san, Shinobu, and I had lunch together.

After hearing everything, Lala-san sighed and said, 

“I never thought he would take such a gamble, saying that [even if the contract is terminated because faith remains in my hometown, the magical power as a land god will not be affected].”

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