The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 59

Chapter 59: Okonomiyaki for the last lunchtime

In the midst of a chaotic scene where the Naked Knights and the coquettish Prime Minister were crucified by tentacles, we decided to cook to calm ourselves down.

“There’s just too much going on, so can I cook something for everyone?” 

I suggested, and Lala-san, Shinobu, and even the black dragon, Kuze-san, agreed.

“Watching Hiira cook is so soothing.”

“Yeah, it looks like fun, and the halo shining when she takes out the flour is beautiful.”.

“I-I’m embarrassed if you all stare at me like that.” 

“I feel like something like this has happened before.”

I chuckled wryly in the hall and prepared chopped cabbage, green onions, and bean sprouts.

Then, I poured the fluffy flour from my palm into a bowl and mixed it with water using a whisk.

The pleasant sound echoed in the kitchen.

“So, I decided to terminate the contract.”

Kuze-san, a black dragon in human form, spoke up.

By the way, Kuze-san in the form of a black dragon is flying through the skies of various places in the Lucidia Kingdom as he declared. The land gods released from the contract seem to have enough power to split the “land”.

――Kuze-san’s story goes back to yesterday afternoon.

Kuze-san, in his human form, followed Lala-san onto the shared carriage to the capital out of pure curiosity.

“Why did you come with me?”

“Well, you wouldn’t make it to the last carriage, would you?”

“That’s true, but I’m planning to stay overnight tonight.”

“Then, isn’t it better if I come with you?”

“Eh, what?!” 

Kuze-san narrowed his eyes and laughed at Lala-san, who was screaming in surprise, and peered into her face with a cheerful expression.

“I’ll go with you because it’s dangerous. And it seems interesting.”

“The second half must be the main part. . .Oh well, there was a place I wanted you to take me too.”

“Huh? Me?”


Lala leaned close to the ear of the black dragon on the shared carriage, considering the other passengers, and whispered the reason.

“We’ll investigate your followers who should be left all over the country.”

Kuze looked at Lala’s face unintentionally.

Then, he hugged Lala in the excitement.

“Thank you so much, Lala-chan!!!”

“Hey, hey! Be mindful of the people around us, idiot!!!!”

“Horses or deer, whatever.”

“That’s not what I meant, you idiot!!!!”――

Shinobu and I looked at each other unconsciously after hearing the story so far.

“Hmm? What’s going on?”

Lala-san raised an eyebrow at the sight of Shinobu and me.

I muttered to myself.

“When did you two become so close?”


“Lala-dono, be careful. Even though he’s in human form, he’s still a beast.”

“What are you misunderstanding!! Don’t talk like Synovidos in the face of the Demon King!! It’s nothing!!! Let’s continue talking!!”



Yesterday, Lala-san went to the library with Kuze-san, who was heading to the capital with her. 

Kuze-san took over the rest of the story. 

“Lala-chan collected the legends of the black dragons that remain in various places along with the map of Draco Cocoon Peninsula.”

“If you have a specific information you want to investigate, it’s easy to ask the reference service of the library’s specialist magician. Black Dragon seemed happy to hear the legend that remains in my hometown, so I thought I’d look it up for him.”

“Lala-chan is so kind. As expected, she’s a believer fan.”

“Don’t make me a believer fan without permission! Since we’re going to the capital anyway, it’s just a side trip!”

Laughing at Lala-san’s tsundere, Kuze-san continues talking.

“Well, surprisingly, it remained throughout the country. I thought, maybe. . .[Even if I cancel the contract now, I still have plenty of power and authority left].”

“You acted fast once you realized it, didn’t you? You went to the legendary sites all night and showed the locals the black dragon.”

“Oh, yeah!!! I still had a lot of big fans!!! The hidden believer lists of The Black Dragon?? Hyahaha.”

“And then, that disaster happened. . .”

Thanks to Lala-chan, the preparation for the contract dissolution was completed.

It seems to be a common understanding worldwide that land gods lose their power if they are not believed in. It is also common sense as Lala-san’s academic knowledge, as Shinobu, who is a descendant of a shrine priest in his hometown, is also like that.

As a former member of the church, this knowledge is fresh for me. 

“The black dragon was widely worshipped in Draco Cocoon Peninsula. So as the original land god, Kuze had immense power. However, when Kuze made a contract with Shinobu and became the relation between the holy beast and the demon king, Kuze’s authority was limited to the extent that the demon king could exercise it.”

When Lala-san looked at Shinobu’s face, he nodded to indicate that she was correct. Lala-san continued speaking.

“Furthermore, as a result of the first king’s faith in Lucidia Kingdom, there was a fear that Kuze’s power as a land god would decrease. If Shinobu wanted to resign as the demon king, he needed to dissolve the contract with Kuze. However, if the contract was dissolved, there was a possibility that Kuze, who had lost his foothold, would disappear.”

After saying all this at once, Lala-san summarized it in one sentence.

“Well, in short. . .there was a concern that if the black dragon faith disappeared in various places, it might be a little troublesome if the contract with the demon king was dissolved.”

“But everything was fine, right?”


Lala-san narrowed her eyes. Her expression seemed to be happy, as if it was about herself.

“Most of the common people who touched the land in their daily farming and offered prayers to the weather were living while thanking the land god, although they didn’t say it out loud. . .Kuze was not forgotten.”

In the spring, they kneaded dragon sweets and held festivals.

When planting seedlings, they sang songs of prayer to the old land god.

At the autumn harvest festival, they made decorations resembling dragons with wheat ears and hung them on the eaves. 

During the winter, when relatives gather to drink fruit liquor, they compare drunken people to dragons, laugh, and endure the harsh season.

“I thought it was a lie when I saw the information in the library, so I rushed to the nearby village and was surprised to find out that the legend was true!! Hahaha, I was so happy.”

I suddenly remembered the prayer in the kitchen.

“Come to think of it, before standing in the kitchen at the monastery, we offer a prayer to the earth. Oh, that was also a prayer for Kuze-san.”

Shinobu bowed to Lala-san with a formal expression.

“This time, thanks to Lala-dono, everything went well. I’m truly grateful.”

“N-No, it’s not a big deal. I just had a debt of gratitude for being allowed to do the accounting work freely. So don’t bow your head anymore.”

Lala-san blushed. She’s so cute.

“Anyway, look! Hiira is making okonomiyaki! Look!”

Everyone’s attention turned to me.

“Hehe, I’ll do my best.”

Feeling my cheeks getting hot, I spread the silky batter thinly on the hot plate with a ladle.

I put cabbage, bean sprouts, and green onions on top, and thinly sliced orc meat.

The sizzling sound of the ingredients cooking was music to my ears.

I flipped it over and shaped it.

Next to me, I started making yakisoba and fried it until it was crispy, then mixed it with sauce.

“I love Hiira’s special okonomiyaki.”

“Come to think of it, after being expelled from the Kasdar Party, the first thing Hiira-dono made for us was this okonomiyaki.” 

“I remember that time. It was the first time I showed Hiira-chan my human form.”

“. . .At that time, you suddenly got naked, so I couldn’t stand it.”

“Hiira-chan didn’t mind at all, hahaha.”

Everyone is happily laughing around my cooking.

I feel so happy and free that I could cry.

I’m glad I’m a flour-type saint.

I make a smile so that my voice doesn’t become tearful and look at everyone.

“It’s almost ready, so please bring your plates. Let’s eat together!”

This happy time will surely end soon.

Because everything has become a mess, it’s impossible to continue the cafeteria here calmly.

I will keep this lunchtime as a precious memory in my heart.

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