The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Hostage

Shinobu, Lala-san, and I gathered at the office.

We set up a table and chairs outside the dining room and bought some time by having the staff make tea while the three of us shared information and came up with a plan.

“They’re obviously wary of the barrier if they only come this far.”

“With my saint barrier, they can’t enter the dining room if they have ill intentions. It’s amazing how they have the nerve to stand there and have a conversation as if nothing is wrong.”

“Anyway, today we’ll pretend not to notice that he’s an old man.”


“Our top priority is to get him to leave peacefully. Let’s do our best.”


I glanced at Vivian-san. She was holding up her pinky finger and drinking tea with cute wiggling movements, smiling to herself.

“Lala-san, I can’t believe that’s the Prime Minister-sama.”

“Think about it the other way around. If he’s an old man, he’ll try to act like a young woman, and that’s what happens.”

“I see.”

I patted my cheek and gathered my courage to go see her.

Shinobu followed me in Synovidos’ disguise from behind. Lala-san stayed behind at the office to provide support.

Vivian-san saw us and let out a squeal, smiling.

“Kyaa ♡ Hiira-san, long time no see ♡ I was worried about you because it seemed like you were going through a lot~.” 

While gently restraining Vivian-san, who tried to hold my hand, he, Synovidos, in his black attire and masked appearance, stood in front of me.

“I appreciate your concern, but wasn’t it dangerous for a woman to be alone?”

“Oh, that’s okay ♡ Ojii-sama brought a lot of escorts for me ♡.”

She urged me to look back, and there, in the blind spot from the dining room, were rows of holy knights in armor.

“Oh my.”

“. . .Ojii-sama. . . must really care about Vivian-san.”

“Yes ♡ He’s a good Ojii-sama ♡.”

She’s using her granddaughter’s appearance to act spoiled and say that. 

While thinking that, I smiled and asked.

“By the way, what brings you here? It’s almost lunchtime, and there will be many customers soon, so it would be great if it’s brief.”

“It’s a simple matter.”

Vivian-san smiled.

“I want you to come to the headquarters of the church. We want to support you in opening the Saint’s cafeteria with peace of mind.”

“Yes. I’ve received a few letters about it, but. . .”

“Everyone at the church was disappointed that you didn’t respond, so I came to ask you. Hey, since the holy knights will protect you, can you come to the capital and listen to our proposal?”

With teary eyes, Vivian-san said with a shy look.

Shinobu casually stopped her from getting closer. Vivian-san puffed her cheeks.

“Ow, Synovidos? Don’t get in the way.” 

“Um. . .even if you say that, I’m perfectly satisfied with the current Saint Cafeteria. . .”

“It’s dangerous near the Demon King’s castle! It’s scary, right? The holy knights will guard you, and if something happens to Hiira-san, the Demon King will conquer the world, right? Scary! That’s why I want to protect Hiira-san. Please, if Vivi can’t bring Hiira-san, Ojii-sama will get angry~.”

Vivian-san pleaded with a tone that was close to begging, wriggling around.

Amazing. It’s scary to think that Prime Minister-sama is doing this. 

“If she’s going, I’ll go with her.”

Shinobu intervened between Vivian-san, who was trying to grab my hand again, and calmly asked. Vivian-san shook her head.

“But they said to Vivi to bring only Hiira-san, so maybe men can’t come. Besides. . .”

Vivian-san glanced at me and smiled.

“If Synovidos was a man disguised as the Demon King-sama, Vivi would be scared.”

“. . .!!”

I froze.

Vivian, or rather Prime Minister-sama, should have been present during the audience the other day.

She wants to say that she knows that Synovidos is the Demon King-sama. 

“But Vivian-san, don’t you know he’s not that kind of person? You’ve even attended parties together.”

“Sure, I went with Synovidos, but I’ve never seen his face before, and it’s scary.”

Vivian-san took an attitude that seemed to say she was scared.

What should I do? I glanced at Shinobu and exchanged eye contact.

“Besides, Hiira-san.”

She glanced at me and then said something outrageous.

“Actually, they’re gathering everyone from the monastery where Hiira-san used to be at the headquarters of the church.”

“. . .Huh. . .everyone from the monastery. . .?”

Before Kasdar kidnapped me and added me to the party, I had spent time at a seaside monastery. Although I had only been there for a short time, it was a place with such good memories that I still think of it fondly.

The memory of the smell of the sea breeze and everyone’s warm smiles quickly passed through my head.

“Are they all there?”

“Yes. They’re all there because they really want to meet Hiira-san. But the people from the monastery can only meet with certain gentlemen due to their position. That’s why I want Synovidos to stay behind. . .”

What should I do?

I trembled as I realized the meaning behind her revelation.

Could it be that if I don’t do as she says, they’ll be in danger?

“Hey, Hiira-san. You’ll come with us, won’t you?”

“I. . .”

Her beautiful purple eyes stared at me challengingly.

My head was full, and I couldn’t think of anything. 

At that moment,

Shinobu shielded me on her back and looked down at her.

“Please go back for now, Vivian-dono.”

“Why? Isn’t it better to have an emotional reunion as soon as possible?”

“She cannot be handed over to the old man who tries to take hostages and make her obey.”

“. . .What, what, I thought you would keep pretending until the end. You’re a boring man.”

The voice was that of a hoarse, old man.

“Saint Hiira Seamacy is strictly managed and protected by the church. What’s wrong with that?”

In that moment.

A gust of wind blew through. Shinobu, who had turned into Demon King-sama from his black outfit, was standing firmly with his arms around my shoulders.

His beautiful hair was floating in the air due to his anger.

“Oh, Demon King. Hahaha! You finally revealed your true identity!”

“She is my wife. I won’t let anyone have her as they please.”

I couldn’t help but look at him twice. Wait, wife?!

I couldn’t keep up with my thoughts and emotions due to the tense situation and Shinobu’s casual bombshell statement.

Ignoring me, who was frozen with Shinobu’s arms around my shoulders, Prime Minister-sama, who looked like Vivian-san, sneered at Shinobu.

“Oh, Demon King. If Saint Hiira can open a dining hall under the protection of the church and live in peace, wouldn’t that be what you want?”

“My wish was to release Saint Hiira. Allowing her to be free was the condition for me to continue as the Demon King, wasn’t it?” 

“Haha. The palace and the church have been in turmoil every day, discussing the future policy against the Demon King. But no one is willing to come to a conclusion. The palace, which has been protected by you for hundreds of years, has become full of spineless people without decision-making power. . .There is no one who can stop me.”

Vivian-san, in the form of the Prime Minister-sama, chuckled and shook her shoulders.

“Well then, Demon King. If you want to kill me, go ahead. You can even become a disaster yourself. However, if anything happens to me, the lives of Saint Hiira’s precious nuns will be in danger.”

“. . .!!”

“As long as I protect that saint in the church where I have influence, I can control both the church and politics as I please.”

Shinobu bit his lip.

I took a deep breath and gently removed Shinobu’s hand from my shoulder.


“Shinobu. Thank you. . .but, I am a saint. Saints are born for the sake of the people. That’s why I. . .I don’t want to hurt the people I care about with my selfishness.”

“That’s. . .!!”

“I like girls who understand things easily. Come on, come here.”

I approached Vivian-san’s outstretched hand.

――That’s right. This is good enough.

For a little while, I was able to live as myself and be loved by someone, and that was enough for me to be happy.

That alone was enough for me.

Suddenly, my vision darkened.

Black Dragon-san descended from the sky.

“Demon King-sama! The preparations are complete!. . .Now, it’s time to dissolve our contract!!”

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