The Saint Whose Engagement Was Broken Runs a Cafeteria, Where the Beloved Demon King and Ninja Visit Today – Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Vivian Paswest

A few days after the commotion caused by the Demon King, in the royal palace. 

ーーStreltsy family, townhouse in the capital. 

A mournful scream echoed through the hallway. 

“Are you kidding me, brother!! I only made it widely known for the sake of the kingdom that Hiira was in league with the Demon King. I. . .I did it for the sake of the country!!!”

Pushing away the clinging arm, Teimayoş, the legitimate son of the Streltsy family, looked down on his foolish younger brother with a contemptuous gaze. 

“You have no right to call me your brother. . .consider yourself lucky to be alive. From now on, you will spend your life as a servant in Streltsy territory. It’s because of you that we lost a third of the richest plain in our territory, you fool.”

“T-That’s a mistake, brother, that’s. . .”

“At least serve the territory for the rest of your life and never show your face to me again.”

Teimayoş looked down on Kasdar, who was lying on the floor, clicked his tongue, and left quickly, tapping his shoes.

Kasdar watched his brother leave in despair.

“It’s a lie I. . .I had Vivian, who had connections to the inner palace, prepare everything. . .there shouldn’t have been any mistakes.”

Saliva and tears dripped onto the carpet. He clenched them tightly and gritted his teeth.

(That’s right. It was Vivian who introduced me to the publishing company.)

“If it’s Vivian. . .if it’s her, she’ll be on my side.”

She was a daughter of the Paswest family.

If the Paswest family, which boasted a great position through donations to the church and the expulsion of priests, became his backer, the disinheritance would be revoked. Even if he was disowned, he could still manage with the Paswest family’s connections. 

Moreover, Kasdar had a faint smile on his face despite the emergency.

If that Vivian had felt responsible and married him, Kasdar would have been safe no matter what. He could even threaten her a little. Since Vivian was in love with Kasdar, he could use this responsibility to his advantage.

Kasdar headed to the Paswest family’s townhouse in the capital without any attendants. However, even after announcing his name and talking about Vivian, he couldn’t even enter the gate.

“What’s going on?! I’m Kasdar Streltsy, the leader of the demon king subjugation party that Vivian belongs to! Let me see her!”

Even when he tried to grab the gatekeeper’s collar, the gatekeeper frowned and didn’t even look at him.

At that moment, a luxurious carriage approached the gate on the cobblestone road.

Kasdar turned around and couldn’t help but smile. The savior was here.

The carriage was clearly for noblewomen. Vivian was probably inside.

“Vivian!!! It’s me, Kasdar!! Open up!!!”

“Hey, you!!! Don’t climb up!!!”

Unable to bear it, Kasdar climbed onto the carriage with bloodshot eyes and forcefully opened the door.

There was Vivian, dressed in a familiar dress with soft hair.

However, when she saw Kasdar, she clung to her attendant maid and screamed in a high-pitched voice.

“Ahhhh!!! Someone, anyone!!!” 

“Hey, Vivian, it’s me, Kasdar. . .Don’t pretend you don’t know me, damn it!!!”

“Kyaa, I don’t know, I don’t know, please stop, help me. . .!”

Kasdar suddenly felt something was off.

She was wearing a blouse that tightly closed her chest and a long skirt that covered her toes, which was different from the saint’s robe that emphasized her voluptuous body. Her tone of voice was also completely different. Moreover, her hair color was not silver, but a light ash blonde. Her tearful eyes were brown.

――And there was no halo above her head.

“Wait a minute. . .Who are you. . .”

“I am Vivian, as you said. . .!”

“Are you kidding me? Hey, are you her sister or something? You have the exact same face as the saint!!”

Kasdar pushed the maid aside and forcibly grabbed Vivian’s shoulder. She answered while trembling and crying.

“I-I’m not. I’m just an ordinary person with no abilities. . .I don’t have any sisters. . .”

“Then!!! Is there no saint?! Do you really not exist??!?!”

“My grandfather. . .”

“. . .What?”

She answered while trembling and sobbing.

“I-It’s my grandfather. . .has the power of the [saint]. . .!”

“Your grandfather. . .?”

Kasdar was then restrained, tied up behind his back, and knocked unconscious.

In his fading consciousness, he remembered. 

ーーThat’s right, not only women can be saints.

The power of being loved by the earth can also occur in men, albeit rarely.

Most of them hide their halos with some kind of treatment, so Kasdar had forgotten that it could also be born in men.

Lord Paswest. He is the current Prime Minister.

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